Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉


Chinese Name: 过油肉

English Name: Fried Boiled Pork; Oiled pork; Guoyourou; Greasy meat

Category: Shanxi cuisine晋菜

Main Ingredients: Pork

Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Fried Boiled Pork

Fried Boiled Pork过油肉 is a traditional Chinese dish. It is found in Shanxi山西, Jiangsu江苏, Shanghai上海, and Zhejiang浙江. It is different from others in terms of material selection and production. Shanxi once-cooked pork is more famous and has strong local characteristics of Shanxi. Shanxi once oily meat originated from Pingding, a famous city in the east of Shanxi Province in the Ming Dynasty明代 (today’s Pingding County平定县, Yangquan, Shanxi Province), and its practices vary from place to place.

On September 10, 2018, “Chinese Cuisine” was officially released, and “Shanxi Oily Pork” was rated as one of the top ten classic famous dishes in Shanxi. In June 2022, “Shanxi Oily Pork” was rated as one of the top ten Jincai dishes.

Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Steamed meat

Oiled pork is the most famous traditional dish in Shanxi Province. It has been carefully cooked by generations of chefs and handed down to this day. It is known as “San Jin Yi Wei三晋一味”. There are many explanations for its origin and different practices in different places. The more famous ones are the greasy meat in Datong大同, Taiyuan太原, Yangquan阳泉, and Jincheng晋城, and the “rice greasy meat大米过油肉” in Jincheng. It is characterized by a lot of soup and water. It can be a wonder to eat it together with rice just out of the pot.

Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Pretty oily meat

Guoyourou is a famous official dish, which later spread to Taiyuan and gradually spread to Shanxi. Through the improvement of chefs in past dynasties, this dish has reached a relatively perfect level. Because Shanxi “once greasy meat” has its unique features from the selection of ingredients to knife cutting, from pickling to cooking, especially in the use of seasoning, which obviously reflects the local flavor characteristics of Shanxi. Shanxi people are very jealous. They are very particular about the use of vinegar in cooking. The use of vinegar in this dish is an example.

Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Oiled meat with fungus

Since the market economy, all restaurants and restaurants that operate Shanxi cuisine have had the dish of oily meat. However, perhaps for some purpose, some restaurants have transformed oily meat into a variety of different types, and have derived a variety of series of oily meat, such as cabbage oily meat, pepper oily meat, spicy oily meat, and so on.

In order to meet the needs of diners, various restaurants have mixed fried meat with onions, garlic stems, dry red peppers, soybean sprouts… Over time, traditional fried meat has been hard to find. In fact, we should work hard on the selection of ingredients, side dishes, and cooking of greasy meat, so as to highlight the strong local characteristics of Shanxi.

Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Attractive greasy meat

Shanxi fried pork is said to be the golden dish of the first national cooking competition. In addition to the selected lean meat that has been starched and fried with natural black fungus, mushrooms, and winter bamboo shoots, there is also Taiwan mushroom fried pork (Tai mushroom台蘑, short for mushrooms produced in Wutai Mountain, is a highly nutritious edible fungus, also known as “smallpox天花菜”).

In February 1957, the city catering company organized an expert review to rank the oily meat made by famous chef Wu Wanku吴万库 as one of the top ten famous foods in Taiyuan. Later, several famous chefs, such as Zhang Dianhua张殿华, Bai Baoshan白宝山, and Fang Mingsuo方明锁, participated in the cooking competition of the whole city, the whole province, and the whole country and won the gold medal.

How to make Fried Boiled Pork?


  • 200g lean pork
  • 5g garlic cloves
  • 20g canned winter bamboo shoots
  • 2.5g yellow sauce
  • 15 grams of blistered agaric
  • 2.5g balsamic vinegar
  • 25g cucumber
  • 5g pepper water
  • 5g clean scallion
  • 15g soy sauce
  • 2.5g fresh ginger
  • 2 g salt
  • 5g Shaoxing wine
  • 85 g wet starch
  • 2.5g monosodium glutamate
  • 2 eggs
  • 15 g sesame oil
  • 50g chicken soup
  • 500g cooked lard
Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Delicious fried meat


  • Step 1, Remove the thin film, white tendons, and fat from the pork, place it horizontally on the cutting board, and cut it into oblique square pieces.
  • Step 2, Cut the winter bamboo shoots and cucumbers into slices the same size as the meat; Cut the agaric into smaller pieces; Cut the onions into large slices of green beans; Peel and chop the ginger; Remove the stalks and cut into thin slices.
  • Step 3, Put the sliced meat into a bowl, add yellow sauce, pepper water, soy sauce (5g), and salt, mix well and marinate for 8 hours.
  • Step 4, Boil the winter bamboo shoots, then cool them in clear water and put them in a small bowl. Add agaric, sliced cucumber, chicken soup, Shaoxing wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce (10g), and wet starch (10g) to make the sauce.
  • Step 5, Take a frying pan and put it on a high fire. When the lard is 50% hot, put the soaked meat slices into it. Quickly stir them with chopsticks. After about 5-6 seconds, pour the meat slices into the colander to drain the oil. Add lard (15g) into the frying pan, stir up the ginger, onion slices, and garlic slices, put the meat slices with oil in the frying pan, cook with vinegar, pour in the mixed juice, stir well, and pour lard (15g).
Fried Boiled Pork 过油肉
Fat pork with rich side dishes

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