Yueyang 岳阳


Chinese Name: 岳阳

English Name: Yueyang;Yoyang

Other Name: Yuezhou岳州;Baling巴陵

Abbreviation: 岳 Yue

Zip Code: 41 40 00

Population: 5.052 million

Yueyang 岳阳
Yueyang 岳阳

Brief Introduction

Yueyang 岳阳 is a prefecture-level city of Hunan Province, the sub-central city of the province, the second-largest economy, the first open city along the Yangtze River by The State Council, and an important regional central city in the middle reaches of Yangtze River.

Yueyang city is located in the northeast of Hunan Province, known as the “gateway of Northern Hunan”湘北门户. To the east, Tongu County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, and Tongcheng County, Xianning City, Hubei Province; South Hunan Changsha City Liuyang city, Changsha City, Wangcheng District; To the west, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, Yuanjiang City, Nan County, Changde City Anxiang County; North Xianning Chibi City, Hubei Province, Jingzhou City, Honghu City, Jianli City, Shishou County. Yueyang, with its profound culture and beautiful scenery, is one of the important origins of Chinese culture and a famous tourist attraction both at home and abroad.

According to the seventh census data, the permanent population of Yueyang city is 5.052 million. In 2021, the GDP of Yueyang city was 440.298 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.1%.

Famous Attractions in Yueyang

Yueyang’s main tourism resources of high grade, popularity is big, there are 1 world non-material cultural heritage, national 5 a-class tourist scenic spots, 1 national 4 a level scenic spots grade 8, the national 2 a scenic spots 23, 2 in a national scenic area, 3 national forest park and 1 national nature reserve, national key cultural relics protection unit 22, East Dongting Lake wetland has been selected as an internationally important wetland.

Yueyang 岳阳
Yueyang tower 岳阳楼

Some special scenic spots in Yueyang

  • Yueyang tower 岳阳楼
  • Junshan island君山岛
  • Junshan Tuan Lake Wild Lotus World 君山团湖野生荷花世界
  • Zhang Guying Village 张谷英村
  • Quzi Cultural Park 屈子文化园
  • Shi Niu village 石牛寨
  • Tianyue curtain fu Mountain 天岳幕阜山
  • South Lake Sheng An Temple 南湖圣安寺
  • Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall 平江起义纪念馆
  • Ren Bishi Memorial Hall 任弼时纪念馆
  • Nanhu Tourist Resort 南湖旅游度假区
  • Yangsha Lake International Tourism resort 洋沙湖国际旅游度假区
  • Dongting lake 洞庭湖
  • Five Pointy Mountains National Forest Park 五尖山国家森林公园
  • Dayun Mountain National Forest Park 大云山国家森林公园
  • Fushou Mountain Scenic Spot 福寿山风景区
  • Bian He Street 汴河街
  • Miluo River 汨罗江

Famous Universities in Yueyang

Yueyang city has a total of 2,639 schools at all levels and of all kinds, including 1,242 preschool education, 1,306 compulsory education, 85 senior high schools, 6 special schools, and 6 colleges and universities, with 62,000 students and 3,528 faculty members.

Yueyang 岳阳
Hunan Institute of Science and Technology 湖南理工学院

List of universities and colleges in Yueyang

  • Hunan Institute of Science and Technology 湖南理工学院
  • Yueyang Polytechnic 岳阳职业技术学院
  • Hunan Vocational and Technical College for Nationalities 湖南民族职业技术学院
  • Hunan Institute of Petrochemical Technology 湖南石油化工业技术学院
  • Yueyang Radio and TELEVISION University 岳阳广播电视大学
  • Hunan Industrial Technician College 湖南省工业技师学院

Diet of Yueyang

Yueyang flavor dishes are good at cooking lake fresh and local aquatic products. They are made by stewing, burning, frying, frying and frying, etc. The finished products are characterized by thick, salty, and spicy oil, soft and sticky as mud when simmered, and clear as a mirror when stewed. They pay attention to aroma, freshness, acid, spicy and original taste, and clearly distinguish the priority and priority of thick and weak.

Yueyang 岳阳
Yueyang crayfish 岳阳小龙虾

Some specialty snacks in Yueyang

  • YueYangHuang tea 岳阳黄茶
  • Junshan island needles 君山银针
  • Huarong mustard 华容芥菜
  • Yueyang crayfish 岳阳小龙虾
  • At pingkiang sauce dry 平江酱干
  • Camphor Port chili 樟树港辣椒
  • Thirteen village pickles 十三村酱菜
  • Yueyang king pigeon 岳阳王鸽
  • Changle liqueur 长乐甜酒
  • Miluo zongzi 汨罗粽子
  • Dongting whitebait 洞庭银鱼

Yueyang Transportation

Aviation: YueYangSan lotus airport 岳阳三荷机场flight level of 4 d irregular international flights feeder airports, Wuhan and Changsha two big international hubs of an alternate airport, located in china’s Hunan province Yueyang economic and technological development zone near Chinese man airport Xincun, 18 kilometers from Yueyang city, a total of 10 airlines in YueYangSan lotus airport 17 air routes.

Waterway: Yueyang is a riverside port city in Hunan province. In 1992, Yueyang was identified by The State Council as one of the first key open cities along the Yangtze River. Chenglingji Port 城陵矶港is one of the eight excellent ports on the Yangtze River. Approved by the National People’s Congress in 1996, Chenglingji port was officially opened to the outside world, becoming Hunan’s first-class national port for opening to the outside world. It is Hunan’s international shipping center and the largest international container port and direct shipping port.

Yueyang, Hunan, China

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