Taimu Mountain 太姥山


Chinese Name: 太姥山

English Name: Taimu Mountain; Mount Taimu; Tai Mu Shan

Location: Fujian

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Taimu Mountain 太姥山

Brief Introduction

Taimu Mountain is located in the northeast of Fujian Province 福建. In a narrow sense, Taimu Mountain refers to the mountain area with Fu Ding Peak 覆顶峰 as the center in Qinyu Town, south of Fun Ding City. It is also the core area of the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area. It is 45 kilometers south of Fu Ding City, about 120 degrees east longitude and 27 degrees north latitude. Standing on the shore of the East China Sea, it faces the sea on three sides and mountains on one side. The main peak is 917.3 meters above sea level.

It is said that in Yao’s 尧 time, the old mother planted bluegrass in the mountains, met Taoists, and became immortal, so she was named “Taimu 太母” and later renamed “Taimu 太姥”. It is said that the immortals of the East China Sea gather here all year round, so it is reputed as the “Fairy City on the Sea”. Wuyi Mountain 武夷山, Taimu Mountain, and Yandang 雁荡山 constitute three famous mountains.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Taimu Mountain 太姥山

Taimu Mountain Scenic Area, located in Fu Ding City at the northeast end of Taimu Mountain, is a national scenic spot. At the same time, Taimu Mountain is the only peak forest landform developed on the terrain of granite hills in China, and the only peak forest landform on the crystal cave granite belt in China. It was included in the World Geopark in 2010.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Taimu Mountain 太姥山

What are worth visiting and seeing?


Taimu Mountain 太姥山岳 is the main scenic spot of the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area, with an area of 24.6 square kilometers. It is famous for its strange rocks, different caves, dangerous peaks, and much fog. Most of the mountains are between 500 and 1000 meters high, with crisscross mountains, deep valleys, steep walls, and caves.

There are many strange flowers and trees on the mountain, such as hollow orchids 空谷兰, cloud grass 云雾草, touch tree 感触树, acacia forest 相思林, five-color azalea 五色杜鹃, green snow bud tea 绿雪芽茶, etc., which add color to the mountain scenery. 360 rocks in the mountains. Standing on the top of the main peak, you can see the islands in the sea and the bay at the foot of the mountain.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Taimu Mountain 太姥山岳

The island tour area 列岛游览区 is located in Fuyao Islands 福瑶列岛, including 13 islands such as Dayu Mountain 大嵛山, Xiaoyu Mountain 小嵛山, and Yuanyang Island 鸳鸯岛. Yushan Island, the main island, covers an area of 28.8 square kilometers, and is located in the coastal hub of Fujian and Zhejiang, known as “Little Taiwan 小台湾”. With beautiful scenery, the island is known as the “East China Sea Wonderland 东海仙境”. There are more than 20 major scenic spots, such as Ambassador Sandbank 大使沙洲, Tianhu Lake 天湖, and Mingyue Lake 明月潭.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Fuyao Islands 福瑶列岛

The seashore viewing area 海滨游览区 includes Qingchuan Bay, large and small scenic spots, with a total area of 8 square kilometers. By boat, you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise, sunset, wind, rain, sunshine, fog, morning and evening on the sea.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
seashore viewing area 海滨游览区

Guoxing Temple Scenic Area 国兴寺 is located in the core area of the Taimu Mountain Scenic Area. In the square of the scenic spot, you can look up to the Couple Peak, the landmark of Mount Taimu, and the 18 Arhat Rocks, a wonder in the peak forest; Walk a few steps along the right footpath to the unique seven-level octagonal solid stone pagoda Lingjia Pagoda 楞伽宝塔 of the Tang Dynasty 唐朝 in China, and the site of Guoxing Temple built in the Qianfu period of the Tang Dynasty.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Couple Peak 夫妻峰

Couple Peak 夫妻峰 is the landmark landscape of Taimu Mountain. The mountain was eroded into a gap by water. The two stone eggs at the top, one high and one low looked like a man and a woman hugging each other.

Folklore activities

The main activities of the Lantern Festival 元宵节 are the lantern party and lantern guessing. Since the ninth day of the first month, the light market has become lively. After the thirteenth day of the first month, almost every household has lanterns hanging in front of their doors.

It was an old custom in Fujian to give lanterns to newly married women during the Lantern Festival. The style of lanterns given varies from place to place, but the purpose is the same: to “add newborn”.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Lantern Festival 元宵节

During the Lantern Festival, some places are called Lantern Mountain 灯山, which is very spectacular. There are also the most popular dragon dance, riddle guessing, and other celebrations. Up to now, the Lantern Festival is still held every year in Fujian, but the candles in the lamps are replaced by electric lights, and the colorful lights flash, showing a charming night scene.

To travel to Taimu Mountain, you can take a flight to Wenzhou or Fuzhou first, and then change to a train or bus.

Taimu Mountain 太姥山
Lantern Mountain 灯山

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