Shacha Noodles 沙茶面


Chinese Name: 沙茶面

English Name: Shacha Noodles; Noodles with Satay Sauce

Category: Staple主食

Main Ingredients: Noodles

Shacha Noodles 沙茶面
Shacha noodles

Shacha Noodles沙茶面 is a special delicacy in Southern Fujian, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Chinese Shacha noodles are divided into southern Fujian Shacha, Guangdong Chaoshan Shacha, and other flavors. The beauty lies in the production of Shacha sauce, which is used to make noodle soup.

Fujian福建 was the first coastal area to open to the outside world and one of the main ancestral places of overseas Chinese. There are many imported products in Fujian people’s life, and sand tea is one of them. Sha Cha originated from Malaysia and Indonesia. Tea drinking is popular in Southern Fujian, so the Malay speaking “sate” is translated as the Minnan Sha cha (Satay).

The method of Sha Cha noodles is very simple. Put the alkali water surface into the fence, scald it in a boiling water pot, and take it into a bowl. Then add pig heart, liver, waist, duck tendon, duck blood, large intestine, fresh squid, dried tofu, and other accessories to your taste. Finally, pour the soup that has been boiling into the big pot, and a bowl of noodles can be served within one minute (different practices in different regions).

In Xiamen at the end of the 18th century, at the foot of Putuo Mountain (now South Putuo), there lived a family who fishing for generations. After his father’s early death, his son and mother depended on each other. Unfortunately, a huge wind swept away his fishing son. Since then, his son has not heard from him for ten years. The desperate mother cried blind and lost all her taste buds.

Fortunately, his son was rescued by an Indonesian merchant ship and became a cook on board. He found that Indonesian people like to put a kind of powder called sand tea in cooking meat. The meat cooked in this way is full of color, flavor, and flavor. If he wanted to go home, he must cook such meat for his mother.

Ten years later, the young man finally returned to Xiamen with the ship. After seeing his thin and old mother, his son was heartbroken and decided to be filial to his mother. Although his son took good care of him, his mother still had no taste. One day, he bought his mother’s favorite peanut. Grind the peanuts into powder and add them to the noodles made of bone soup. His mother took a bite and said, “it tastes so light.”

The son was overjoyed and went to get the salt immediately. When he found that the salt was used up, he turned to the sand tea powder brought back from Indonesia. So he used sand tea powder instead of salt to sprinkle some on the noodles. Unexpectedly, while eating noodles, mother said, “what’s this? It’s delicious!” The son leaned close to the bowl of noodles and smelled it. Sure enough, the fragrance overflowed.

From then on, my mother’s sense of taste was restored. Later, in order to make a living, the young people took the cooked Sha Cha noodles to the wharf and exchanged some daily necessities and fish with the fishermen. Gradually, more and more ships docked at the dock for this bowl of famous rural Sha Cha noodles.

Today, this bowl of Shacha noodles, born for filial piety, has become synonymous with Xiamen snacks and is the most distinctive flavor snack in Xiamen pursued by Xiamen people and foreign tourists.

How to make Shacha Noodles?


  • A handful of noodles
  • Two spinach
  • A handful of bean sprouts
  • Five meatballs
  • Five shrimps
  • 2 tablespoons of sand tea sauce
  • 2 grams of salt
  • A spoonful of oil


  • Step 1, Prepare the ingredients and cut the meatballs. Remove the head, shell and line of three shrimps, and leave the other two intact.
  • Step 2, Bring the water to a boil and cook the shrimp for five minutes.
  • Step 3, Heat the oil and add the tea sauce. Pour the boiled shrimp water into the pot with sand tea sauce.
  • Step 4, Put the meatballs in the pot and cook for five minutes, then add an appropriate amount of salt.
  • Step 5, Take another pot to cook noodles. Add them to the bowl after cooking.
  • Step 6, Scald spinach with the water for noodles and then cook bean sprouts.
  • Step 7, Put the noodles, bean sprouts, shrimp and vegetables in a bowl, and then pour the ball soup into the bowl.
Shacha Noodles 沙茶面
Attractive sand tea noodles

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