Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉


Chinese Name: 肠粉

English Name: Rice Noodle Roll; Sausage Powder; Vermicelli; Sausage Noodles

Category: Cantonese Cuisine粤菜

Main Ingredients: Rice flour

Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Rice Noodle Roll

Rice Noodle Roll肠粉 is a famous traditional snack of Han nationality汉族 in Guangdong, belonging to Guangdong cuisine. Vermicelli is a must for Guangzhou teahouses, restaurants, morning tea早茶 and night markets晚市. It is also a must for breakfast for many citizens. And it is one of the delicacies in the memory of the people of Guangdong.

Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Beautiful color sausage powder

Rice noodle roll has a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty唐朝, monks Huineng惠能 and Huiji惠积 of Longzhou泷州 (now Luoding City, Guangdong) unintentionally created Youweici油味糍. Because the unintentionally created Youweici is too thin to be divided into pieces like the previous ones, it can only be shoveled into a pile and then cut into sections or not. This is the origin of the practice of sausage noodles, but it was not called sausage noodles at that time. In order to distinguish it from the original Youweici, people called it Youweici tablets油味糍片.

Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Delicious vermicelli

During the reign of Emperor Qianlong乾隆, Emperor Qianlong traveled to the south of the Yangtze River. After listening to the good words of Ji Xiaolan纪晓岚, the Food Minister, he specially went to Luoding罗定 to eat long niche CI龙龛糍. When eating this “cool爽, tender嫩 and smooth滑” long niche Ci, Qianlong was full of praise and said happily, “this Ci is not Ciba糍粑, but a bit like pig intestines. It’s better to call it sausage powder.” Hence its name and spread in Guangdong. At the end of the Qing Dynasty清朝, the streets of Guangzhou were filled with the sound of selling vermicelli.

Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Skin of vermicelli

Sausage powder is divided into salty and sweet. The fillings of salty sausage powder mainly include pork, beef, shrimp, pig liver, etc; The filling of sweet sausage powder is mainly sugar-soaked vegetables and fruits, mixed with fried sesame.

Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Sausage meal containing corn and pork

There are mainly two kinds of sausage powder according to the genre. One is Bula sausage powder布拉肠粉 and the other is drawer-type sausage powder抽屉式肠粉. Due to the different production tools used, the sausage powder is different.

Bula vermicelli is especially famous in Xiguan, Guangzhou. It is mainly used to taste stuffing (most of the vermicelli are made of rice flour and corn starch). Drawer type vermicelli (vermicelli is made of pure rice paste) mainly tastes like the powder and sauce seasoning of vermicelli.

How to make Rice Noodle Roll?


  • 200g rice noodles
  • 600g water
  • 15g shrimp
  • Eight mushrooms
  • Four eggs
  • 100g pork
  • An appropriate amount of lettuce
Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Sausage powder containing fresh shrimp


  • Step 1, Prepare the materials, soak the mushrooms and shrimp first, and chop the pork.
  • Step 2, Fry the shrimps, mushrooms, pork and lettuce in the oil pan respectively, and add some salt. Stir the rice flour evenly with water.
  • Step 3, Prepare two plates, one of which is painted with oil (a little is enough, not too much).
  • Step 4, Pour two tablespoons of rice soup into the oiled plate.
  • Step 5, Pour half a bowl of water into the pot. When the water is half boiled, put the plate containing rice soup into the pot, cover and steam for about two minutes.
  • Step 6, Take out the plate, draw a circle around it with a small scraper, and pour the steamed vermicelli onto another plate.
  • Step 7, Put the meat material on one side of the vermicelli and roll it up in the middle.
  • Step 8, Take a bowl, add 200 grams of water, 20 grams of starch, an appropriate amount of mushrooms, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and an appropriate amount of sesame oil and peanut oil, and the sauce will be ready.
  • Step 9, Put the mixed sauce into the pot, fry it a little, and pour it on the prepared sausage powder.
Rice Noodle Roll 肠粉
Sausage Powder


  • If there is no special iron plate, an ordinary flat porcelain plate can also be used. However, when made with porcelain plates, it is not easy to scrape out the complete shape, but there is no difference in taste.
  • You can buy the special powder of sausage powder directly from the Internet, which is simpler.
  • The plate should be coated with oil because the oil has the function of anti-sticking and enhancing fragrance.

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