Nanyang 南阳


Chinese Name: 南阳

English Name: Nanyang

Other Name: Nandu南都;Dixiang帝乡

Abbreviation: 宛 Wan

Zip Code: 47 30 00

Population: 0.971 million

Nanyang 南阳
Nanyang 南阳

Brief Introduction

Nanyang 南阳 is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Henan Province, a sub-central city of Henan province, an important transportation hub in central China approved by The State Council, and a regional central city at the junction of Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi.

Nanyang is a famous national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 2700 years. It is located in the southwest of Henan Province and the junction area of Henan, Hubei, and Shaanxi provinces. It got its name because it is located south of Funiu Mountain 伏牛山 and north of the Han River 汉水. Xichuan of Nanyang is the location and one of the important core water source areas of the first junction project of The middle route of the south-to-North Water Diversion Project. Nanyang history and culture thick is an important birthplace of chu and Han culture.

By the end of 2019, The city has jurisdiction over 2 administrative districts, 10 counties, and 1 county-level city. With a total area of 26,509 square kilometers, Nanyang has a permanent population of 0.971 million people. The annual GDP of Nanyang city reached 434.222 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Nanyang

Nanyang rich in tourism resources, is China’s excellent tourist city, Nanyang has 20 national key cultural relics protection units, the provincial key cultural relics protection unit is the place, the world geological park 1 (China Nanyang Funiu world geological park), the national and provincial nature reserve, seven, eight national and provincial forest park, 2 national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, There are 17 national 4A level scenic spots and 15 national 3A level scenic spots.

Nanyang 南阳
Xixia dinosaur Relics Park 西峡恐龙遗迹园

Some special scenic spots in Nanyang

  • Xixia dinosaur Relics Park 西峡恐龙遗迹园
  • Xixia Laojie Ridge 西峡老界岭
  • Danjiang Grand Garden 丹江大观苑
  • Nanyang wollongong wuhou temple 南阳卧龙岗武侯祠
  • She Dian town 赊店古镇
  • River rafting scenic spot 灌河漂流风景区
  • Longtan ditch 龙潭沟
  • Bao Tian Man Canyon rafting 宝天曼峡谷漂流
  • Laojun cave 老君洞
  • Neixiang Bao Tian Man 内乡宝天曼
  • Qifeng Mountain ecological tourism area 七峰山生态旅游区

Famous Universities in Nanyang

By the end of 2019, Nanyang had one postgraduate training unit, 80 secondary vocational and technical schools, 92 regular senior high schools, 459 junior high schools, and 1,772 regular primary schools.

Nanyang 南阳
Nanyang Normal University 南阳师范学院

List of universities and colleges in Nanyang

  • Nanyang Normal University 南阳师范学院
  • Nanyang Institute of Technology 南阳理工学院
  • Henan Buddhist Institute 河南佛教学院
  • Nanyang Medical College 南阳医学高等专科学校
  • Henan Industrial Vocational and Technical College 河南工业职业技术学院
  • Nanyang Agricultural Vocational College 南阳农业职业学院
  • Nanyang Technology Vocational College 南阳科技职业学院
  • Nanyang Vocational College 南阳职业学院
  • Nanyang radio and television university 南阳广播电视大学

Diet of Nanyang

Nanyang people mostly take pasta as a staple food, and Tongbai and other parts of the country take rice as the main food. Jiaozi’s ancestor “jiao er” originated in Nanyang. Nanyang people have mutton soup, beef soup, fried bun, Xiaolongbao, Cai he (leek box), and so on for breakfast. All kinds of noodles are a staple food for lunch.

Nanyang 南阳
Xichuan sauerkraut 淅川酸菜

Some specialty snacks in Nanyang

  • Xichuan sauerkraut 淅川酸菜
  • Nanyang oil-tea 南阳油茶
  • Tongbai bean jin 桐柏豆筋
  • Xuan Miao Guan vegetarian dishes 玄妙观斋菜
  • Zhenping roast chicken 镇平烧鸡
  • Bo Wang GuoKui 博望锅盔
  • Jiezhong Rice vinegar 界中米醋
  • Xinye Sao Zi 新野臊子
  • Tang He elbow 唐河肘子
  • White Mound spicy chicken 白土岗辣子鸡
  • Yan Tianxi dumplings 阎天喜饺子
  • Fangcheng stewed noodles 方城烩面

Nanyang Transportation

Highways: Nanyang city has opened 7 expressways and 7 national highways, of which the total mileage of expressways has reached 713 kilometers. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period 十三五”期间”, Nanyang city plans and will timely start the construction of 7 expressway projects, a total mileage of 627 kilometers, Nanyang has become an important transportation hub city in central China.

Railway: Nanyang has built the Jiaoliu railway 焦柳铁路(namely the jiaozi railway) and Ning Xi railway 宁西铁路 in the central city forming a “cross” center, the city has been built and put into use of 9 railway stations, in addition to Ning Xi double line, Zhengyu high-speed railway, Menghua railway.

Nanyang, China

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