Yulin 榆林


Chinese Name: 榆林

English Name: Yulin

Other Name: Loucheng 驼城

Abbreviation: 榆 Yu

Zip Code: 71 90 00

Population: 0.362 million

Yulin 榆林
Yulin 榆林

Brief Introduction

Yulin 榆林, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi Province, is a national historical and cultural city, a national health city, and a Loving City in China, as well as a national new energy demonstration city and a national ecological protection and construction demonstration city.

Yulin in Shaanxi province is the most northern, northern Shaanxi area and Hetao area, the loess plateau and the junction of Maowusu sandy land毛乌素沙地, is the transition zone of loess plateau and Inner Mongolia plateau, Yellow River and river in Shanxi Province in the east, west even in Ningxia, Gansu, Yanan in the south, the north is connected to the Shan, Gan, Ning, Meng, Jin 陕、甘、宁、蒙、晋five provinces. Yulin is the main production area of coarse grain in Shaanxi province, rich in natural resources and cultural resources, known as the “pearl on the Jam”塞上明珠. Energy enrichment is one place, there are seven of the world’s Shenfu coal fields.

By 2020, Yulin has 2 municipal districts, 9 counties, and 1 county-level city under its jurisdiction. The permanent population of Yulin is 3,624,750, and the GDP of Yulin is 543.52 billion yuan

Famous Attractions in Yulin

By the end of 2017, Yulin has 45 travel agencies, 34 travel agency branches, and 58 outlets. There are 29 star-rated hotels, including 1 five-star, 3 four-star, 19 three-star, and 6 two-star hotels. The city has 4 scenic spots above AAAA and 29 scenic spots above AAA.

Yulin 榆林
Xianju Scenic Spot 仙居风景名胜区

Some special scenic spots in Yulin

  • Yulin city 榆林古城
  • Zhenbei Tai 镇北台
  • Redstone gorge 红石峡
  • Yulin Desert National Forest Park 榆林沙漠国家森林公园
  • Hongjiannao Scenic Spot 红碱淖风景区
  • The ruins of Tongwan City 统万城遗址
  • Panlongshan ancient building group 盘龙山古建筑群
  • Baiyun mountain 白云山
  • The ruins of Yima City 易马城遗址
  • Wu Bao Stone City 吴堡石城

Famous Universities in Yulin

By the end of 2017, Yulin city has a total of 1,652 schools at all levels, including 2 colleges and universities; 6 secondary vocational schools; 192 regular middle schools; 19 vocational high schools; 341 primary schools; 1084 kindergartens; There are eight special education schools.

Yulin 榆林
Yulin Univesity 榆林学院

List of universities and colleges in Yulin

  • Yulin University 榆林学院
  • Yulin Vocational and Technical College 榆林职业技术学院
  • Shenmu Vocational and Technical College 神木职业技术学院
  • Yulin Energy Technology Vocational College 榆林能源科技职业学院

Diet of Yulin

Yulin diet has a high status in China. Because of the special geographical position and regional culture has produced here is diverse food culture, and local characteristic flavors: Yulin mutton series (such as roast whole lamb, lamb, braised mutton, haggis, etc.), a series of buckwheat (such as buckwheat syrup filling, buckwheat of completion of thallium), millet, bean products series, such as bean curd feast, boiled tofu, potato series (such as potato feast).

Yulin 榆林
Yulin tofu 榆林豆腐

Some specialty snacks in Yulin

  • Yulin tofu 榆林豆腐
  • Hengshan mutton 横山羊肉
  • Hengshan Daming mung bean 横山大明绿豆
  • Jingbian mutton 靖边羊肉
  • Jingbian millet 靖边小米
  • Jingbian potato 靖边土豆
  • Zizhou soybean 子洲黄豆
  • Zi Zhou Astragalus子洲黄芪
  • Rimmed potato 定边马铃薯
  • Fugu sea red fruit 府谷海红果
  • Fugu yellow rice 府谷黄米
  • Qingjian jujube 清涧红枣

Yulin Transportation

Aviation: Yulin Yuyang Airport榆林榆阳机场, the second largest airport in Shaanxi Province, is a civil branch airport of 4C grade. It is the second branch airport in the five provinces (regions) in northwest China with an annual passenger throughput of more than 1 million person-times, which is available to many provincial capitals and coastal open cities in China.

Railway: Yulin railway has 4, Baoshen railway (Baotou – Shenmu) railway, Shenshuo railway (Shenmu – Shuozhou), Shenyang railway (Shenmu – Yan ‘an), Taizhongyin railway (Taiyuan – Zhongwei – Yinchuan).

Yulin, Shaanxi

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