Mount Luofu 罗浮山


Chinese Name: 罗浮山

English Name: Mount Luofu; Luofu Mountain; Luo Fu Shan

Location: Guangdong

Type: Ancient culture and art

Rating Level: AAAAA (5A)


Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

Brief Introduction

Mount Luofu is located in the south-central part of Lingnan, adjacent to Daya Bay 大亚湾 in the South China Sea 南海 and Huizhou West Lake 惠州西湖. Luofu Mountain covers an area of more than 214 square kilometers, with 432 mountains and peaks, more than 980 waterfalls and springs, 18 wonders of the cave, and 72 secluded rocks. It attracts countless famous celebrities and tourists from ancient and modern times with its magnificent mountains, lush and evergreen vegetation, tall and ancient forests, and extraordinary and refined features of the immortal cave.

Lu Jia 陆贾, Xie Lingyun 谢灵运, Li Bai 李白, and other poets of previous dynasties have left classical prose and poems. There are many legends about Luofu Mountain. It is magical and secluded. It is romantic in China.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

Mount Luofu is known as the ancestor of hundreds of Guangdong mountains and Penglai Wonderland. This rare “Fengshui Treasure Land” is a perfect place for leisure, vacation, health preservation, disaster relief, business negotiation, and sightseeing. It is a national scenic spot. In December 2013, it was rated as a national AAAAA tourist attraction.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

What are worth visiting and seeing?


The highest peak of Mount Luofu is Feiyun Peak 飞云顶 of Mount Luofu, 1296 meters above sea level, followed by the upper boundary peak of Fushan Mountain, 1276 meters above sea level.

The flying cloud top is sharp and round. It looks around and reaches the cave. The clouds often rise. Not far to the east of the mountaintop, the valley is full of miscellaneous trees. There is the former site of Ziri Pavilion 紫日亭 built by Zhao Ruyu 赵汝驭 of the Song Dynasty, which is the best place to climb the Feiyun Peak and watch the sunrise. The top of Mount Luodfu is a grassland of about 100 square meters, with dense flowers and herbs. Looking from the Feiyun Peak, four hundred peaks and ridges loomed in the sea of clouds, just as the predecessors called “four hundred peaks and ridges in the sea of clouds”.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Feiyun Peak 飞云顶

Baishili Waterfall 白石漓瀑布 is the most spectacular waterfall in Lingnan, which is hidden at the end of the Great Pit in the Peach Garden 桃子园. The huge stone wall stands thousands of feet, and the two banks are surrounded by huge vines and shrubs. The next day, the stone atmosphere is dense. The waterfall flew down from the 87-meter-high cliff, and the rocks fell into three folds. Flying in the sky, like the Milky Way falling into the sky, the white rainbow drinks from the stream. The water is angry and scattered into smoke. It is empty and rumbling. A hundred paces away, your clothes are wet. The natives call it upper, middle, and lower water.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Waterfall 瀑布

Zhu Ming Cave Scenic Area 朱明洞 is surrounded by Xiangshan Mountain 象山, Shishan Mountain 狮山, Meihua Mountain 梅花山, and Mashan Mountain 马山. The cave is covered with green trees and 90% vegetation coverage. There are seven small caves in the cave, including Taoyuan Cave桃源洞, Penglai Cave 蓬莱洞, Butterfly Cave 蝴蝶洞, Qingxia Cave 青霞洞, Liangyi Cave 两仪洞, Quanyuan Cave 泉源洞, and Plum Blossom Cave 梅花洞. There are many inscriptions on stone.

Inside the cave are Chongxu Ancient Temple 冲虚古观, Zhu Ming Pavilion 朱明洞; There are also Yilu Pavilion 遗履轩, immortal’s couch 仙人卧榻, flying stone, Penglai Path, medicine washing pool, alchemy stove, Marshal Building 元帅楼, White Lotus Pool, Huixian Bridge 会仙桥 and other places of interest.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Zhu Ming Cave Scenic Area 朱明洞

The quadrangle 四合院 is a kind of traditional Chinese courtyard building, its pattern is a courtyard built on four sides of the house, usually composed of the main room, the east and west wing rooms, and the inverted seat room, from the four sides of the courtyard enclosed in the middle, so the name of the courtyard.

Shanxi is one of the “nine frontier provinces” and has had frequent wars since ancient times. Large merchants pay special attention to the safety of their homes. Defensiveness is emphasized in Shanxi residences: the closed appearance of the courtyard shows the vigilance of the outside world, and the outer walls of the Courtyard of Shanxi Residential Buildings are all gray clear-water brick walls, with simple and single colors, and the appearance is high and closed. But the interior is beautifully gorgeous. Although the houses are unified but not monotonous, rich but not messy, and delicate but not trivial.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

Historical culture

Taoism 道教 and Buddhism 佛教 are flourishing together in Luofu Mountain, which is rare among the famous mountains in China. It is appropriate for Boluo County Party Committee and People’s Government to focus on building Luofu Mountain as a religious tourist resort.

Apart from Taoism and Buddhism, Confucianism 儒家 is also very developed in Luofu Mountain. In Luofu Mountain, there were the official Yuzhang Academy 豫章书院 and Jingguan Academy 静观书院 in the Southern Song Dynasty. Confucianism is also an important part of Luofu culture, which cannot be ignored.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Premier Zhou Enlai 周恩来 went to Mount Luofu in person to give specific instructions on the construction of Mount Luofu. Premier Zhou explicitly instructed to protect the Chongxu Ancient Temple, so that this 1600-year-old ancient building can be preserved. In addition, seven marshals, including Ye Jianying 叶剑英 and Chen Yi 陈毅, among the top ten marshals of New China, have visited Luofu Mountain, making the famous mountain more beautiful.

Mount Luofu 罗浮山
Mount Luofu 罗浮山

Climbing Luofu Mountain in Southern China 罗浮山

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