Roast Suckling Pig 烧乳猪


Chinese Name: 烧乳猪

English Name: Roast Suckling Pig

Category: Cantonese cuisine粤菜

Main Ingredients: Pig

Roast Suckling Pig烤乳猪 is the most famous special dish in Guangzhou, and it is one of the main dishes in the “Manchu Han banquet满汉全席”. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty西周, this dish was listed as one of the “Eight Treasures八珍”, and was then called “Canned Porpoise炮豚”.

Roast suckling pig is also one of the sacrifices that Cantonese have offered to ancestors for many years, and it is a must for every family. After sacrificing ancestors with suckling pigs, relatives will have dinner together.

In China, as early as the Northern and Southern Dynasties南北朝时期, Jia Sixie贾思勰 had recorded the roast suckling pig as an important culinary achievement in Qi Min Yao Shu齐民要术. He wrote: “The color is the same as amber, and it is similar to real gold. When you enter, it will disappear. It is as strong as snow. It contains paste and moistens. It is special and ordinary色同琥珀,又类真金,入口则消,壮若凌雪,含浆膏润,特异凡常也.” More than 1400 years ago, the cooking skills of our country had such profound attainments, which really amazed the world.

During the reign of Kangxi康熙 in the Qing Dynasty清朝, roast suckling pig was a famous dish in the imperial court and became a main dish in the “Manchu Han banquet”. With the popularity of “Manchu and Han Quanxi”, roast suckling pigs have been spread all over the country. In Guangzhou, roast suckling pigs have been popular in the catering industry for a long time and are favored by diners.

Roast suckling pig is made with a suckling pig as the main ingredient. It should be regarded as “white snow in spring阳春白雪” in the old Beijing food dishes. It is a famous dish eaten by the palace’s top officials and rich gentry when they feast. Later, this dish spread to all parts of the country. It is also the most famous specialty dish in Guangzhou. It is a unique dish in the famous Cantonese barbecue at home and abroad.

Before Tomb Sweeping Day清明节, hotels and restaurants all over Guangdong used the roast suckling pig as a signboard for the sale of Tomb Sweeping Day sacrifices, advertising at the gate. The suckling pigs were burnt yellow, which was the most attractive sacrifice in the ancestor worship ceremony.

During Tomb Sweeping Day, a famous restaurant can sell hundreds of roast suckling pigs, each of which weighs about 2 kg to 5 kg. At this time of the year, pig farms all over the country provide piglets to various restaurants to make roast suckling pigs.

How to make Roast Sucking Pig?


  • One suckling pig (3000g)
  • 200g refined salt
  • 100g white sugar
  • 5g star anise powder
  • 10g five-spice powder
  • 25g south milk
  • 25g sesame paste
  • 50g white sugar
  • 5g garlic
  • 25g raw powder
  • 7g Fenjiu
  • the proper amount of sugar


  • Step 1, Slaughter and bleed, remove hair and viscera according to the normal method, and then clean them. Then, split along the spine from the inside of the hip, remove the suet, and remove 3-4 ribs and scapulae from the chest. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and drain off the water. Be careful not to damage the skin to keep the appearance intact; The pig surface must be scraped and cleaned.
  • Step 2, Wash the suckling pig and put it on the workbench. Rub the five-spice powder and salt into the abdominal cavity of the pig and marinate it for about 30 minutes. Then mix the sauce, sufu腐乳, sesame paste, white sugar, chopped garlic, chopped dry onion, chopped onion, monosodium glutamate, raw powder, fenjiu汾酒, and five spice powder, smear them in the belly of the pig and marinate them for about 30 minutes.
  • Step 3, A 40 cm long wooden strip and two 13 cm long wooden strips are used to support the abdominal cavity of the pig, which are tied with iron wires to shape the suckling pig; Then insert 2 steel forks at the front and back of the pig body to facilitate baking.
  • Step 4, Scald the supported suckling pig with 70 ℃ hot water until the skin is hard, and then wipe off the surface moisture. After this step, apply a layer of maltose syrup evenly.
  • Step 5, In order to make the finished product uniform in color and crisp in leather, the quality of the syrup used is highly required. The specific mixing method is to put maltose into a small basin, pour 150g of boiling water, and after it is completely dissolved, add Baijiu and Zhejiang vinegar to mix well, that is, to form a syrup. (Maltose must not be used much during preparation, because it contains sugar and is easy to color in case of heat, resulting in blackening of the finished product.)
  • Step 6, Spread the crisp syrup evenly on the suckling pig skin, hang it in a ventilated place, and dry the skin.
  • Step 7, Use an iron rectangular oven to burn the furnace red, and place the forked suckling pig on the fire. Bake the chest and abdomen for about 20 minutes. Then the whole body of the pig, especially the neck and waist, must be drained with acupuncture. At the same time, it is necessary to brush oil and wipe or smooth the grease that seeps from the body and outside, so as not to flow on the skin or meat and affect the appearance.
  • Step 8, After taking out the roasted suckling pig, brush a layer of sesame oil on the surface while it is hot, which is the finished product.

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