Xiangyang 襄阳


Chinese Name: 襄阳

English Name: Xiangyang;Siangyang;Siang-yang

Other Name: Xiangjun襄郡;Xiangzhou襄州;Xiangfan襄樊

Abbreviation: 襄 Xiang

Zip Code: 44 10 00

Population: 5.271 million

Xiangyang 襄阳
Xiangyang 襄阳

Brief Introduction

Xiangyang 襄阳 is a prefecture-level city of Hubei province, approved by The State Council as a new industrial base of Hubei Province and a central city in northwest Hubei province.

Xiangyang is located in central China, northwest Hubei province and the middle reaches of The Han River. It is the sub-central city of the province, the central city of the Han River basin, and an important member of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Xiangyang is a famous national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 2800 years. It is the main birthplace of chu culture, Han culture, and Three Kingdoms culture. Past dynasties militarily important for the economy, known as “the first city of China, iron Xiangyang, soldiers must contend for”华夏第一城池、铁打的襄阳、兵家必争之地.

Xiangyang has jurisdiction over 3 municipal districts, 3 counties, and 3 county-level cities, with a total area of 19,700 square kilometers. By the end of 2021, the permanent resident population of Xiangyang city is 5.271 million, and the total regional GDP of Xiangyang city is 530.943 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Xiangyang

Xiangyang 襄阳 is a national historical and cultural city, an outstanding tourist city in China, a central city in the Han River basin, and an important member of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The main tourist attractions in Xiangyang include Gulongzhong Scenic Spot and so on.

Xiangyang 襄阳
The ancient Longzhong 古隆中

Some special scenic spots in Xiangyang

  • The ancient Longzhong 古隆中
  • Xiangyang city 襄阳城
  • Water mirror Zhuang 水镜庄
  • Spring and Autumn Village 春秋寨
  • Zhongxuan Tower 仲宣楼
  • Fu Ren City 夫人城
  • Lu Men Temple 鹿门寺
  • Zhaoming platform 昭明台
  • Tangcheng Film and Television Base 唐城影视基地

Famous Universities in Xiangyang

By the end of 2014, there were 1,402 schools with 795,000 students. Of these, 53,000 students are enrolled in five regular colleges and universities, 36 secondary vocational schools, 25,000 students, 237 regular middle schools, 228,000 students, 459 primary schools, and 331,000 students. There are 51,000 full-time teachers in the city.

Xiangyang 襄阳
Hubei University of Arts and Sciences 湖北文理学院

List of universities and colleges in Xiangyang

  • Hubei University of Arts and Sciences 湖北文理学院
  • College of Science and Technology, Hubei University of Arts and Sciences 湖北文理学院理工学院
  • Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College 襄阳职业技术学院
  • Xiangyang Automobile Vocational and Technical College 襄阳汽车职业技术学院
  • Military Economics College Xiangyang Non-commissioned Officer School 军事经济学院襄阳士官学校
  • Armed Police Gold Technical School 武警黄金技术学校

Diet of Xiangyang

Xiangyang cuisine 襄阳菜 is the northern flavor of Chu cuisine楚菜系的北味菜, based on the flavor of Xiangyang and Yunyang (now Shiyan) area, absorbing the flavor of Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi, and Chongqing provinces鄂豫陕渝四省. Xiangyang cuisine is characterized by pork, beef, and mutton as the main raw materials, with local delicacies and games. The cooking methods are mainly red grilled, hot roasted, raw fried, returning to the pot, and cold salad. And Chu cuisine is particular about fresh and spicy.

Xiangyang 襄阳
Xiangyang turnips 襄阳大头菜

Some specialty snacks in Xiangyang

  • Triple panel 三镶盘
  • Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste 夹沙肉
  • Xiangyang cloven hoof 襄阳缠蹄
  • Yicheng plate eel 宜城盘鳝
  • Xiangyang turnips 襄阳大头菜
  • Beef butter noodle 牛油面
  • Xiangyang hot and sour noodles 襄阳酸辣面
  • Xiangyang Yellow rice wine 襄阳黄酒
  • King kong crisp 金刚酥

Transportation in Xiangyang

Aviation: Xiangyang Liuji Airport襄阳刘集机场 is located in the northeast corner of Xiangyang City, 18 kilometers away from the city center, China’s first new civil airport funded by local funds, through the Wuhan Tianhe Airport, can transfer most of the country’s airports; In addition to Liuji Airport, Xiangyang also has Laohekou Airport老河口机场, which is located in the eastern suburb of Laohekou city and is one of the five military airports in China.

Ports: Xiangyang Port 襄阳港is the 20th largest inland river port in China, the main transshipment port for “transferring coal from the west to the east and transporting coal from the north to the south”西煤东调、北煤南运, and the core component of ports in the Han River basin serving the shipping center of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Wuhan. Xiangyang Port is divided into two port areas, one of which is the Hanjiang mainstream port area (Chenbu port area) and one of which is the Tangbai Riverport area (Tangbai Riverport area).

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