Baoding 保定


Chinese Name: 保定

English Name: Baoding;Paoting

Other Name: Shanggun上谷;Baozhou保州

Abbreviation: 保 Bao

Zip Code: 07 10 00

Population: 9.195 million

Baoding 保定
Baoding 保定

Brief Introduction

Baoding 保定 is a prefectural city in Hebei Province and one of the central cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region approved by The State Council.

Baoding is located in the west of central Hebei Province, east of Taihang Mountain, west of Jizhong Plain冀中平原, east of Langfang city, southeast of Langfang city and Cangzhou City, south of Hengshui City, southwest of Shijiazhuang city, west of Shanxi Province, northwest and Shanxi Province, and Zhangjiakou city border, north of Beijing, northeast and Langfang city adjacent. It is the strategic hinterland of the Xiongan New Area雄安新区, competing with Beijing and Tianjin.

Baoding covers a total area of 22,000 square kilometers. Baoding has jurisdiction over 5 districts, 4 cities, and 15 counties. In addition, it has 1 state-level high-tech zone and 1 sub-perfect-level Baigou New City. By the end of 2021, Baoding had a permanent population of 9.195 million (excluding Dingzhou city, Rongcheng County, Anxin County, Xiongxian County, and Longhua Township of Gaoyang County). In 2021, Baoding’s GDP will reach 372.50 billion yuan

Famous Attractions in Baoding

As of December 2019, Baoding has 4 national 5A level scenic spots and 12 national 4A level scenic spots. Baoding is a region with plains, lakes, wetlands, hills, mountains, and sub-alpine meadows, and is an excellent tourist city in China.

Baoding 保定
Baiyangdian 白洋淀

Some special scenic spots in Baoding

  • Baiyangdian 白洋淀
  • Wild three slope 野三坡
  • Baishi mountain 白石山
  • Qingxi ling 清西陵
  • The Governor General’s Museum 总督署博物馆
  • Yi County Langya Mountain scenic spot 易县狼牙山景区
  • Mancheng Han Tomb scenic spot 满城汉墓景区
  • Fuping Jin-Cha-Ji Border Revolutionary Memorial Hall 阜平晋察冀边区革命纪念馆
  • Fuping Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Spot 阜平天生桥景区
  • Quyang North Yue Temple Scenic spot 曲阳北岳庙景区
  • Quyang Hushan Scenic Spot 曲阳虎山景区
  • Laishui Fish Valley Cave Scenic area 涞水鱼谷洞景区
  • Baigou Hedao International Luggage City 白沟和道国际箱包城
  • Liu Ling drunk pot site scenic spot 刘伶醉烧锅遗址景区
  • Yi County yi Shui Lake scenic area 易县易水湖景区

Famous Universities in Baoding

In 2021, Baoding had 64 secondary vocational schools with 102,000 students. There are 84 regular senior high schools with 214,000 students. There are 327 regular junior middle schools with 393,000 students. There are 1,636 primary schools with 801,000 students. There are 2,693 kindergartens with 309,000 children.

Baoding 保定
Hebei university 河北大学

List of universities and colleges in Baoding

  • Hebei university 河北大学
  • Agricultural University of Hebei 河北农业大学
  • Baoding academy 保定学院
  • The Hebei University of Finance 河北金融学院
  • Hebei University of Science and Technology 河北科技学院
  • Baoding Institute of Technology 保定理工学院
  • College of Modern Science and Technology, Agricultural University of Hebei 河北农业大学现代科技学院
  • Hebei Software Vocational and Technical College 河北软件职业技术学院
  • Baoding Vocational and Technical College 保定职业技术学院
  • Baoding Electric Power Vocational and Technical College 保定电力职业技术学院
  • Jizhong Vocational College 冀中职业学院
  • Baoding Preschool Teachers College 保定幼儿师范高等专科学校
  • Hebei Vocational College of Arts and Crafts 河北工艺美术职业学院

Diet of Baoding

Baoding is located in the vast Jizhong plain, rich in products, most of the specialty. Since ancient times, Baoding has been the capital of Beijing, deeply influenced by palace cuisine宫廷菜, coupled with the comings and goings of local officials, thus promoting Baoding’s Dining history. Baoding is famous for its long history and local food culture. Baoding’s diet is of northern flavor, characterized by a strong aroma.

Baoding 保定
Donkey Burger 驴肉火烧

Some specialty snacks in Baoding

  • Donkey Burger 驴肉火烧
  • Baiyunzhang Baozi 白运章包子
  • Spiced boiled chicken 卤煮鸡
  • Goyang pot elbow 高阳锅肘子
  • Meat cake 肉罩饼
  • Gaobeidian tofu 高碑店豆腐
  • Baiyangdian eggs 白洋淀松花蛋
  • Baoding pasta sauce 保定面酱
  • Huaimao pickles 槐茂酱菜
  • Ardisia squamulosa 春不老

Baoding Transportation

Railways: Baoding City within the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou railway passenger dedicated line longitudinal North-South, Jinbao Railway, Shenhuang railway across the east and west. Xiongxin Railway (Xinxiong section of Beijing-Kunming Passage) and Fengxiong section of Beijing-Hong Kong (Taiwan) high-speed railways are included in the national railway network planning, Xiongshi intercity railway network is included in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei intercity railway network planning, and Baocang and Baozhang railways are included in the “Shi San Wu” 十三五 of provincial rail transit development.

Aviation: Baoding city has Baoding Jiangcheng Airport保定江城机场, which temporarily does not provide civil aviation services.

BAODING City, China.

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