Zhuhai 珠海


Chinese Name: 珠海

English Name: Zhuhai;Chuhai

Other Name: Baidaozhishi 百岛之市

Abbreviation: 甬 Yong

Zip Code: 51 90 00

Population: 2.439 million

Zhuhai 珠海
Zhuhai 珠海

Brief Introduction

Zhuhai 珠海, a prefecture-level city and sub-central city of Guangdong province, is approved by The State Council as China’s special economic Zone, a core city on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary, a coastal scenic tourist city, and an important node city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area粤港澳大湾区.

Zhuhai is located in the south-central part of Guangdong Province, facing Hong Kong and Shenzhen across the sea in the east, and Macao in the south. Hengqin New Area faces Macao 澳门across the river, with Jiangmen city in the west and Zhongshan city in the north. Zhuhai has the largest ocean area, the most islands, and the longest coastline in the Pearl River Delta, with an ocean area of 6,050 square kilometers.

By 2020, the permanent population of Zhuhai is 2.439 million; In 2021, the city’s GDP will reach 388.175 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Zhuhai

Zhuhai has the largest ocean area and island area, the most islands, and the longest coastline in the Pearl River Delta region珠三角地区. It has a sea area of 6,019 square kilometers and a coastline of 691 kilometers. It has 146 islands (with a total area of 236.9 square kilometers) and is known as the “City of 100 islands”. Land peaks and mountains overlap, the river network is vertical and horizontal, the shape of mountains and rivers, the stone strange cave show 石奇洞秀, and the development of beach tourism, island tourism, and rock tourism has a unique resource advantage.

Zhuhai 珠海
Zhuhai fisher girl 珠海渔女

Some special scenic spots in Zhuhai

  • Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Resort 珠海长隆国际海洋度假区
  • Zhuhai fisher girl 珠海渔女
  • The New Yuanming Palace 圆明新园
  • Couples road 情侣路
  • Zhuhai Grand Theatre 珠海大剧院
  • Dream city 梦幻水城
  • Ocean spring 海泉湾
  • Royal spa 御温泉
  • Wailingding Island 外伶仃岛
  • Dong Ao island 东澳岛
  • Qi Ao island 淇澳岛
  • Shijingshan Park 石景山公园
  • Zhuhai Seaside Park 珠海海滨公园
  • Macau island tour 澳门环岛游

Famous Universities in Zhuhai

There are 584 ordinary schools (including kindergartens) at all levels in Zhuhai. There are 139,300 full-time students, 38,800 graduates, and 37,800 students enrolled in regular institutions of higher learning in Zhuhai. The percentage of full-time teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools who met the academic standards was 100 percent, 99.89 percent, and 99.53 percent. Governments at all levels allocated 366 million yuan for 12-year free compulsory education subsidies, benefiting 235,000 students from 195 schools in the city.

Zhuhai 珠海
Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University 中山大学珠海校区

List of universities and colleges in Zhuhai

  • Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University 中山大学珠海校区
  • Jinan University Zhuhai Campus 暨南大学珠海校区
  • Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学珠海校区
  • Zhuhai Institute of Science and Technology 珠海科技学院
  • Zhuhai Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology 北京理工大学珠海学院
  • Zunyi Medical University Zhuhai Campus 遵义医科大学珠海校区
  • Guangdong Vocational College of Science and Technology 广东科学技术职业学院
  • Zhuhai City Polytechnic 珠海城市职业技术学院
  • Zhuhai Art Vocational College 珠海艺术职业学院

Diet of Zhuhai

Zhuhai is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and it is also a city of immigrants. Hong Kong-style seafood港式海鲜, Cantonese food粤菜, Hong Kong-style Cantonese morning tea港式粤味早茶, Macao Portuguese food澳门葡国菜, etc., are the mainstream features of high-end restaurants, full of strong Hong Kong and Macao customs. In addition, the different flavors of Chaozhou, Hunan, Sichuan, northeast, Central Plains, and northwest cuisine, more embody the inclusiveness of Zhuhai’s catering culture.

Zhuhai 珠海
Bai Jiao grain insect 白蕉禾虫

Some specialty snacks in Zhuhai

  • Bai Jiao grain insect 白蕉禾虫
  • Steamed crisped grass carp 清蒸脆肉鲩
  • White vine lotus root 白藤莲藕
  • Zhuhai green crab 珠海膏蟹
  • Hengqin oyster 横琴蚝
  • Pork belly chicken 猪肚鸡
  • Golden Bay sea shrimp 金湾大海虾
  • Oyster emperor chicken feet 蚝皇凤爪
  • Golden eels play eel 金鳗戏鳝
  • Doumen heavy shell crab 斗门重壳蟹

Transportation in Zhuhai

Aviation: Zhuhai Lianzhou General Airport珠海莲洲通用机场 is the first general airport jointly built by the government and enterprises in China. It is a general airport of the first class, with a near-term flight area level of 2B and a long-term flight area level of 3C. Zhuhai Jiuzhou Airport珠海九洲机场 is a class A1 general airport, which was built in 1991. It can take off and land large helicopters and small business aircraft and has eight parking lots and five hangars.

Ports: Zhuhai Port 珠海港 is the main hub port in south China’s coastal area and one of the main ports in China’s coastal area. It consists of five seaports: Jiuzhou, Xiangzhou, Tangjia, Guishan, and Gaolan, and four inland river ports: Qianshan, Wanzai, and Jingan.

Zhuhai Travel Drone Footage China

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