Yichang 宜昌


Chinese Name: 宜昌

English Name: Yichang;Ichang

Other Name: Yiling夷陵

Abbreviation: 宜 Yi

Zip Code: 44 30 00

Population: 4.017 million

Yichang 宜昌
Yichang 宜昌

Brief Introduction

Yichang 宜昌, a prefecture-level city and sub-central city of Hubei Province, is approved by The State Council as a regional central city in central China and a member of the Urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

Yichang is located in central China, southwest of Hubei province, the boundary between the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River, known as the “gateway of the Sanxia”三峡门户, and “Throat of Sichuan and Hubei”川鄂咽喉. Yichang is the hometown of Qu Yuan, Lei Zu, Wang Zhaojun, Yang Shoujing, and other historical celebrities. Yichang is the starting place of the Three Gorges Of the Yangtze River and the site of the Three Gorges Project. It has 468 hydropower stations (including the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba) and has equipped 7% of the country’s installed hydropower capacity with 0.2% of the land. It is known as the “hydropower capital of the world”世界水电之都.

Yichang has jurisdiction over 5 municipal districts, 3 county-level cities, 3 counties, and 2 autonomous counties, with a total area of 21,000 square kilometers. By 2020, Yichang had a permanent population of 4.017 million. In 2021, the city’s GDP will reach 502.269 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Yichang

Yichang is an excellent tourist city in China. As of 2022, there are 52 A-level tourist attractions in Yichang, among which 8 are above the 4A level and 4 are 5A level. Yichang is the only national model city for environmental protection in Hubei Province, and also enjoys the reputation of National Civilized City, National Garden City, National Health City, National Forest City, and the Piano City of China.

Yichang 宜昌
The Tourist Area of the Three Gorges Dam 三峡大坝旅游区

Some special scenic spots in Yichang

  • The Tourist Area of the Three Gorges Dam 三峡大坝旅游区
  • Sanyou hole 三游洞
  • Bai ma hole 白马洞
  • The peach blossom village 桃花村
  • Huangling temple 黄陵庙
  • Golden lion hole 金狮洞
  • White Fruit Tree Waterfall 白果树瀑布
  • Eastern part hanging coffins 晓峰悬棺
  • Xiao pavilion ancient battlefield 猇亭古战场
  • Gao Lan scenery 高岚风光
  • Gezhouba Project 葛洲坝工程
  • Ancient Battlefield of The Three Kingdoms 三国古战场
  • Yuquan temple 玉泉寺

Famous Universities in Yichang

By the end of 2019, Yichang had 452 kindergartens, 257 regular primary schools, 170 regular middle schools, 15 secondary vocational education schools, and five regular colleges and universities.

Yichang 宜昌
China Three Gorges University 三峡大学

List of universities and colleges in Yichang

  • China Three Gorges University 三峡大学
  • College of Science and Technology, China Three Gorges University 三峡大学科技学院
  • Hubei Three Gorges Vocational technical College 湖北三峡职业技术学院
  • Three Gorges Electric Power Vocational College 三峡电力职业学院
  • Three Gorges Tourism Vocational and Technical College 三峡旅游职业技术学院
  • Yichang Radio and TELEVISION University 宜昌市广播电视大学

Diet of Yichang

Yichang 宜昌 is located in the east of the Three Gorges. Although it belongs to Hubei Province, the traditional cuisine of Yichang is mainly Sichuan cuisine 川菜, which is heavy in oil and rich in color, mostly made of pepper and smoked wax. Its taste is fragrant, sour and hot, soft and tender. From Yichang up to the Three Gorges, there seems to be a “hemp” 麻 growth process on the diet, so pay attention to not simply spicy, but hemp and spicy.

Yichang 宜昌
Cold shrimp 凉虾

Some specialty snacks in Yichang

  • Cold shrimp 凉虾
  • Turnip dumpling 萝卜饺子
  • Cold houttuynia 凉拌鱼腥草
  • Spicy shrimp 香辣虾
  • Lazy tofu pudding 懒豆花
  • Yuan’an West River fish 远安西河鱼
  • Yichang citrus 宜昌柑桔
  • The three gorges Shao crisp 三峡苕酥
  • Tujia bacon 土家腊肉

Transportation in Yichang

Aviation: Yichang Three Gorges Airport 宜昌三峡机场 is located on the border of Xiaoting District, Yiling District, and Zhejiang City of Yichang City, Hubei province, China, 26 kilometers away from the city center and 55 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam.

Inland waterway transport: The scope of Yichang port 宜昌港 and channel involves the first trunk (Yangtze River), the second branch (Qingjiang, Xiangxi River), and the four reservoirs (Three Gorges Reservoir, Gezhouba Reservoir, Geheyan reservoir, and Gaobazhou reservoir). Yichang has a long history of water transport, numerous rivers, and natural shipping conditions. Since ancient times, the river has been the main channel of Yichang’s external communication.

The beauty of Yichang city, China.

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