Xiaogan 孝感


Chinese Name: 孝感

English Name: Xiaogan;Siaokan

Other Name: Xiaocheng 孝城

Abbreviation: 孝 Xiao

Zip Code: 43 20 00

Population: 4.270 million

Xiaogan 孝感
Xiaogan 孝感

Brief Introduction

Xiaogan 孝感 is a prefectural city in Hubei Province. Xiaogan is a regional central city in Hubei Province, an important member of the Wuhan metropolitan circle and urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and a national comprehensive pilot area for new urbanization. It is also one of the cities with the most potential and competitiveness in central China, and its comprehensive competitiveness ranks the top in Hubei Province.

Xiaogan is named after dong Yong, a filial son in the Eastern Han Dynasty, who sacrificed his body to bury his father and moved heaven and earth for his filial piety. Xiaogan is located in the northeast of Hubei Province, north of the Yangtze River and east of the Han River, bordering Wuhan city, about 60 kilometers from the city center of Wuhan, and about 30 kilometers from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. Xiaogan landform from south to north for plains, hills, mountains, the climate of the north and south, fertile land, is an important grain, cotton, and oil production base. The geology is rich in mineral resources, “paste” 膏都 “salt sea” 盐海 and “phosphorus mountain” 磷山 said.

Xiaogan now has jurisdiction over 1 district, 3 county-level cities, 3 counties, 1 state-level high-tech zone, and 7 provincial-level development zones (high-tech zones), covering an area of 8910 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, Xiaogan city’s permanent population is 4.270 million people. In 2020, Xiaogan city achieved a GDP of 219.355 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Xiaogan

Xiaogan city has a number of levels of scenic spots, including Shuang Feng Mountain, Tangchi hot spring, Tianzi Lake, and Guanyin Lake four tourist resorts were rated as national 4A scenic spots, and other scenic spots such as Bai Zhaoshan, Diaocha lake, Xuanhua shop, Xiannushan, and other ten scenic spots are also very famous.

Xiaogan 孝感
Dong Yong park 董永公园

Some special scenic spots in Xiaogan

  • Dong Yong park 董永公园
  • Sesame Sugar Rice Wine Museum opened 麻糖米酒博物馆开馆
  • Xiaonan District Maochen Town 孝南区毛陈镇
  • Shuangfeng Mountain Scenic Spot 双峰山风景区
  • Guanyin Lake Eco-tourism Area 观音湖生态旅游区
  • Bai Zhaoshan Scenic Spot 白兆山风景区
  • Shang Chi-town 汤池镇
  • Hanchuan Diaocha Lake scenic area 汉川汈汊湖旅游风景区
  • Fairy mountain 仙女山
  • Ruins of Chenghuangtai 城隍台遗址
  • Longmen mountain 龙门山
  • Shen Tai Site 神灵台遗址

Famous Universities in Xiaogan

In 2019, the city had 653 kindergartens with 129,500 children. There are 450 regular primary schools with 47,700 students, 278,300 students, and 40,600 graduates. Junior high school enrollment 41,100 students, 119,400 students, 37,300 graduates; Regular senior high schools enroll 22,200 students, including 65,000 students and 21,800 graduates. Secondary vocational education enrolls 9,800 students, 23,800 students and 6,400 graduates. The retention rate of nine-year compulsory education was 98.8 percent, and the gross enrollment rate of senior high schools was 97.0 percent.

Xiaogan 孝感
Hubei Institute of Engineering 湖北工程学院

List of universities and colleges in Xiaogan

  • Hubei Institute of Engineering 湖北工程学院
  • Hubei college of engineering institute of new technology 湖北工程学院新技术学院
  • Hubei Polytechnic College 湖北职业技术学院

Diet of Xiaogan

Suqian’s food culture includes Chinese food culture, which is characterized by various flavors, aesthetic feelings, interests, and a combination of food and medicine. As the saying goes, “Rice in the south and rice in the north”, Su Qian’s staple food has both characteristics. The dishes also combine Shandong cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine.

Xiaogan 孝感
Xiaogan Fried 孝感麻糖

Some specialty snacks in Xiaogan

  • Xiaogan Fried 孝感麻糖
  • Xiaogan rice wine 孝感米酒
  • Tai Zi rice 太子米
  • Dawu green tea 大悟绿茶
  • Xiao Wu Ginkgo 小悟银杏
  • Xiao Gang chives 肖港小香葱
  • JiaoHu lotus root 焦湖莲藕
  • Dawu chestnut 大悟板栗
  • Hanland lotus month 汉川荷月
  • Cloud dream fish surface 云梦鱼面
  • Palace roast chicken 宫廷烤鸡
  • Miao Tou yellow flowers 庙头黄花
  • Xiaogan early peach 孝感早蜜桃
  • Zhu Hu glutinous rice 朱湖糯米
  • Pearl flower 珍珠花
  • Songhua preserved egg 松花皮蛋
  • Yellow beach soy sauce 黄滩酱油
  • White flower herb 白花菜

Xiaogan Transportation

Railways: Beijing-Guangzhou, Han-Yi, and Han-Shih high-speed railways run from north to south and from east to west. Jingguang, Handan, and Changjing are three railways throughout the territory.

Aviation: Xiaogan is only 30km away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport 武汉天河国际机场, and Xiaogan Airport Economic Zone is only 5km away from Tianhe Airport. It only takes 15 minutes to Tianhe Airport by Wuxiao Intercity Railway. Xiaohan Avenue connects the second channel of Wuhan Airport, and the two cities enter the “same city era”.

Aerial China: Xiaogan, Hubei

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