Qianshan mountain 千山


Chinese Name: 千山

English Name: Qianshan mountain; Mount Qian

Location: Liaoning

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Website: http://qsfjmsq.anshan.gov.cn/

Qianshan mountain 千山
Qianshan Mountain 千山

Brief Introduction

Qianshan Mountain is located 17 kilometers southeast of Tiedong District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province, with a total area of 125 square kilometers, Qianshan was first formed 3.8 billion years ago, and the highest peak, Xianrentai 仙人台, is 708.5 meters above sea level. Because there are 999 mountain peaks in the legend, looking at the green lotus from afar, it is also called a thousand lotus mountains, referred to as a thousand mountains. Qianshan belongs to the remnants of Changbai Mountain 长白山, known as the “Pearl of Northeast China”.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Autumn leaves on Qianshan Mountain

Qianshan Mountain is composed of nearly a thousand strange peaks that resemble lotus flowers, and the natural scenery is very beautiful. Although it does not have the majesty of Wuyue五岳 it has the magnificence of a thousand peaks, and with a unique group heroic posture, like an endless natural picture, it is displayed on the land of Liaodong.

Qianshan is the first batch of “National Scenic Spots”, “National 5A-level Tourist Attractions” and the first batch of “National Civilized Scenic Tourism Areas” announced by the State Council.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Qianshan Mountain 千山

What are worth visiting and seeing?

Geographical environment

Qianshan Mountain, with peaks, pine trees on the rocks, ancient temples, and pear blossoms makes up four major landscapes. The natural terrain is divided into four scenic spots: north, central, south, and west. It includes 20 small scenic spots and 228 scenic spots, distributed in several valleys. With beautiful scenery and different seasons, it is a scenic tourist attraction that integrates temples and gardens on a mountain. In the middle of summer, the climate is extremely cool and the air is particularly fresh, so a summer vacation in the Thousand Mountains is definitely a smart choice.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Rock pine

Qianshan not only attracts many tourists with its beautiful style but also is suitable for photography enthusiasts who are obsessed with natural mountains and waters, pine, and blue flowers to engage in creation all year round.

In The Thousand Mountains in May, there are pear blossoms blooming everywhere, and the fragrance of flowers comes to the heart in the tender green bushes. In the early summer of June, in Qianshan Mountain, the waves of pines, and the shadows of the trees seem to be staging a green round dance, giving people a harmonious and beautiful feeling.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Qianshan Mountain 千山


Xianrentai仙人台, also known as Guanyin Peak观音峰, named after the legend of the becoming a god and returning as a crane by Ding Lingwei 丁令威, is located at the top of the mountains in the southern tourist area, among the temples of Da’an 大安, Zhonghui 中会, Xiangyan Temple 香岩寺, which is the highest peak that is most suitable for watching the sunrise.

Xianrentai peak is strange and dangerous, the peak head is like a snake’s back, more than 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, the west end of the peak, plucked up a huge stone pillar, in a four-sided shape, 7 meters high, about 20 meters in diameter, from the east slightly north inclined, shaped like a goose head, so commonly known as goose head peak鹅头峰. The three sides of the southwest, south, and north are cliff abysses, and only the east side is feasible.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Xianrentai 仙人台

Located in the northern part of the Qianshan Scenic Area, the Qianshan Maitreya Buddha 弥勒佛 (Stone Buddha) is one of the largest stone Buddhas in the country created by nature. Buddha statue height of 70 meters, body width of 46 meters, the head height of 9.9 meters, head width of 11.8 meters, ear length of 4.8 meters, sitting on the mountain, looking like Maitreya, the image is realistic, the look is cute, lifelike, sitting in the middle of a thousand lotus flowers, adding mysterious color to Qianshan mountain.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Maitreya 弥勒大佛

TianshangTian 天上天 Scenic Area is located in the north of the Qianshan Scenic Area, from the main gate of the Qianshan Mountains in the east to the top of the Five Buddhas in the west, with an area of about 5 square kilometers and an altitude of 450-550 meters, which is the second highest ridge of the Qianshan Mountains, known for peaks, stones, and pines.

By way of the ropeway, you can safely and quickly reach the main peak of the sky and enjoy the beautiful scenery of a thousand mountains. The Tianshangtian Scenic Area has the only shrine in the country and the folk god of joy喜神, the god of wealth财神, the three stars三星 (Fu福, Lu禄, Shou寿), the Wenchang Emperor 文昌帝君 and other folk gods as the main shrine, the temple of wealth财神殿, and the Wenchang Pavilion文昌阁.

Qianshan mountain 千山
Qianshan Mountain 千山

The Qianshan Mountain Birds Park is surrounded by mountains and birds singing in unison, and the birds in the park are fully displayed. It is a unique scenic spot in a thousand mountains and the largest bird-speaking world in Asia, providing you with a sacred place for nature, leisure, viewing, and visiting for you to feel the emotions of people and nature, people and birds.

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