Chongqing 重庆


Chinese Name: 重庆

English Name: Chongqing; Chungking; Ch’ung-ch’ing

Other Name: Shancheng 山城; Bayu 巴渝; Yuzhou渝州

Abbreviation: Yu 渝

Zip Code: 40 00 00

Population: 32.124 million

Chongqing 重庆
Chongqing 重庆

Brief Introduction

Chongqing 重庆 is a provincial-level administrative region, municipality directly under the Central government, national central city, and supercity of the People’s Republic of China.

Approved by the State Council of the national important one of the center of the city, the upper Yangtze river 长江上游 region economic center, the national important western advanced manufacturing center, financial center, the western international integrated transport hub, and gateway hub.

Chongqing 重庆
Chongqing 重庆

Chong Qing, located in the southwest inland China, is the economic, financial, scientific, and technological innovation, shipping and trade logistics center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. By the end of 2021, it has jurisdiction over 26 districts, 8 counties, and 4 autonomous counties, with a total area of 82,400 square kilometers and a permanent population of 32.1243 million.

Famous Attractions in Chongqing

Chongqing has mountains, rivers, forests, springs, waterfalls, gorges, caves, and other natural scenery, with a total of more than 300 natural and cultural scenic spots, including 1 World Cultural Heritage (Dazu Stone Carvings 大足石刻), 2 World natural heritage (Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourism Area, Chongqing Jinfan Karst 重庆金佛山喀斯特); There are 6 national key scenic and historic sites, 24 national forest parks, 7 national geoparks, 7 national nature reserves and 20 key cultural relics under state protection.

Chongqing 重庆
Chongqing Hongya hole 重庆洪崖洞

List of Major tourist attractions in Chongqing

  • Hongda hole 洪崖洞
  • The Jiang Bei 解放碑
  • Li Ziba Light rail station 李子坝轻轨站
  • Dazu grottoes 大足石刻
  • Jinfo mountain 金佛山
  • Gong Tan town 龚滩古镇
  • The Yangtze river’s three gorges 长江三峡
  • Mount Simian in Jiangjin 江津四面山
  • Wulong Fairy Mountain  武隆仙女山
  • Peach Blossom Garden in Youyang 酉阳桃花源
  • Beibei Jindaoxia  北碚金刀峡
  • Yunyang Longgang Geopark 云阳龙缸地质公园
  • The Black Valley of Myriam 万盛黑山谷
  • Ciqikou Ancient Town 磁器口古镇
  • Eling park 鹅岭公园
  • Nanshan Tree viewing platform 南山一棵树观景台
  • Chongqing People’s Auditorium 重庆人民大礼堂
  • Chongqing Garden Expo Park 重庆园博园

Famous Universities in Chongqing

In 2021, the city had 69 regular higher education schools, 3 adult colleges, 129 secondary vocational schools (not including technical schools), 2,717 regular primary schools, 5,684 kindergartens, and 39 special education schools。

List of universities and colleges in Chongqing

  • PLA Army Military Medical University 中国人民解放军陆军军医大学
  • PLA Army Logistics Academy 中国人民解放军陆军勤务学院
  • PLA Army Engineering University 中国人民解放军陆军工程大学
  • Chongqing university 重庆大学
  • Southwest university 西南大学
  • Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications 重庆邮电大学
  • Chongqing Jiaotong University 重庆交通大学
  • Chongqing Medical University 重庆医科大学
  • Chongqing Normal University 重庆师范大学
  • Sichuan International Studies University 四川外国语大学
  • The Southwest University of Political Science and Law 西南政法大学
  • Chongqing Technology and Business University 重庆工商大学
  • The Chongqing University of Technology 重庆理工大学
  • Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 四川美术学院
  • Chongqing University of Science and Technology 重庆科技学院
  • Chongqing Three Gorges University 重庆三峡学院
  • Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences 重庆文理学院
  • Yangtze Normal University 长江师范学院
  • Chongqing Police College 重庆警察学院
  • Chongqing Second Normal University 重庆第二师范学院

Religious culture in Chongqing

Chongqing has Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity five religions. Chongqing has 548 places for religious activities and 1 religious school.

There are 279 places for Buddhist activities; Taoism has 33 places of activity; Islam has 8 mosques; There are 66 places for Catholic activities; There are 162 Places for Christian activities.

Chongqing 重庆
Chongqing Buddhist College 重庆佛学院

Diet of Chongqing

Chongqing cuisine is known for its eclectic use of various ingredients to create new dishes. It is also one of the birthplaces of hot pot and has been awarded the title of “Hot pot Capital of China” by the Chinese Cuisine Association.

Chongqing 重庆
Chongqing hot pot 重庆火锅

List of Some famous dishes in Chong Qing

Chongqing hot pot 重庆火锅
Chongqing boiled fish 重庆水煮鱼
Chongqing style stew pork 回锅肉
Pickled fish 酸菜鱼
Ge le Mountain spicy Chicken 歌乐山辣子鸡
Nanshan Spring Chicken 南山泉水鸡
Boiled meat 水煮肉片
Smoked duck 樟茶鸭子
Chongqing hot and sour powder 重庆酸辣粉
Yuxiang Shredded Pork 鱼香肉丝
Dry pot yu tu 干锅玉兔
MAO blood flourishing 毛血旺
Chongqing burning pork 重庆烧白
Chongqing small noodles 重庆小面

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