Dongguan 东莞


Chinese Name: 东莞

English Name: Dongguan; Tungkun; Tungkuan

Other Name: Guancheng莞城

Abbreviation: 莞 Guan

Zip Code: 44 19 00

Population: 10.467 million

Dongguan 东莞
Dongguan 东莞

Brief Introduction

Dongguan 东莞 is a prefectural city and megacity under the jurisdiction of Guangdong Province and a central city on the east bank of the Pearl River Delta approved by The State Council.

Dongguan is located in south China, south-central Guangdong, and on the east bank of Pearl River Estuary 珠江三角洲东岸 with Guangzhou city in the northwest, Shenzhen city in the south, and Huizhou city in the northeast. The city has a land area of 2,460.1 square kilometers and a sea area of 82.57 square kilometers.

By the end of 2020, Dongguan has 4 subdistricts and 28 towns under its jurisdiction, with a permanent population of 10.467 million and an annual GDP of 1.085535 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Dongguan

Dongguan is a famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong Province, Lingnan ancient city 岭南古邑, with many scenic spots, and historic sites, and the Dongguan Museum collection of village ruins, and other unearthed cultural relics from the Neolithic age 新石器时代.

Dongguan also has the famous Lin Zexu smoke dispelling pool 林则徐销烟池, Shajiao fort 沙角炮台, Weiyuan fort 威远炮台, and other anti-British ancient battlefield sites, opium War museum, naval museum, and another patriotic education base.

Dongguan 东莞
Lin Zexu Humen tobacco Site 林则徐虎门销烟旧址

Dongguan city is the Dong Jiang people’s base during the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression抗日战争, so here there are Da Ling Shan Anti-japanese historical facts exhibition hall and durian Memorial pavilion. The cultural landscape includes Guanyin Temple, Jinao Tower, Durian Tower, Keyuan Garden, the Former residence of Yuan Chonghuan 袁崇焕故居 and Huangqi Ancient Temple, etc.

List of some tourist attractions in Dongguan

  • Songshan Lake Scenic Area in Dongguan 东莞松山湖景区
  • Humen Opium War Museum 虎门鸦片战争博物馆
  • Dongguan Guanyin Mountain Forest Park 东莞观音山森林公园
  • Dongguan Science and Technology Museum 东莞科技馆
  • Stone row Red Stone Mountain site Park 石排红石山遗址公园
  • Lin Zexu cleared the tobacco pond 林则徐销烟池
  • Humen Fort site 虎门炮台旧址
  • Dongguan Ke garden 东莞可园
  • Guangdong CDH garden 粤晖园
  • Nanshe village ancient building group 南社村古建筑群
  • Fairy goose Lake 仙鹅湖
  • Stone row YanLing 石排燕岭
  • Dongguan Botanical Garden 东莞植物园
  • Dapingzhang Forest Park 大屏嶂森林公园

Famous Universities in Dongguan

By 2018, Dongguan had 1,125 kindergartens, 328 primary schools, 198 junior high schools, 42 regular senior high schools, 28 secondary vocational schools (including 7 technical schools), and 9 regular institutions of higher learning.

Dongguan 东莞
Dongguan Institute of Technology 东莞理工学院

List of universities and colleges in Dongguan

  • Dongguan Institute of Technology 东莞理工学院
  • Dongguan Campus of Guangdong Medical College 广东医学院东莞校区
  • Dongguan City College 东莞城市学院
  • Guangdong University of Science and Technology 广东科技学院
  • Guangzhou Xinhua University (Dongguan Campus) 广州新华学院(东莞校区)
  • Dongguan Polytechnic 东莞职业技术学院
  • Guangdong ATV Vocational Academy for Performing Arts 广东亚视演艺职业学院
  • Guangdong Innovation Technology Vocational College 广东创新科技职业学院
  • Guangdong Hotel Management Vocational and Technical College 广东酒店管理职业技术学院

Diet of Dongguan

Dongguan cuisine 东莞菜 belongs to Guangzhou cuisine 粤菜, which is the Han food culture with strong Guangdong local characteristics. It is divided into hills, Putian, water towns, coastal cuisines, etc and each has its representative cuisine.

Dongguan 东莞
Houjie Laifen 厚街濑粉

List of Specialty food in Dongguan

  • DaLang olive paste Fried rice 大朗榄酱炒饭
  • Central scroll fish bao 中堂鱼鲍
  • Humen Daning Porridge with crab roe 虎门大宁蟹黄粥
  • Camphor Wood Hakka salted chicken 樟木头客家咸鸡
  • Litchi 荔枝
  • Ma Chung banana 麻涌香蕉
  • Houjie Laifen 厚街濑粉
  • Houjie sausage厚街腊肠
  • Baisha oil duck 白沙油鸭
  • Humen hemp shrimp 虎门麻虾
  • Humen green crab 虎门膏蟹
  • Yu family zongzi 庾家粽子

Traffic in Dongguan

Highway: Dongguan Highway traffic 公路交通 is very developed. Dongguan consists of National Highway 107, Guangzhou-Yuan Express Road, Eastern Expressway, Huan-Dongguan Express Road, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Dongguan-Foshan Expressway, Chang-hu Expressway, Dongguan-Shenzhen-Dongguan Expressway, and Dongguan-Shenzhen-Dongguan Expressway. 4 main highways and 13 connected highways in Dongguan are all first-class roads.

Railway stations: As of 2018, the main long-distance and intercity railway stations in Dongguan include Dongguan Station, Dongguan East Station, Humen Station, Changping Station (Dongguan railway port), Changping South Station, Changping East Station, Chang An West Station, Chang An Station, Dongguan West Station, Humen South Station (under construction), and Dongguan South Station.

Aviation: There is no airport in Dongguan. The nearest service airport in Dongguan is Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Shenzhen Bao An International Airport.

Shipping: Dongguan is located at the mouth of the Pearl River 珠江, Humen port 虎门港 is a national first-class port. Humen has always been an important gateway to southern China. Along the Pearl River, it can reach eastern Guangdong, northern Guangdong, western Guangdong粤西, and Guangxi.

Walkabout Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, Dongguan

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