Shaved Ice 刨冰


Chinese Name: 刨冰

English Name: Shaved Ice; Snow Cones

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Ice

Shaved Ice 刨冰
Shaved Ice

Shaved Ice刨冰 is a common cold drink in summer. Shaved ice is made by breaking ice cubes into snowflakes, then pouring condensed milk, syrup, and a variety of fruits or other ingredients. Shaved ice tastes fine, melting slag in the mouth and not much sugar. It has a good cooling effect and won’t feel full if you eat more.

Authentic “shaved ice” is made of ice flakes, if the shaved ice contains ice slag will seriously affect the taste. Shaved ice is very popular in Taiwan, so it has been called “Taiwan shaved ice台湾刨冰”.

Shaved Ice 刨冰
Green shaved ice

Snow cones can be divided into sorbet冰沙, crushed ice碎冰 and shaved ice刨冰 three categories, and must choose the same ingredients ice can be perfect ice, because, in this way, the ice will not melt faster than the ingredients so that the taste can not fuse with each other, lose the role of the ice itself, that is, to maintain the so-called “consistent”.

Shaved Ice 刨冰
Exquisitely shaped shaved ice

Sorbet is the most delicate kind of ice, usually broken with fruit and some raw materials, and eaten with straws, it feels more like drinking a drink.

Snow cones with an ice shaver, the ice is thicker and tastes like solidified cotton. Relatively speaking, snow cones are chewier, generally shaved ice will be poured on some very thick sauce, such as caramel water, red bean paste, peanut paste, sesame paste, and so on. You will experience the soft taste of the snow cones as well as the unique taste.

The largest grains are crushed ice, which can be chewed. The flavor of crushed ice is mainly derived from the seemingly monotonous syrup, caramel syrup, or condensed milk. Eating crushed ice is mainly to eat its full chewy, “bite addiction咬瘾”.

Shaved Ice 刨冰
Delicious shaved ice

Shaved ice has a long history in China. The Chinese have a long tradition of eating ice food. The ice industry also has a long history. In the Tang唐朝 and Song宋朝 dynasties, especially in the Song Dynasty, the royal and folk ice hiding activities were very large. In summer, a large supply of ice is available from the freezer.

Shaved Ice 刨冰
Colorful shaved ice

Folk ice and snow trading is more active, in fact, this also promoted the development and popularity of ice food. There are two ways for people in Tang and Song dynasties to eat ice: one is to drink ice and snow into cold water, that is, a cold drink; The other was to break the ice into smaller cubes, called chilies, the equivalent of shaved ice today. During the Song Dynasty, cold drinks made of ice and snow were quite common and far from rare, at least in the capital.

How to make Shaved Ice?


  • 1 melon
  • 1 ice cream ball
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 80ml water
  • An appropriate amount of mint leaves
Shaved Ice 刨冰
Water-Ice with strawberry


  • Step 1, Cut the melon in half and dig out the pulp and seeds. Don’t throw away the seeds.
  • Step 2, Dig the melon ball with a small spoon and scrape the remaining pulp into the cup of the blender with a spoon.
  • Step 3, Add sugar and some water into the blender and beat it into juice at high speed
  • Step 4, Sift the melon seeds to filter out the juice, sift the beaten melon juice together, mix and freeze into melon ice.
  • Step 5, Take out the frozen melon ice and put it into the ice planer to make a smoothie. Remember to use the peel of melon as a bowl below.
  • Step 6, Put on the melon ball you dug before.
  • Step 7, Decorate it with ice cream balls and mint leaves, and it’s done!
Shaved Ice 刨冰
Water-Ice with chocolate


  • If there is excess foam on the surface of melon juice, you can skim some first.
  • The mold used is the icebox mold of the small ball ice planer, which can hold about 450ml of liquid.
  • Frozen ice takes a long time, at least more than 6 hours. You can prepare it one day in advance.
  • You can put half of the melon balls when half of the ice is planned, and then decorate the remaining balls after all the ice is planned.

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