Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩


Chinese Name: 金石滩

English Name: Golden Pebble Beach; Jinshitan

Location: Shenyang, Liaoning

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)


Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

Brief Introduction

Golden Pebble Beach, one of the functional areas in Jinzhou District 金州区, Dalian 大连, is a national scenic spot, a national tourist resort, a national AAAAA tourist attraction, and a national geological park. It was once rated by CNN as one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China.

The land area of Jinshitan is 70.34 square kilometers, and the sea area is 58 square kilometers. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. With a pleasant climate, it has gathered geological wonders of 300 million to 900 million years and has the reputation of “Shenli Sculpture Park” 神力雕塑公园.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

The main scenic spots of Golden Pebble Beach include the Gold Coast 黄金海岸, Jinshi Park 金石园, Binhai Geological Park 滨海地质公园, Jinshi Wax Museum 金石蜡像馆, Life Mystery Museum 生命奥秘博物馆, Discovery Kingdom 发现王国, etc.

In 2012, it was rated as one of the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China by CNN.

In 2014, Jinshitan National Tourism Resort ranked among the “National Ocean Parks” and was ranked among the “2014 Most Beautiful China in Tourism Industry”.

Golden Pebble Beach has become a place where citizens in entertainment, catering, and accommodation.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩 Golden Pebble Beach

What are worth visiting and seeing?


Jinshitan National Tourist Resort is one of the four pilot areas for opening to the outside world in Dalian. It is composed of the eastern peninsula, the western peninsula, and the open hinterland between the two peninsulas, as well as a bathing beach. The rocks that were born in the Sinian period 600 million years ago are scattered along the coastline stretching for 13 li. They are of different shapes and have superb workmanship. They are known as the “Natural Geological Museum” 天然地质博物馆 and “Divine Sculpture Park” by world geologists. The coastline is 30 kilometers long.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Natural Geological Museum 天然地质博物馆

Golden Pebble Beach is rich in tourism resources, including the Dalian Jinshi Wax Museum 大连金石蜡像馆, Life Mystery Museum 生命奥秘博物馆, Stone Culture Expo Park 石文化博览园, Mao Zedong History Collection Museum 毛泽东历史珍藏馆, Ball Curtain Experience Museum, Fantasy Art Experience Museum, Jinshiyuan Park, Chinese Martial Arts Museum, Hunting Ground, Shili Gold Coast, Dalian Mote Art School 大连模特艺术学校, and Film and Television Art Center, Jinwan Golf Club 金湾高尔夫俱乐部, Wanfuding Park 万福鼎公园 The core scenic area of Binhai National Geopark and the Discovery Kingdom theme park.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Dalian Jinshi Wax Museum 大连金石蜡像馆

The land area of Golden Pebble Beach is 62 square kilometers, the sea area is 58 square kilometers, and the coastline is 30 kilometers long. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with four distinct seasons. There is no cold winter, no hot summer, and no siltation or freezing in the sea area. It is a warm temperate semi-humid climate. It has the reputation of “small Jiangnan in the north”, and is an ideal seaside resort in northern China.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

The Jinshitan Stone Culture Expo Park 金石滩石文化博览园 is the largest stone collection museum in China, known as the “Stone City”. It has more than 200 kinds of treasures and nearly 1000 pieces, of which the spray stone, Boshan aragonite, Kunlun colored jade, etc. are among the best in China. It is a common theory of geologists. Jinshitan is known as the “Garden of Strange Stones”. Large areas of pink reefs and golden stones, like huge flowers, are called Rose Garden and Jinshiyuan Garden respectively.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
The Jinshitan Stone Culture Expo Park 金石滩石文化博览园

The pink reef was formed by the accumulation of algae fossils 700 million years ago. The words “Rose Garden” on the stone tablet were written by the wife of Lao She, a famous writer in China. The Rose Garden covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. It is composed of more than 100 strange rocks with a height of tens of feet.

When the tide rises, they are set off by the blue sea water, which looks like flowers blooming very eye-catching. At the ebb of the tide, it is like walking into a dreamlike world with jade-like pebbles. The Golden Stone Garden covers an area of more than 10000 square meters. It was discovered in 1996. Because it is golden, it is called the “Golden Stone Garden”.


Jinshitan, formed in the Sinian period 震旦纪 600 million years ago, is the largest sedimentary rock specimen with the clearest cross-section structure found in the world.

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩 Golden Pebble Beach

Jinshitan East Stone Scenic Area is the most concentrated area of natural stone geological landscape in Jinshitan. There are 88 scenic spots in four major scenic spots. The lifelike rocs spread their wings, turtles look for children, hedgehogs look for food, dinosaurs explore the sea and other strange stone landscapes stand along the coast. They are lifelike and lifelike, and are known as the “solidified animal world”

Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩
Golden Pebble Beach 金石滩

China Dalian Golden Pebble Beach — Sunrise

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