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  • China College Grads Loans to Start Businesses, Govt Pays 80%

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    BEIJING - Enterprising Chinese college graduates will be able to borrow up to half a million yuan ($106,000) in the wealthy province of Zhejiang to start a business, and if it goes belly-up, the government will help pay at least 80 per cent of the loan. The generous plan, unveiled at a news conference hosted by China's state planner on Thursday (Feb 17), underscores official concerns about job prospects for the country's millions of graduates in a labour market that has tightened due to slowing economic growth. If graduates' startup businesses go sour, the government can help pay at least 80 per cent of their loans and 100 per cent if it is less than 100,000 yuan, Chen Zhong, vice director at Zhejiang province's Human Resources and Social Security Department, told reporters. College graduates can also enjoy a living allowance and housing subsidies from 20,000 to 400,000 yuan if they work in Zhejiang, China's fourth-biggest province by economic output. "College graduates are valuable human resources... This year, there are more than 10 million college graduates across the country, which is a good opportunity for us," Chen said.Original link

    China College Grads Loans to Start Businesses, Govt Pays 80%

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  • Head of the Department of Trade briefs on China’s foreign trade in January-July 2021

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    From January to July, China’s foreign trade registered steady and fast growth, firmly supporting the creation of a new development paradigm. On July 2nd, the State Council General Office issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Business Forms and Models of Foreign Trade to build up new growth drivers for foreign trade. The Ministry of Commerce, together with local governments and other ministries, has spared no effort to see through relevant policies and measures and made a solid step toward high-quality development of foreign trade. First, scale of import and export grew fast. In January-July, the volume of import and export reached 21.34 trillion yuan, with export standing at 11.66 trillion yuan and import 9.68 trillion yuan, all hitting a new record high compared with the same period in the past. The total import and export grew by 24.5% year-on-year, with export up 24.5% and import 24.4% year-on-year , all reaching a ten-year high. Two-year average growth rates were 10.6%, 10.9% and 10.2% respectively. In July, import and export reached 3.27 trillion yuan, the second highest in a single month in history (second only to 3.29 trillion yuan in June this year). Second, international market demand continued to…Original link

    Head of the Department of Trade briefs on China’s foreign trade in January-July 2021

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  • Foreign teacher in Ningbo prosecuted after murdering female student

    10:18 Author:alpha

    Foreign teacher in Ningbo prosecuted after murdering female student On August 20, 2021, the people's Procuratorate of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province filed a public prosecution against the defendant Shadid Abdulmeting to Ningbo intermediate people's court for intentional homicide. The case of Shadid Abdulmeting suspected of intentional homicide was transferred by the public security organ for examination and prosecution after the investigation was completed on July 23, 2021. The Ningbo Municipal People's Procuratorate accused Shadid Abdulmeting of deliberately and illegally depriving others of their lives and causing death. His behavior violated Article 232 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China. The criminal facts were clear and the evidence was reliable and sufficient. He should be investigated for criminal responsibility and punished according to law for the crime of intentional homicide.Original link

    Foreign teacher in Ningbo prosecuted after murdering female student

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  • Old News: An English Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student

    09:20 Author:alpha

    Just remind: notice the local law and regulations about before working. Old News: An American man who worked as an Education First teacher in China has pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a former student. Curtis J Baldwin from Springfield, Missouri, admitted to one count of the sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of receiving and distributing child pornography at the start of legal proceedings in the US earlier this month. The 47-year-old had been working for Education First in China but left his employment on November 20, 2019, before returning home. Baldwin then attempted to blackmail a former student, telling her via WeChat he had sexually explicit video footage of her. He threatened to post the video on the internet if she didn’t send him more content of a similar kind. The victim’s father saw the messages and contacted Education First, who referred the case to the US Department of Justice. After Baldwin’s home was searched in March, a laptop containing child pornography, including multiple videos of underage Chinese girls engaged in explicit sexual acts, was uncovered. Baldwin will now face sentencing of a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 50 years in federal prison without…Original link

    Old News: An English Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student

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  • 35 teaching jobs in China (Aug 19, 2021)

    17:41 Author:alpha

      (1) Kindly notice the local law and regulations about foreign teachers.(2) There is contact within each job. 1. Yiwu Yiwu city need two female english teachers in two kindergartens. 15-20k per month. Contact WeChat: 17368071902 2. Shanghai Shanghai Middle school Middle school Math,Science teachers needed. 25k/month. Housing allowance: 3k or shared apartment. 18-22 classes/week. Round trip airfare: Reimburse one way airfare after 1 month. School takes care of visa fee School will buy insurance for you. Contact WeChat: 17368071902 3. Guangzhou International kindergarten need English teachers who have teaching experience and qualified for work visa. salary 18-25k depending on your teaching experience. Contact WeChat: 17368071902 4. Xuzhou Training center in Xuzhou, Jiangsu need non native speakers who has clearly pronunciation. one day off on working days. 2:00-8:00 on working days.8:00-6:00 on weekends. 15-20k with accommodation. Contact WeChat: 17368071902 5. Shanghai International Kindergarten is looking for a full-time English English teachers Salary starts from: 20,000 - 25,000 RMB per month (can be negotiable according to the teachers experience and skills) Benefits: Health insurance 3,000 RMB housing allowance Visa fee reimbursement 2 meals a day at the kindergarten Working hours: Monday to Friday. 08:00 - 12:00, 13:30-17:00 Contact WeChat: 17368071902 6.…

    35 teaching jobs in China (Aug 19, 2021)

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