Fuzhou 福州


Chinese Name: 福州

English Name: Fuzhou; Hokchew

Other Name: Rongcheng 榕城

Abbreviation: 榕 Rong

Zip Code: 35 01 00

Population: 8.42 million

Fuzhou 福州
Fuzhou 福州

Brief Introduction

Fuzhou 福州 is a prefecture-level city of Fujian Province, the capital of Fujian province, the core city of Fuzhou metropolitan circle, one of the central cities of the economic zone on the west coast of the Straits海峡西岸经济区, and a riverside ecological garden city approved by The State Council.

Fuzhou is located in east China, the east of Fujian, the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, and coastal areas. It is an important city in southeast China, one of the first open coastal cities, a demonstration zone of Marine economic development, the gateway of the Maritime Silk Road 海上丝绸之路, and a part of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is one of the five earliest treaty ports opened in modern China.

By the end of 2020, The city has jurisdiction over 6 municipal districts, 6 counties, and 1 county-level city, with a total area of 1,1968 square kilometers, including 416 square kilometers of built-up area, and a permanent population of 8.42 million. In 2021, The GDP of Fuzhou reached 1,132.448 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Foshan

Fuzhou is an excellent tourist city in China, with many famous mountains, temples, gardens, and residences. It has a unique style of a tourist city with a waterfront and landscaped gardens. There are three lanes and seven lanes, Pingtan Sea altar, Drum Mountain, Qingyun Mountain, eighteen Chongxi, and other national key scenic spots. The historical section of Fuzhou’s famous historical and cultural city is divided into three types: historical and cultural blocks, historical and cultural feature areas, and historical buildings, which are protected by classification. There are more than 150 famous historical sites in Fuzhou.

Fuzhou 福州
Fuzhou Three Lanes and Seven Alleys 福州三坊七巷

List of scenic spots in Fuzhou

  • Three alleys and seven lanes 三坊七巷
  • Pingtan Sea altar 平潭海坛
  • Qingyun Mountain 青云山
  • Eighteen heavy stream 十八重溪
  • South Back Street 南后街
  • Jin fang waterside pavilion stage 衣锦坊水榭戏台
  • Zhenhai Tower 镇海楼
  • Wu tower 乌塔
  • White tower 白塔
  • West temple 西禅寺
  • Bingxin former Residence 冰心故居
  • Fuzhou Confucian Temple 福州文庙
  • Drum mountain 鼓山
  • Qi mountain 旗山
  • Fuzhou west lake 福州西湖
  • Fuzhou Hot Spring Park 福州温泉公园
  • Yantai Mountain Park, Fuzhou 福州烟台山公园
  • Fuzhou National Forest Park 福州国家森林公园

Famous Universities in Fuzhou

School education in Fuzhou began in the Western Jin Dynasty 西晋and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. From the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, Fuzhou education entered its heyday, with the establishment of government-run prefectural schools and county schools, the emergence of a large number of private academies, and the establishment of book clubs in every township.

Fuzhou 福州
Fuzhou university 福州大学

List of universities and colleges in Fujian

  • Fuzhou university 福州大学
  • Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University 福建农林大学
  • Fujian Normal University 福建师范大学
  • Fujian Medical University 福建医科大学
  • Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 福建中医药大学
  • Fujian Institute of Technology 福建工程学院
  • Minjiang College 闽江学院
  • The Fujian Normal University of Technology 福建技术师范学院
  • Fujian Jiangxia College 福建江夏学院
  • Fujian Police College 福建警察学院
  • Fujian Business School 福建商学院

Diet of Fuzhou

Fuzhou cuisine 福州菜 is the representative of Fujian cuisine 闽菜, Fuzhou cuisine is famous in the world, and the taste of Fuzhou cuisine is sweet and sour. Fujian cuisine is known as “Fuzhou cuisine fragrance everywhere, food culture handed down through the ages”.Fuzhou dishes are exquisitely selected and carefully cut. Pay attention to the heat, pay attention to the soup like to use seasonings, and changeable taste.

Fuzhou is also famous for its vegetarian dishes 素菜, which are made of gluten, bean curd skin, bean curd tendon, winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, fungus, and other plant foods. They are skillfully processed and properly cooked, and taste very good. Many temples and lai pavilions in Fuzhou offer vegetable dishes, among which the vegetable dishes in Gushan Yongquan Temple 涌泉寺 are the most famous.

Fuzhou 福州
Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 佛跳墙

List of Specialty dishes in Fuzhou

  • Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 佛跳墙
  • Chicken soup diving sea clam 鸡汤氽海蚌
  • Sliced vanilla snail 淡糟香螺片
  • Litchi meat 荔枝肉
  • Drunken chicken 醉糟鸡
  • Tai chi poi 太极芋泥
  • GuoBianHu 锅边糊
  • Meatballs 肉丸
  • Fish balls 鱼丸
  • Meat yan 肉燕
  • Stone drum three delicacies 石鼓三鲜
  • Yongquan three wire 涌泉三丝

Traffic in Fuzhou

Aviation: Fuzhou Changle International Airport 福州长乐国际机场 is located at Binhai, Changle District, Fuzhou city. It is the main international airport in Fujian Province and one of China’s international aviation ports. Fuzhou Airport operates 103 domestic and foreign airlines, which are accessible to 75 cities, including 4 regional airlines and 12 international airlines. It is the ninth urban airport in China to realize the full coverage of provincial capital airlines.

Railway: By the end of 2020, Fuzhou has 12 road passenger stations of grade 3 and above, including 5 grade 1 stations.

Subway: Fuzhou has three subway lines, They are Fuzhou Metro Line 1, which starts from Xiangfeng Station, and ends at Sanjiangkou Station, with 25 stations; Fuzhou Metro Line 2 starts from Suyang Station and ends at Yangli Station, with 22 stations. And Fuzhou Metro Line 5, starting from Jingxi Houyu Station, ending at Luozhou Guzhen Station, with 17 stations.

Driving Downtown Fuzhou

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