Xuzhou 徐州


Chinese Name: 徐州

English Name: Xuzhou;Hsü-chou;Süchow

Other Name: Pangcheng彭城

Abbreviation: 徐 Xu

Zip Code: 22 10 00

Population: 9.029 million

Xuzhou 徐州
Xuzhou 徐州

Brief Introduction

Xuzhou 徐州 is a prefecture-level city of Jiangsu Province, a sub-central city of Jiangsu province, a national historical and cultural city, a national comprehensive transportation hub, and a central city of Huaihai Economic Zone approved by The State Council.

Xuzhou is located southeast of the North China Plain and northwest of Jiangsu Province. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through Xuzhou, and the Longhai Railway and Beijing-Shanghai Railway meet here. It is known as the “thoroughfare of five provinces”五省通衢. Xuzhou is, an important gateway city in east China, east China is important economic, science and education, culture, finance, health care, and foreign trade center, city, and country “area” important node, deputy center city, north of Yangtze river delta wing Xuzhou metropolitan circle core city and international new energy base, have a reputation of “China engineering machinery”中国工程机械之都.

By 2021, Xuzhou had five municipal districts, three counties, and two county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 11,258 square kilometers and a permanent population of 9.029 million. In 2021, Xuzhou’s GDP reached 811.744 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Xuzhou

Xuzhou 徐州 has 60 national A-level tourist attractions, 4 provincial tourist resorts, 14 star-rated hotels, 207 travel agencies, and 8 new key villages for rural tourism. Xuzhou has a temperate monsoon climate温带季风气候, four distinct seasons, a profound cultural heritage, numerous historical sites, cultural heritage, and scenic spots, is a popular tourist city; As the birthplace of Han Culture, Xuzhou takes inheriting and carrying forward the Chinese language as its responsibility to build itself into a world-class destination for Han culture inheritance and tourism. Xuzhou has two major tourism clusters: Xuzhou Yunlong Lake tourism cluster area 徐州云龙湖旅游集聚区and Xuzhou Jiawang tourism cluster Area徐州贾汪旅游集聚区.

Xuzhou 徐州
Xuzhou Yunlong Lake Scenic Area 徐州云龙湖风景区

Some special scenic spots in Xuzhou

  • Xuzhou Yunlong Lake Scenic Area 徐州云龙湖风景区
  • The ancient kiln bay 窑湾古镇
  • Peng Zuyuan 彭祖园
  • Dandong Mountain Scenic Spot 大洞山风景区
  • Pan An Lake Wetland Park in Xuzhou 徐州潘安湖湿地公园
  • Xuzhou Han Culture Scenic Spot 徐州汉文化景区
  • Weishan Lake Thousand Island Wetland 微山湖千岛湿地
  • Xuzhou Museum 徐州博物馆
  • Xuzhou Han Stone Gallery 徐州汉画像石艺术馆
  • Ai Mountain Scenic Area in Pizhou 邳州艾山风景名胜区
  • Maling Mountain Scenic Spot 马陵山风景名胜区
  • Dugong Lake Scenic Spot 督公湖风景区
  • Pantao Mountain Buddhist culture scenic spot 蟠桃山佛教文化景区
  • Tongshan Hanging water Lake Scenic area 铜山悬水湖景区
  • Xuzhou Guishan Scenic Spot 徐州龟山景区

Famous Universities in Xuzhou

Xuzhou has two university clusters: Xuzhou University Town 徐州大学城and Xuzhou Pan An Lake Science and Education Innovation Zone徐州潘安湖科教创新区. There are 7 undergraduate universities, including a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. By the end of 2021, the city had 273 junior high schools, 884 primary schools, 13 special education schools, and 1,160 kindergartens (including private ones), ranking second only to Nanjing, the provincial capital, in terms of overall educational strength in Jiangsu Province.

Xuzhou 徐州
China University of Mining and Technology 中国矿业大学

List of universities and colleges in Xuzhou

  • China University of Mining and Technology 中国矿业大学
  • Xuzhou Medical University 徐州医科大学
  • Xu Hai College, China University of Mining and Technology 中国矿业大学徐海学院
  • Kewen College of Jiangsu Normal University 江苏师范大学科文学院
  • PLA Air Force Service Academy 中国人民解放军空军勤务学院
  • Jiangsu Institute of Architectural Technology 江苏建筑职业技术学院
  • Xuzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College 徐州工业职业技术学院
  • Xuzhou Preschool Teachers College 徐州幼儿师范高等专科学校
  • Xuzhou College of Biological Engineering 徐州生物工程职业技术学院
  • Kyushu Vocational and Technical College 九州职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu Safety Technology Vocational College 江苏安全技术职业学院

Diet of Xuzhou

Xuzhou is the birthplace of Chinese cooking culture, food culture has a long history. Xuzhou dishes inherit Dapeng flavor大彭风味, exquisite production, unique flavor, and its system, almost every dish has a moving legend.

Xuzhou 徐州
Xuzhou pot chicken 徐州地锅鸡

Some special cuisines in Xuzhou

  • Xuzhou pot chicken 徐州地锅鸡
  • Yi tooth tasty chicken 易牙五味鸡
  • Xuzhou three carp 徐州三鲤
  • Peng Cheng fish balls 彭城鱼丸
  • Spittor play pearl 金蟾戏珠
  • Fish sauce lamb 鱼汁羊肉
  • Wax gourd four spirit 冬瓜四灵
  • Place of gong food 西楚贡菜
  • Fried golden cicada 油炸金蝉
  • Dongpo gives meat in return 东坡回赠肉
  • Xuzhou flipping buns 徐州烙馍
  • Fried dumpling 锅贴饺
  • Fried dough sticks for public 八股油条
  • Xuzhou spicy soup 徐州辣汤

Transportation in Xuzhou

Aviation: Xuzhou Guanyin International Airport 徐州观音国际机场is an international airport facing the “One Belt and One Road” and a large civil airport for domestic first-class trunk airlines. Xuzhou Air Force Airport徐州空军机场 is located in Huangji Town, Tongshan District, covering an area of about 4 square kilometers. Xuzhou Yangmiao Airport徐州杨庙机场, located in Peixian County, Xuzhou, is the emergency rescue base of Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou Xinyi General Airport 徐州新沂通用机场is located in the east of Xiazhuang Village, Chessboard Town, Xinyi City.

Shipping: Xuzhou Port 徐州港 is one of the 28 major inland ports in China and one of the top ten inland ports in China, with throughput ranking among the top ten in China. Xuzhou port has been listed as a national key port in the Yangtze River Economic Belt plan of The State Council.

Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

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