Jingzhou 荆州


Chinese Name: 荆州

English Name: Jingzhou;Kingchow

Other Name: Jianglin江陵;Yingdu郢都;Nanjun南郡

Abbreviation: 荆 Jingzhou

Zip Code: 43 40 00

Population: 5.231 million

Jingzhou 荆州
Jingzhou 荆州

Brief Introduction

Jingzhou 荆州 city is a prefecture-level city in Hubei province and one of the transportation hubs in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, approved by The State Council.

Jingzhou is located in central China, central and southern Hubei, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and Jianghan Plain 江汉平原. It was the location of the capital of The State of Chu 楚国都城 during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period春秋战国. It is one of the first 24 national historical and cultural cities announced by The State Council, China’s excellent tourism city, national garden city, an important comprehensive transportation hub, and a port city on the Yangtze River. Jingzhou is a famous national historical and cultural city. It is a riverside city with ancient culture and modern civilization. It has a history of more than 3,000 years.

Jingzhou has jurisdiction over 2 municipal districts, 4 county-level cities, and 2 counties, covering an area of 14,100 square kilometers. As of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Jingzhou is 5.231 million, and the GDP of Jingzhou is 236.904 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Jingzhou

The scenic spots in Jingzhou city present a pattern of “one city and many pieces”一城多片. “One city” is Jingzhou ancient City historical scenic tourist area in the central city荆州古城历史风景旅游区; Among them, Jingzhou Museum 荆州博物馆was rated as the first batch of national “4A” museums, ranking the first among prefecture-level museums in China, with a collection of more than 130,000 cultural relics, including nearly 500 national first-class cultural relics.

Jingzhou 荆州
Jingzhou Ancient City 荆州古城

Some special scenic spots in Jingzhou

  • Jingzhou Ancient City 荆州古城
  • Zhanghua Temple 章华寺
  • Jingzhou Museum 荆州博物馆
  • Jingzhou Guan Gongyi Park 荆州关公义园
  • Huangshan Tou Forest Park 黄山头森林公园
  • Long Lake Wetland Reserve 长湖湿地保护区
  • Ji ‘nan City archaeological Site park 纪南城考古遗址公园
  • Ying city ruins 郢城遗址
  • Xiong Jia Tomb Site Museum 熊家冢遗址博物馆
  • Baling Mountain National Forest Park 八岭山国家森林公园
  • Liao king’s tomb 辽王墓
  • Beizha Scenic Spot 北闸风景区

Famous Universities in Jingzhou

By the end of 2019, Jinzhou had 1,243 schools of all types and levels, including 15 secondary vocational schools, 53 regular senior high schools, 123 regular junior high schools, 61 nine-year schools, 396 primary schools, 8 special schools, and 587 kindergartens.

Jingzhou 荆州
Faculty of Arts and Science, Yangtze University 长江大学文理学院

List of universities and colleges in Jingzhou

  • Faculty of Arts and Science, Yangtze University 长江大学文理学院
  • College of Engineering and Technology, Yangtze University 长江大学工程技术学院
  • Jingzhou Vocational and Technical College 荆州职业技术学院
  • Jingzhou Polytechnic Vocational College 荆州理工职业学院
  • Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine College 湖北中医药高等专科学校
  • Yangtze River Art and Engineering Vocational College 长江艺术工程职业学院
  • Jingzhou Institute of Education 荆州教育学院
  • Jingzhou Radio and TV University 荆州市广播电视大学

Diet of Jingzhou

Jingzhou is located in Jiangnan plain Binjiang interface lake land, rivers criss-cross, lake network into a piece, mild climate, rich products, known as the “land of fish and rice”鱼米之乡. Because there are many lakes, abundant fish, turtles, loach, shrimp, crab, and other aquatic products, the rich products create more possibilities for the production of dishes, and “fresh and salty” is the root of the basic taste type of Chu dishes, which is the keynote of Jingzhou and Hubei people’s taste memory for thousands of years.

Jingzhou 荆州
Jingzhou thousand braised pork 荆州千张扣肉

Some specialty snacks in Jingzhou

  • Jing sandfish cake 荆沙鱼糕
  • Jingzhou Eight-treasure rice 荆州八宝饭
  • Shishou Bijia fish maw 石首笔架鱼肚
  • Jingzhou thousand braised pork 荆州千张扣肉
  • Jingzhou Song Zi buckwheat bean skin 荆州松滋荞麦豆皮
  • White melon and turtle soup 冬瓜鳖裙羹
  • Fried lotus root pill 油炸藕丸
  • Early hall face 早堂面
  • The public security GuoKui 公安锅盔
  • Jingzhou the Weishui river mandarin fish 荆州洈水鳜鱼

Jingzhou Folk customs

Jingzhou Guandi Temple Meeting 荆州关帝庙会:Guandi Temple Fair Every year on the first month and the 13th day of the 5th lunar month, a large temple fair will be held in Guandi Temple. At that time, people from Jingzhou will play with dragon lanterns, row lotus boats, ride horses and shoot arrows, blow horns and carry sedan chairs, making the temple and the temple bustling with excitement.

Jingzhou Dragon Boat Festival 荆州龙舟节: Jingzhou is the birthplace of Dragon boat culture in China. The annual “China Jingzhou International Dragon Boat Festival” 中国荆州国际龙舟节 has become a unique cultural taste of Jingzhou, an important carrier to expand the opening up and a grand festival for the people of the city.


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