Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions (10th edition)

Name: Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions

Edition: 10th

Author: Lawrence E wineski

Subject: Human Anatomy

Language: English

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer

Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions (10th edition)

Brief Introduction

Anatomy is the science of the structure and function of the body. Clinical anatomy is the study of the macroscopic structure and function of the body as it relates to the practice of medicine and other health sciences.

Snell’s Clinical Anatomy by Regions pairs expert perspectives with a user-friendly approach to deliver a proven learning and teaching resource on the practical application of anatomy.

Ideal for medical, dental, allied health, and nursing programs, this trusted text guides students through the fundamentals of human anatomy, explaining the how and why behind each structure and offering readers the hands-on guidance they need to make sound clinical choices.


  • CHAPTER 1 Introduction
  • CHAPTER 2 The Back
  • CHAPTER 3 Upper Limb
  • CHAPTER 4 Thorax, Part I: Thoracic Wall
  • CHAPTER 5 Thorax, Part II: Thoracic Cavity
  • CHAPTER 6 Abdomen, Part I: Abdominal Wall
  • CHAPTER 7 Abdomen, Part II: Abdominal Cavity
  • CHAPTER 8 Pelvis, Part I: Pelvic Walls
  • CHAPTER 9 Pelvis, Part II: Pelvic Cavity
  • CHAPTER 10 Perineum
  • CHAPTER 11 Lower Limb
  • CHAPTER 12 Head and Neck


Understanding the terms used for describing the structures in different regions of the body is essential for students. Without these terms, describing the composition of the body in a meaningful way is impossible. Clinicians also need these terms so that anatomic abnormalities found on clinical
examination of a patient can be accurately recorded. The accurate use of anatomic terms by medical personnel enables them to communicate with their colleagues both nationally and internationally. With the aid of a medical dictionary, you will find that understanding anatomic terminology rather than memorizing rote nomenclature greatly assists you in the learning process. Without anatomic terms, abnormal functions of joints, the actions of muscles, the alteration of position of organs, or the exact location of swellings or tumors cannot be accurately discussed or recorded.


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