Shaoxing 绍兴


Chinese Name: 绍兴

English Name: Shaoxing;Shaohsing

Other Name: Kuaiji会稽;Shanyin山阴;Yuezhou越州

Abbreviation: 越 Yue

Zip Code: 31 20 00

Population: 5.337 million

Shaoxing 绍兴
Shaoxing 绍兴

Brief Introduction

Shaoxing 绍兴 is a prefecture-level city in Zhejiang province and one of the 27 cities in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta. The State Council approves it as a cultural and ecological tourism city with the characteristics of Jiangnan water towns in China.

Shaoxing is located in east China, in the middle and north of Zhejiang Province, on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, adjacent to Ningbo in the east, Taizhou and Jinhua in the south, Hangzhou in the west, Qiantang River in and Jiaxing in the north. Shaoxing is an important city in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, the core city of the Greater Bay Area around Hangzhou Bay环杭州湾大湾区, and the sub-center city of Hangzhou metropolitan circle.

As of 2018, The city has jurisdiction over 3 districts, 1 county, and 2 county-level cities, with a total land area of 8,273.3 square kilometers. Shaoxing has a permanent resident population of 5.337 million, and its GDP is 679.5 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Shaoxing

Shaoxing has a subtropical monsoon climate亚热带季风气候, warm and humid, with four distinct seasons. There are 79 A-level scenic spots in Shaoxing, including 1 5A-level scenic spot, 18 4A-level scenic spots, 32 3A-level scenic spots, 28 2A-level scenic spots, and 84 aaA-level scenic villages in the province.

Shaoxing 绍兴
The Orchid Pavilion 兰亭

Some special scenic spots in Shaoxing

  • Lu xun’s former residence 鲁迅故居
  • East Lake Scenic Area 东湖风景区
  • Key Scenic Spot 柯岩风景区
  • Lanting scenic spot 兰亭景区
  • Xi shi hometown 西施故里
  • Shen garden 沈氏园
  • Hangzhou Bay Sea Flower field scenic spot 杭州湾海上花田景区
  • The east lake 东湖
  • Yue Wang Tai 越王台
  • Roar mountain 吼山

Famous Universities in Shaoxing

By the end of 2018, Shaoxing has 11 regular colleges and universities, 19 secondary vocational schools (including technical schools), 50 regular senior high schools, 137 junior high schools, and 599 kindergartens.

Shaoxing 绍兴
Shaoxing University 绍兴文理学院

List of universities and colleges in Shaoxing

  • Shaoxing University 绍兴文理学院
  • Yuanpei College of Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences 绍兴文理学院元培学院
  • Zhejiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology 浙江工业大学之江学院
  • Zhejiang Yuexiu Institute of Foreign Languages 浙江越秀外国语学院
  • Zhejiang A&F University and Yang College 浙江农林大学暨阳学院
  • Yang Xunqiao Campus, Zhejiang Shuren University 浙江树人大学杨汛桥校区
  • College of Science and Art, Zhejiang Sci-tech University 浙江理工大学科技与艺术学院

Diet of Shaoxing

Shaoxing cuisine 绍兴菜 is rich in Jiangnan Han nationality water town culture flavor famous dishes. It is an important part of the Han diet culture. Shaoxing cuisine takes freshwater fish, shrimp, poultry, and beans as its main cooking ingredients. It focuses on crispy glutinous rice, original soup, and juice, avoiding spicy light oil and a strong juice taste. Moreover, fresh ingredients are often combined with preserved food, steamed and stewed with Shaoxing rice wine, which is mellow and sweet with endless aftertaste.

Shaoxing 绍兴
Molded dried vegetable 梅干菜

Some specialty snacks in Shaoxing

  • Dried herring 糟青鱼干
  • Molded dried vegetable 梅干菜
  • Oil prawns 油爆大虾
  • Salt-type shrimp 绍式虾球
  • Keqiao dried tofu 柯桥豆腐干
  • M sea tea 米海茶
  • Dried vegetable stew 干菜焖肉
  • A thousand pieces of sesame 芝麻千张丝
  • Lianghu Water mill rice cake 梁湖水磨年糕
  • Shaoxing drunken chicken 绍兴醉鸡
  • Shaoxing fermented bean curd 绍兴腐乳
  • Shengzhou squeezed the surface 嵊州榨面
  • Steamed mandarin fish 清蒸鳜鱼
  • Shaoxing anise beans 绍兴茴香豆
  • Shaoxing Laojiu 绍兴老酒

Transportation in Shaoxing

Aviation: Shaoxing has one airport as Shaoxing Binhai General Airport绍兴滨海通用机场.

Port: Shaoxing Port 绍兴港 is the water and land transportation hub of Shaoxing and the port of Shaoxing to the world. Between the Grand Canal and the new canal, adjacent to the East Lake scenic area. Shaoxing Port is a tourism and leisure port integrating modern logistics and business tourism.

Shaoxing, Culture City of East Asia

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