Quanzhou 泉州


Chinese Name: 泉州

English Name: Quanzhou;Chüanchowfu;Chin-chiang

Other Name: Licheng鲤城;Wenlin温陵、

Abbreviation: 鲤 Li

Zip Code: 36 20 00

Population: 8.782 million

Quanzhou 泉州
Quanzhou 泉州

Brief Introduction

Quanzhou 泉州 is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province and one of the central cities of the economic zone on the west coast of the Straits and a modern industrial and trade port city approved by the People’s Government of Fujian Province.

Quanzhou is located in east China, with Fuzhou and Putian in the north, Xiamen in the south, and Taiwan island in the east. It has a subtropical maritime monsoon climate 亚热带海洋性季风气候 and superior climatic conditions. Quanzhou is the only starting point of the Maritime Silk Road recognized by the United Nations and listed as the pilot area of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road under the National “Belt and Road” 一带一路 strategy.

By 2020, The city has jurisdiction over 4 municipal districts, 3 county-level cities, and 5 counties, with a total area of 11015 square kilometers. The permanent population of Quanzhou is 8.782 million. In 2021, Quanzhou’s GDP will reach 1.1330417 trillion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Quanzhou

Quanzhou called the “City of Light” by Italian Marco Polo 马可波罗 more than 700 years ago, enjoyed a glorious history of over 400 years in the Middle Ages. “Underground to see Xi An, ground to see Quanzhou”地下看西安,地上看泉州, walking in the middle of the city, the ancient style will still inadvertently flash many times, both simple and elegant and delicate graceful, both introspect deep and stretch bold and unrestrained.

Quanzhou 泉州
Xuzhou Yunlong Lake Scenic Area 徐州云龙湖风景区

Some special scenic spots in Quanzhou

  • Tu Mun Street 涂门街
  • Quanzhou East Lake Park 泉州东湖公园
  • Anping bridge 安平桥
  • Nan An CAI’s ancient folk house 南安蔡氏古民居
  • Fu Wen Temple 府文庙
  • Kaiyuan Temple 开元寺
  • Chongwu ancient city 崇武古城
  • The Luoyang bridge 洛阳桥
  • Yongchun Niumlin 永春牛姆林
  • Anxi Qingshui rock 安溪清水岩
  • Qingyuan mountain 清源山
  • Tianhou Palace in Quanzhou 泉州天后宫
  • The gold coast 黄金海岸
  • ShenHuWan 深沪湾
  • Sin Kung Shan 仙公山
  • Dai Xian Falls 岱仙瀑布
  • Snow rock 雪山岩
  • Dai Yunshan 戴云山

Famous Universities in Quanzhou

By the end of 2020, Quanzhou has 18 colleges and universities, including 5 undergraduate colleges, 1 independent college, 12 vocational colleges, and 10 special education schools.

Quanzhou 泉州
Huaqiao university 华侨大学

List of universities and colleges in Quanzhou

  • Huaqiao university 华侨大学
  • Quanzhou Normal University 泉州师范学院
  • Jinjiang Campus of Fuzhou University 福州大学晋江校区
  • College of Petrochemical Engineering, Fuzhou University 福州大学石油化工学院
  • Anxi Tea College, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University 福建农林大学安溪茶学院
  • Yang En university 仰恩大学
  • Minnan Institute of Technology 闽南理工学院
  • Minnan Institute of Science and Technology 闽南科技学院
  • Quanzhou Institute of Information Engineering 泉州信息工程学院
  • Quanzhou Polytechnic University 泉州职业技术大学

Diet of Quanzhou

Quanzhou food culture compatible with ancient and modern Chinese and foreign characteristics, gradually formed a simple form, taste fragrance, gan le mellow southern Fujian cuisine school闽南菜流派. Quanzhou is rich in natural resources and has a unique folk culture of Southern Fujian 闽南民俗文化. There are many kinds of non-staple dishes in southern Fujian, which are not only beautiful in shape, but also light and delicious in taste.

Quanzhou 泉州
Jiang mu duck 姜母鸭

Some special cuisines in Quanzhou

  • Jiang mu duck 姜母鸭
  • Deep Shanghai water pill 深沪水丸
  • Tap the fish 龙头鱼
  • Burritos dishes 润饼菜
  • Bamboo shoots frozen soil 土笋冻
  • Stone drum white duck soup 石鼓白鸭汤
  • Oil-baked red cake 油焗红蟳
  • Braised pork rice 卤肉饭
  • Flour paste 面线糊
  • Four fruit soup 四果汤

Transportation in Quanzhou

Aviation: Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport泉州晋江国际机场 is located in Jinjiang City, Quanzhou city, 12 kilometers away from the central city of Quanzhou in the north, and the surrounding railway stations, bus stations, and ports connected.

Shipping: Quanzhou port 泉州港, with a coastline of 541 kilometers, is one of the three ports in Fujian Province. Quanzhou port has jurisdiction over a four-bay five port area 16 each operation area.

Quanzhou, a city of diverse culture in ancient China

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