Foshan 佛山


Chinese Name: 佛山

English Name: Foshan; Fatshan

Other Name: Chancheng 禅城

Abbreviation: 禅 Chan

Zip Code: 44 06 00

Population: 9.499 million

Foshan 佛山
Foshan 佛山

Brief Introduction

Foshan 佛山 is a prefecture-level city and megacity in Guangdong Province. It is an important manufacturing base in China, a west wing economic and trade center, and a comprehensive transportation hub in the Pearl River Delta region as determined by The State Council.

Foshan is located in the middle of Guangdong province, the pearl river delta hinterland, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, in the east of Guangzhou, south of Zhongshan, and Guangzhou constitute the “Guangfo metropolitan circle” 广佛都市圈, is one of the pearl river delta cities, a big bay area important node of Guangdong city 粤港澳大湾区, ” Guangfo Zhao economic circle”, “Pearl river – Xijiang economic belt” important constituent, is one of the most developed areas of the private economy, Guangdong province is in a leading position in economic development.

Foshan has jurisdiction over 5 districts with an administrative area of 3797.72 square kilometers. The permanent population of Foshan is 9,498,863. In 2021, Foshan will achieve a GDP of 1,215.654 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Foshan

Foshan, with its dense river network and beautiful ecological environment, is a unique Lingnan water town 岭南水乡. Among them, the Ancestral Temple in Foshan, built during the fertile years of the Song and Yuan Dynasties (1078-1085) 宋元丰年间 is known as the “Palace of Oriental Art” 东方艺术之宫, integrating ancient ceramics, wood carving, casting, and architecture.

In addition to the famous eight scenic spots of Foshan 佛山八景, There are Lingnan Tiandi (Donghuali), the former residence of Kang Youwei 康有为故居, Baolin Temple, Lubao Ancestral Temple (Xujiang Ancestral Temple of Sanshui Lubao), Daqitou ancient village, Huang Feihong Memorial Hall, Bruce Lee Memorial Hall, and other cultural attractions.

Foshan 佛山
Sanshui Lotus World 三水荷花世界

Eight new views of Foshan

  • Ancestral Temple of Foshan 佛山祖庙
  • Xi Qiao Mountain 西樵山
  • Qingfeng ancient stove 南风古灶
  • Qinghui Garden 清晖园
  • Zao Mu mountain 皂幕山
  • Nan Gou Taoyuan 南国桃园
  • Chen Village Flower World 陈村花卉世界
  • Sanshui Lotus World 三水荷花世界

Famous Universities in Foshan

By the end of 2019, Foshan has 13 institutions of higher learning, 60 senior high schools, 152 junior high schools, 417 primary schools, and 101,615 kindergartens. The enrollment rate 入学率 of school-age children is 100%, that of primary school graduates is 100%, that of middle school graduates is 99.57%, and that of ordinary high schools is 97.79%.

Foshan 佛山
Foshan Institute of Science and Technology 佛山科技学院

List of universities and colleges in Foshan

  • Nanhai Campus of South China Normal University 华南师范大学南海校区
  • Shunde Campus of Southern Medical University 南方医科大学顺德校区
  • Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, Foshan Sanshui Campus 广东财经大学佛山三水校区
  • Foshan Institute of Science and Technology 佛山科技学院
  • Guangdong Neusoft University 广东东软学院
  • Nanhai Campus of Guangdong Polytechnic of Light Industry 广东轻工职业技术学院南海校区
  • Guangdong Polytechnic college 广东职业技术学院
  • Guangdong Vocational College of Environmental Protection Engineering 广东环境保护工程职业学院
  • Guangdong Polytechnic Vocational School Nanhai Campus 广东理工职业学校南海校区
  • Foshan vocational and technical college 佛山职业技术学院
  • Shunde vocational and technical college 顺德职业技术学院

Diet of Foshan

Foshan is the “hometown of delicious food” in the Pearl River Delta 珠江三角洲, one of the birthplaces of Cantonese cuisine 广府菜, which belongs to Guangdong cuisine 粤菜, with rich materials, fine materials, excellent skills, clear but not light, fresh but not good, tender but not raw, oil but not greasy.

Foshan cuisine is good at stir-frying, requiring the mastery of heat and oil temperature, but also compatible with many western dishes, pay attention to the momentum of the dish and grade. Foshan Shunde 佛山顺德 has been awarded the title of “Gastronomic City” by UNESCO 联合国教科文组织.

Foshan 佛山
Double-Layer Steamed Milk Custard 双皮奶

List of Specialty snacks in Foshan

  • Foshan pig’s feet 佛山扎蹄
  • Foshan sesame seed cake 佛山公芝麻饼
  • Daliang pheasant roll 大良野鸡卷
  • Da Liang Bengsha 大良磞砂
  • Daliang ginger juice and milk 大良姜汁撞奶
  • Fried milk 炸牛奶
  • Double-Layer Steamed Milk Custard 双皮奶
  • Little chicken pie 小凤饼
  • South Sea sashimi 南海鱼生
  • Taifook cake 大福饼
  • Jiujiang Fried heap 九江煎堆
  • Sanshui paparazzi duck 三水狗仔鸭
  • Crystal dumplings 水晶饺
  • Carrot steamed cake 甘笋蒸饼
  • Foshan nine-layer cake 佛山九层糕
  • Shiwan preserved fish 石湾鱼脯
  • Foshan Zhuhou sauce 佛山柱侯酱
  • Silkworm chrysalis 蚕蛹
  • Sugar marshmallow 白糖棉花糕
  • Fenning sugar cotton cake 汾宁白糖棉花糕
  • Zhuangyuan porridge 状元及第粥
  • Blind biscuit 盲公饼

Traffic in Foshan

Aviation: Foshan Shadi Airport 佛山沙堤机场 is located 7 km northwest of Foshan city, adjacent to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Kaiping, and other large and medium-sized cities and Shunde district, convenient transportation. Foshan Shadi Airport, as an airport for both military and civilian use, has weekly regular flights between Beijing Nanyuan Airport, Foshan to Shanghai Pudong, Ordos, Yulin, Haikou, Chongqing, and other routes.

Railway: Guangzhou-Mao Line (formed by the merger of Guangzhou-San Line and San-Mao Line, Guangzhou-San Line was built in 1902), with two railway stations, Foshan station, and Sanshui Station.

Subway: Guangzhou-Foshan Line 广佛线 was the first subway line in operation in Foshan. In 2021, Foshan Metro Line 2 佛山二号线 will be put into operation. Foshan subway fare: 2 yuan for 0 to 4 km, 1 yuan for each additional 4 km, 1 yuan for each additional 6 km from 12 to 24 km, and 1 yuan for each additional 8 km after 24 km.

Foshan China’s Unknown City

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