Mount Tianzhu 天柱山


Chinese Name: 天柱山

English Name: Mount Tianzhu; Tianzhu Mountain; Tianzhushan; Qianshan Mountain

Location: Anhui

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)


Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Mount Tianzhu 天柱山

Brief Introduction

Mount Tianzhu, a mountain in the west of Anqing City 安庆, Anhui Province 安徽省, is also known as Qianshan Mountain 潜山, Wanshan Mountain 皖山 (the abbreviation of Anhui Province is “Wan”), Wansui Mountain 万岁山, Wanshan Mountain 万山, etc. It is an integral part (or residual vein) of the east extension of the Dabie Mountains 大别山脉. Generally, it refers to the mountains with its main peak Tianzhu Peak as the center of Qianshan City, and sometimes also refers to its main peak Tianzhu Peak. According to the aerial survey in 1980, the elevation of the main peak was 1488.4 meters. In 2008, the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping re-measured it as 1489.8 meters.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Mount Tianzhu 天柱山

Tianzhu Mountain presents strange peaks, strange rocks, secluded caves, canyons, and other natural landscapes. It is famous for its majesty, wonder, spirit, and beauty. Tianzhu Mountain has luxuriant vegetation, with a forest coverage rate of up to 97%, and the negative oxygen ion is three times the national highest Class I standard.

Mount Tianzhu has the only ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belt in China, the largest exposed area, and the deepest exposure in the world. It is also known by geologists as the most beautiful granite landform in the world and the “leaker of the earth”, especially for its landforms of collapse heaps. Writers describe it as a “mountain jungle” and “stone palace”.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Mount Tianzhu 天柱山

Mount Tianzhu is one of the three famous mountains in Anhui Province (Huangshan Mountain 黄山, Jiuhua Mountain 九华山, and Tianzhu Mountain) due to its unique natural landscape. As early as the time of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty 汉武帝, it was named “Nanyue 南岳”, and there were cultural activities in all dynasties. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it has been developed into Anqing Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area, which has successively won the titles of National Key Scenic Area, National Natural and Cultural Heritage, National Forest Park, National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, etc.

What are worth visiting and seeing?


Tianzhu Peak 天柱峰, the main peak for short. In 2008, the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping re-measured 1489.8 meters. According to the aerial survey in 1980, the elevation of the main peak is 1488.4 meters. Tianzhu Peak is in the deep mountain about 30 kilometers west of Qianshan City. It is recorded in the Historical Records 史记 and the History of the Han Dynasty 汉书. It seems to be separated from the surrounding hills but connected with each other. It has been pulled up for more than 500 meters like a bamboo shoot.

Huafeng 花峰, in the main peak area, is close to the southwest of Tianzhu Peak, with an altitude of 1380 meters. There are strange rocks overlapping and cracking on the peak, such as chrysanthemum petals, so it is named. If you stare at it for a long time, it will magically look like petals fluttering in the breeze. Adjacent to Tianzhu Peak, the two sides of the cliff are like sharp swords. The cracks are deep and even, and the bottom faces a ravine, which is extremely steep.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Mount Tianzhu 天柱山

Tianchi Peak 天池峰, in the main peak area, is about 500 meters south of Tianzhu Peak, with an altitude of 1426 meters. The top of the peak is a huge ochre rock, with two deep cracks that cannot be seen from the bottom. The width of the crack is about one meter. The predecessors only built two pieces of stone as a bridge, just like the stone beams on the roof. They called it the Bridge of Crossing the Immortals. Because there was cold air rushing up when there was no wind in the gap, it was named because it was immortal.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Tianchi Peak 天池峰

Feilai Peak 飞来峰, in the main peak area, is 1424 meters above sea level, with a relative height of more than 400 meters. On the top of the peak, there are big rocks lying horizontally, like a hat, like a cow sleeping, like a tiger lying. According to the legend of villagers, the peak kept growing. The immortals passed by and took pictures of huge rocks to suppress their growth. On three sides of the Feilai Peak, the cliff is cut, but on the north, the rope is suspended. The Feilai Peak, which is very similar to the figure of Anhui Province today, is indeed a wonder.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Feilai Peak 飞来峰

Historical culture

The location of Mount Tianzhu is very important, and it has always been a place of war. At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Liu Yuan 刘源, the leader of the righteous soldiers, formed a stronghold in Xiguan, defeated the Yuan army many times, and fought for 18 years.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Qianshan Mountain 潜山

Chen Yucheng 陈玉成, a young general of the Taiping Army, led his troops in the Tianzhu Mountain Area and fought with the Qing troops for many years. During the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation, guerrillas led by the Communist Party were active in Tianzhu Mountain.

Mount Tianzhu 天柱山
Mount Tianzhu 天柱山

A sea of clouds sweeps E China’s Tianzhu Mountain

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