OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区


Chinese Name: 华侨城旅游区

English Name: OCT Resort; OCT Travel and Resort Area

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)

Website: https://octeast.smartoct.com/pc

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区

Brief Introduction

OCT Resort is the latest generation of a large-scale theme park in China built in 1997.

OCT Resort was built by OCT Group in 2003. Based on the development concept of “ecological dream making and cultural city making”, with the purpose of “letting urban people return to nature”, it fully integrates multiple elements such as “people and nature, East and West, modern and traditional, performance and landscape, tourism and Buddhism“, and finally took shape in 2007, providing an all-round experience of natural ecology Foreign cultural leisure resort.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区

In the same year, OCT East won the honorary title of the first “National Ecotourism Demonstration Zone” jointly awarded by the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

From July 7 to August 25, 2012, OCT East launched the International Acrobatic Festival.

The OCT Resort has a subtropical monsoon climate, with long summer and short winter. The climate is mild, with ample sunshine and rainfall. The annual average temperature is 23.0 ℃, the historical extreme maximum temperature is 38.7 ℃, and the historical extreme minimum temperature is 0.2 ℃; The average temperature in January is the lowest, with an average of 15.4 ℃, and in July is the highest, with an average of 28.9 ℃.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区

What are worth visiting and seeing?


Splendid China 锦绣中华 is the largest and most abundant live miniature scenic spot in the world. The feature of this scenic spot is “one step into history, one day traveling all over China”. Nearly 100 scenic spots in the park are roughly distributed according to China’s regional map, which is the epitome of China’s natural scenery and cultural history.

OCT Tourist Resort is located in Dameisha 大梅沙, Shenzhen 深圳, China, covering an area of nearly 9 square kilometers. The longitude of OCT Tourist Resort is 114.27 ‘, and the latitude is 22.63’.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
Splendid China 锦绣中华

The Folk Culture Village 民俗文化村 in OCT Resort is the first large-scale cultural tourist attraction in China that gathers folk art, folk customs, and residential buildings of all ethnic groups in one park. It contains 25 villages of 22 ethnic groups. Through various ways such as ethnic customs performance, folk handicraft displays, regular large-scale folk festivals, etc., it shows the authentic, rich, and colorful folk customs and folk culture of all ethnic groups in China from multiple angles and sides.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
The Folk Culture Village 民俗文化村

The window of the World 世界之窗 is a large-scale cultural tourist attraction with the theme of promoting the essence of world culture. The window of the World gathers the essence of human civilization for thousands of years: more than 130 scenic spots, including historical sites, scenic spots, natural scenery, world wonders, folk houses, sculptures, etc., including garden art, folk customs, folk songs and dances, large-scale performances, and high-tech participatory entertainment projects.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
The window of the World 世界之窗

With a beautiful environment, OCT Resort is a tourist city with cultural tourism as its main feature. Every year, more than ten cultural festivals are held, such as “OCT Tourism Carnival”, “Water-Sprinkling Festival 泼水节“, “International Beer Festival”, “Maya Carnival 玛雅狂欢节”, and “Urban Modern Sculpture Art Exhibition”. Every night, large-scale song and dance parties such as “Oriental Nishang”, “Dragon and Phoenix Dance in China”, “Genesis”, “Cross the Century”, and “Magic Light” are staged at the Window of the World, Folk Village, and Happy Valley.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
Water-Sprinkling Festival 泼水节

The first mountain and sea holiday festival with the theme of “Grassland Scenery and Riding 草原风情乌兰牧骑” has been created in the OCT Tourist Resort in the east of Shenzhen, so that tourists can feel the grassland customs at a close distance without leaving Shenzhen; Shenzhen Window of the World planned the all-weather music carnival of “WOW Chaoyin Carnival” with the theme of electronic sound.

Tourist guide

Bus: The first urban elevated sightseeing trunk line in China — Happy Trunk Line, with a total length of 3.88 kilometers, can be taken many times on the day of ticket purchase, allowing you to look down on various tourist attractions in a bright and comfortable carriage, and realize your dream of enjoying the beautiful scenery of OCT in one day. There are comfortable Pengyun sightseeing buses 鹏运观光巴士 directly to Happy Valley at Luohu Railway Station 罗湖火车站. Take the following buses to the Window of the World Station and walk for 3 minutes to Happy Valley 欢乐谷.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区

Self-driving: The expressway extends in all directions, and the highway traffic is one of the most developed provinces in China. Guangdong 广东 is adjacent to Hong Kong 香港 and Macao 澳门. A complete transportation system has been formed between the three cities. There are direct trains, buses, and ships leaving every hour, which is convenient and fast.

OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区
OCT Resort 华侨城旅游区

OCT East Shenzhen – Adventures Into the Deep – Chinese – Falcon’s Treehouse

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