Yancheng 盐城


Chinese Name: 盐城

English Name: Yancheng;Yencheng

Other Name: Piaocheng瓢城;Dengying登瀛

Abbreviation: 盐 Yan

Zip Code: 22 40 00

Population: 6.713 million

Yancheng 盐城
Yancheng 盐城

Brief Introduction

Yancheng 盐城 is a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu Province and one of the 27 cities in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta. Yancheng is a national civilized city, a national health city, a national forest city, and an excellent tourist city in China.

Yancheng is the only world Natural heritage site in Jiangsu province for Chinese yellow (Bohai) sea migratory birds. Yancheng enjoys convenient sea, land, and air transportation, and basically forms a three-dimensional transportation network integrating expressways, railways, aviation, sea transportation, and inland river shipping. Nanyang International Airport, Dafeng Port area, Binhai Port Area, Sheyang Port area, and Xiangshui Port area have become national first-class open ports, and Yancheng has become a prefectural-level city with both airport and seaport open ports, which is the intersection point of national coastal development and the integration of Yangtze River Delta.

By 2020, Yancheng will have jurisdiction over 3 districts, 5 counties, and 1 county-level city in Dongtai, as well as Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and Yannan High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The permanent resident population of Yancheng is 6,709,629. In 2021, the GDP of Yancheng will reach 661.739 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Yancheng

Yancheng has more than 40 tourist attractions open to the outside world, including 1 national 5A tourist attraction, 17 4A tourist attractions, and 8 3A tourist attractions. There are two national nature reserves for red-crowned cranes and Milu deer and a nature reserve for Chinese sturgeon under construction.

Yancheng 盐城
Chinese elk Garden 中华麋鹿园

Some special scenic spots in Yancheng

  • Chinese elk Garden 中华麋鹿园
  • Big ZongHu 大纵湖
  • New Fourth Army Memorial Hall 新四军纪念馆
  • Jiangsu Yancheng National Rare Birds Nature Reserve 江苏盐城国家级珍禽自然保护区
  • Yancheng Red-crowned Crane Nature Reserve 盐城丹顶鹤自然保护区
  • Dafeng Dutch Flower Sea 大丰荷兰花海
  • Shanghai Educated Youth Memorial Hall 上海知青纪念馆
  • Dafeng Harbor Ocean World 大丰港海洋世界
  • Yancheng Haiyan Historical and cultural Scenic spot 盐城海盐历史文化景区
  • Sheyang Xiexin Temple 射阳息心寺
  • Fu Ning Jinsha Lake scenic spot 阜宁金沙湖旅游景区
  • Dongtai Xixi Tourist and cultural Scenic spot 东台市西溪旅游文化景区
  • Yellow Sea Seashore National Forest Park, Jiangsu Province 江苏黄海海滨国家森林公园

Famous Universities in Yancheng

In 2021, there are 6 ordinary colleges and universities, 3 ordinary technical secondary schools, 9 vocational high schools, 282 ordinary middle schools, and 280 primary schools in Yancheng. The enrollment rate of school-age children is 100%. There are 94,300 faculty and staff in Yancheng, including 79,900 full-time teachers.

Yancheng 盐城
Yancheng Institute of Technology 盐城工学院

List of universities and colleges in Yancheng

  • Yancheng Institute of Technology 盐城工学院
  • Yancheng Normal University 盐城师范学院
  • Jiangsu Medical-Vocational College 江苏医药职业学院
  • Yancheng Industrial Vocational Technical College 盐城工业职业技术学院
  • Yancheng Preschool Teachers College 盐城幼儿师范高等专科学校
  • Mingda Vocational and Technical College 明达职业技术学院

Diet of Yancheng

Because of its unique geographical advantages, Yancheng has four distinct seasons, rich products, fresh inland rivers, and complete varieties. For Yancheng people to provide a wealth of cooking materials. The biggest characteristic of Yancheng cuisine is that it is served in a big bowl, with an emphasis on soup and its original taste. Nowadays, large bowls of dishes have their own styles and styles of nutrition, refreshing, rough, and original taste, rich raw materials, complimentary condiments, and technological innovations, which have formed their own styles.

Yancheng 盐城
Jianhu lotus root flour round fruit 建湖藕粉圆子

Some specialty snacks in Yancheng

  • Jianhu lotus root flour round fruit 建湖藕粉圆子
  • White mullet fish stew 白炖鲻鱼
  • Qiyuan Crab roe bun 奇园蟹黄包
  • A four-branched bass 四鳃鲈鱼
  • City sugar twist 城糖麻花
  • Fu Ning big cake 阜宁大糕
  • Great Longitudinal lake drunk crab 大纵湖醉蟹
  • Longgang pear 龙冈茌梨
  • Dongtai fish soup noodles 东台鱼汤面
  • Lightly cooked shrimp 生炝条虾
  • Dongtai watermelon 东台西瓜
  • Drunk screw Jiang port 弶港醉螺

Jingzhou Transportation

Aviation: Yancheng Nanyang International Airport盐城南洋国际机场, located in Nanyang Town, Ting Hu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, is about 8.3 kilometers away from the city center as a straight line. It is connected to Yanhuai Expressway and Yanjing Expressway via Shenhai Expressway. The flight area level is 4C and the airbus A320 can take off. Yancheng Nanyang International Airport has opened 4 international (regional) routes.

Bus: By April 2020, Yancheng Bus Company has 114 operating routes, including 14 BRT routes with a total length of 2,503.2 km, including 250.5 km BRT routes. Urban public transport has covered all towns and villages in Tinghu district and Yandu District.

Yancheng China

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