Nanning 南宁


Chinese Name: 南宁

English Name: Nanning;Namzningz

Other Name: Lvcheng绿城;Yongcheng邕城

Abbreviation: 邕 Yong

Zip Code: 53 00 00

Population: 8.74 million

Nanning 南宁
南宁 Nanning

Brief Introduction

Nanning 南宁 is a prefecture-level city, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the core city of Beibu Gulf city group, the central city of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone approved by The State Council, and the comprehensive transportation hub connecting the sea channel in southwest China

Nanning is an ancient cultural city with a long history. It is also a multi-ethnic modern and international city dominated by Zhuang壮族. Nanning is located in south China and the south of Guangxi. It is the junction of south China, Southwest China, and Southeast Asia economic circle, the political, cultural, and educational center of Guangxi, and the intersection of pan-Beibu Gulf economic cooperation, Greater Mekong Sub-region cooperation, pan-Pearl River Delta cooperation, and other regional cooperation.

By 2020, The city has jurisdiction over 7 districts, 4 counties, and 1 county-level city, with a total area of 22,100 square kilometers and a permanent population of 8.74 million. In 2021, Nanning’s GDP will reach 512.094 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Nanning

Nanning has large and small parks, amusement parks, scenic spots, squares, and other natural and cultural landscapes for people to play more than 50; There is one state-level cultural relic protection unit (the site of The Mountain with lions 顶蛳山贝丘遗址), 16 autonomous region-level cultural relic protection units, and 116 municipal and county-level cultural relic protection units.

Nanning 南宁
Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area 青秀山风景区

Some special scenic spots in Nanning

  • Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area 青秀山风景区
  • Daming Mountain Scenic Area 大明山风景区
  • Jia Ho City Hot Spring Valley 嘉和城温泉谷
  • Jiuqu Bay Hot Spring Resort 九曲湾温泉度假村
  • Nanning Zoo 南宁市动物园
  • Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden 广西药用植物园
  • Nanning Bagui Garden 南宁八桂田园
  • Nanning flower big world 南宁花花大世界
  • Kowloon Falls National Forest Park 九龙瀑布群国家森林公园
  • Liangfengjiang National Forest Park 良凤江国家森林公园
  • Shuijin Shunzhuang Scenic spot 水锦顺庄旅游景区
  • Nanning People’s Park 南宁市人民公园
  • Jinlian Lake Scenic Area 金莲湖景区
  • Longhu Mountain Scenic Area 龙虎山风景名胜区
  • Jinlun Cave Scenic spot 金伦洞景区
  • Dalong Lake Scenic Area 大龙湖风景区

Famous Universities in Nanning

In 2021, Nanning had 354 regular middle schools, 1,086 regular primary schools, 1,642 kindergartens, and 10 special education schools.

Nanning 南宁
Guangxi university 广西大学

List of universities and colleges in Nanning

  • Guangxi university 广西大学
  • Guangxi Medical University 广西医科大学
  • The Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine 广西中医药大学
  • Guangxi University for Nationalities 广西民族大学
  • Nanning Normal University 南宁师范大学
  • Guangxi Agricultural Vocational and Technical University 广西农业职业技术大学
  • Guangxi Police College 广西警察学院
  • Guangxi University of Finance and Economics 广西财经学院
  • The Guangxi University of Arts 广西艺术学院
  • Guangxi Vocational Teachers College 广西职业师范学院
  • Nanning college 南宁学院
  • Guangxi Foreign Languages University 广西外国语学院
  • Nanning Institute of Technology 南宁理工学院

Diet of Nanning

Nanning cuisine takes the essence of Cantonese cuisine and the unique charm of Southeast Asia. It pays attention to freshness, tenderness, refreshment, smoothness, and nutrition science, and is rich in seasonal changes, delicacies and wildflowers can be included in the cuisine.

Nanning 南宁
Old friends noodle 老友面

Some special cuisines in Nanning

  • Old friends noodle 老友面
  • Sweet waxy reed 香糯粽
  • Drum powder 卷筒粉
  • Powder dumpling 粉饺
  • Lemon duck 柠檬鸭
  • Chinese rice pudding 八宝饭
  • porridge 粥品
  • Acid taste 酸品
  • Raw extract rice noodles 生榨米粉

Transportation in Nanning

Aviation: Nanning Wuwei International Airport 南宁吴圩国际机场 is located in Wuwei Town, Jiangnan District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, 31 kilometers away from the city center, as a 4E military and civilian shared international airport, is the largest aviation hub in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the gateway to the ASEAN hub airport.

Shipping: Yongjiang River is a tributary of the Xijiang River, and Xijiang is the mainstream of the Pearl River. After the completion of the Xi Jiang phase II regulation project, 3000T class inland river ships can direct from Nanning to Hong Kong and Macao. Waterway Zuojiang, right River can be to Guizhou, Yunnan provinces, and the Yongyue border, along the Yongjiang River downriver 1000-ton ship can direct to Hong Kong and Macao.

The subway: Nanning city rail transit has become the backbone of the urban public transportation, the subway line 1, line 2, line 3 and line 4, and line 5 to form the “cross Jiang Liancheng, throughout the city, north and south, east and west,” the new pattern of wire mesh, rail transit operation with a total mileage of 128.2 km, 104 operating station, daily line network passenger breaks through the millions of people mark, It is in a leading position among the cities of ethnic minority autonomous regions in China.

Welcome to Nanning City!

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