Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉


Chinese Name: 锅包肉

English Name: Fried Pork in Scoop; Guobaorou; Pot Wrapped Pork

Category: Dongbei cuisine东北菜

Main Ingredients: Pork

Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Fried Pork in Scoop

Fried pork in scoop锅包肉, formerly known as pot fried pork锅爆肉, was created by Zheng Xingwen郑兴文, the chef of Du Xueying杜学瀛, the governor of Dakota Mansion in Harbin during the reign of Guangxu. This dish is golden in color and tastes sweet and sour.

In 2022, Harbin Fried pork in scoop was included in the National Food List of Landmarks.

Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Fried pork in scoop with Beautiful Colors

In the Qing Dynasty清朝, Zheng Xingwen, the flag bearer, came to Beijing with his father at the age of 6. He gradually became interested in cooking, and later paid tribute to Chen Caibao陈才保, the successor of Huaiyang cuisine淮扬菜. In 1907, Zheng Xingwen went to Harbin Binjiang Road Yamen to serve as an official chef and prepare meals for Du Xueying in Dakota.

Foreign guests, especially Russian guests, are often entertained in Daotai Mansion. Because foreigners like sweet and sour tastes. Du Xueying ordered the chef to change the taste of the dishes. Zheng Xingwen changed the original salty and fresh taste of “burnt pork sticks焦烧肉条” into sour and sweet dishes, which made Harbin the origin of pot stuffed pork.

Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Close-up shooting of Fried pork in scoop

This dish is very popular with Russian guests. They always order this dish for each meal. Because of the quick frying, the iron pot is heated, and the juice is poured into the pot and soaked into the meat, so it is named “pot fried meat锅爆肉”. The Russians pronounce the “fried爆” sound as “bao包”. After a long time, “fried meat in a pot” will become “steamed meat in a pot”.

Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Delicious Potted Pork

Before the Xi’an Incident, the three eastern provinces were under the jurisdiction of the Zhang family. Many dishes in Daotai Mansion were forbidden and private. After Japan occupied Heilongjiang, some folk crafts and food recipes gradually flowed out, and pot-stuffed pork began to spread in Harbin and outside. Liaoning people have transformed the pot stuffed pork, and the last step is to use tomato sauce or tomato sauce, which looks like the “cherry meat樱桃肉” in Harbin, reducing the original crispy and golden color of pot stuffed pork.

Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
double cooked pork slices

In 2014, Harbin’s century-old dish “Fried pork in scoop锅包肉” appeared in the restaurant where it was “born” with three Q versions of “Chef Zheng郑大厨”, “Du Daotai杜道台” and “Vassili瓦西里”. This local famous dish has its own promotional image for the first time.

The three Q version images are based on Zheng Xingwen, the founder of “Fried pork in the scoop”, Du Xueying, the first Taoist priest in the Taoist Mansion, and the Russian image. They are presented in cartoon form, lively and exciting.

A Q version promotion image was designed for Guobaorou, aiming to show the profound historical and cultural connotation of this famous dish and reproduce the era background of Guobaorou.

How to make Fried Pork in Scoop?


  • 300g pork loin
  • An egg
  • A little shredded carrot
  • Some coriander
  • 10 g salt
  • A spoonful of cooking wine
  • 100g starch
  • 60g sugar
  • 90g white vinegar
  • 10g rice vinegar
  • Appropriate amount of shredded scallions
  • Shredded ginger and chopped garlic
Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Attractive Steamed Pork in Pot


  • Step 1, Mix sauce: 60g sugar, 90g white vinegar, 10g rice vinegar, and 3g salt into the sauce.
  • Step 2, Heat the oil pan to 160 ° C (take a drop of batter and drop it into the oil, which indicates that it has reached the frying temperature after floating), and fry the meat slices for about 3 minutes until they change color, remove and cool down; The same method is used to re fry for the second time. When it turns slightly yellow, remove it and cool it; When frying for the third time, heat the oil to 180 ° C, and finally fry it until golden brown, remove it for standby.
  • Step 3, In a hot pot, add cold oil, add some shredded spring onion, ginger, and garlic, and stir fry until fragrant, add a little shredded carrot and the sauce in the second step, stir fry for a while over medium heat, and when the juice becomes thick, stir fry the fried meat slices evenly.
  • Step 4, Serve the dishes, sprinkle a few pieces of coriander, and the pot stuffed pork is finished.
Fried Pork in Scoop 锅包肉
Steamed Pork in Pot


  • Beans and pork should not be eaten together, because the phytic acid content in beans is very high, and it often forms a complex with protein and mineral elements, which affects the availability of both and reduces the utilization efficiency; It is also because beans combine with minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc in meat such as lean meat and fish, thus interfering with and reducing the absorption of these elements by the human body.

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