Yangzhou 扬州


Chinese Name: 扬州

English Name: Yangzhou;Yangchow

Other Name: GuangLing广陵;Jiangdu江都

Abbreviation: 扬 Yang

Zip Code: 32 10 00

Population: 4.560 million

Yangzhou 扬州
Yangzhou 扬州

Brief Introduction

Yangzhou 扬州, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province, is an important part of The Yangtze River Economic Belt in Jiangsu province, a member city of Nanjing Metropolitan area and a city group in the Yangtze River Delta, and one of the 27 cities in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta.

Yangzhou is located in the middle part of Jiangsu Province, where the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal meet. It is known as the geographic and geometric center of Jiangsu Province (Yangzhou Gaoyou City), as well as the “famous capital of Huaihe River and the best place in the West of Bamboo” and the “First Canal City in China”中国运河第一城. Known as a bright city.

Yangzhou is the water source of the eastern route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project南水北调工程, the award-winning city of the United Nations Habitat Award, the National Civilized City, the Famous Hot spring City of China, the National Garden City, and the National Forest City of.

Yangzhou has jurisdiction over 3 districts and 1 county and administers 2 county-level cities. As of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Yangzhou is 4.560 million, and the regional GDP of Yangzhou has reached 669,643 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Yangzhou

There are 37 national A-level scenic spots in Yangzhou, including 1 5A level scenic spot, 10 4A level scenic spots, 13 3A level scenic spots, and 4 3A level scenic spots. There are 48 star-rated rural tourism areas (spots) in the province, including 16 four-star ones. There are 48 star-rated hotels, including 4 five-star hotels and 13 four-star hotels.

Yangzhou 扬州
Slender West Lake扬州瘦西湖风景区

Some special scenic spots in Yangzhou

  • Slender West Lake扬州瘦西湖风景区
  • Daming monastery 大明寺
  • He gardens 何园
  • Yangzhou Museum 扬州博物馆
  • Zhu yu Bay Scenic Spot 茱萸湾风景区
  • Yangzhou Dongguan Historical and Cultural Tourism Area 扬州市东关历史文化旅游区
  • Yu Cheng Yi 盂城驿
  • Song Jia cheng 宋夹城
  • Han Ling estates 汉陵苑
  • Yangzhou Marco Polo Flower World 扬州马可波罗花世界
  • The san wan canal scenic spot 运河三湾风景区

Famous Universities in Yangzhou

Taizhou has 76 education groups (alliances). Remarkable progress has been made in the high-quality development of ordinary senior high schools. The proportion of three-star high schools in the city is 100%, ranking first in the province. There are 138 primary schools, 146 junior high schools, 35 senior high schools, and 7 ordinary institutions of higher learning in the city.

Yangzhou 扬州
Yangzhou university 扬州大学

List of universities and colleges in Yangzhou

  • Gaoyou Research Institute, Dalian University of Technology 大连理工大学高邮研究院
  • Gaoyou Research Institute, Wuhan University of Technology 武汉理工大学高邮研究院
  • Yangzhou University Gaoyou Modern Agricultural Science and Education Demonstration Park 扬州大学高邮现代农业科教示范园
  • Yangzhou university 扬州大学
  • Yangzhou Vocational University 扬州职业大学
  • Tongda College, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications 南京邮电大学通达学院
  • Yangzhou Industrial Vocational and Technical College 扬州工业职业技术学院
  • Jianghai Vocational and Technical College 江海职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu Vocational College of Tourism 江苏旅游职业学院
  • Guangling College, Yangzhou University 扬州大学广陵学院

Diet of Yangzhou

Yangzhou is the first “Hometown of Huaiyang Cuisine”淮扬菜之乡 in China. Yangzhou is rich in products, aquatic products, poultry, vegetables, and game throughout the year. Yangzhou cuisine is made of local materials, elaborately made, and pays attention to the heat. Ordinary ingredients are made into delicious foods. Yangzhou cuisine not only absorbs the crisp and sweet characteristics of southern cuisine but also integrates the strong color characteristics of northern cuisine, forming its own salty and sweet, fresh and mild flavor.

Yangzhou 扬州
Yangzhou Fried rice 扬州炒饭

Some specialty snacks in Yangzhou

  • Yangzhou Fried rice 扬州炒饭
  • Sugared sugar 牛皮糖
  • FanChuan Xiao Du 樊川小肚
  • Steamed Lion’s head with crab powder 清蒸蟹粉狮子头
  • Shao Bo water chestnut 邵伯菱角
  • Gaoyou double yellow duck eggs 高邮双黄鸭蛋
  • Qin You Dong Tang 秦邮董糖
  • Dry tea in Jiaishou 界首茶干
  • Gaoyou crystal moon cake 高邮水晶月饼
  • Pingshan green tea 平山绿茶
  • Baoying lotus root starch 宝应藕粉

Yangzhou Transportation

Aviation: Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport 扬州泰州国际机场is a civil airport jointly invested in and built by Yangzhou and Taizhou. The airport flight area grade index is 4E. It is one of the small and medium-sized airports with the most beautiful appearance, the most novel structure, and the most perfect function in the province. Gaoyou Airport高邮机场, a 2B general airport jointly built by the Gaoyou City of Jiangsu Province and Sinochem, is located in Huxi New Area, Gaoyou City. It is a 2B airfield with an 800m-long runway and supporting facilities.

Waterway: Yangzhou Port City national Class A open port, General Secretary Jiang Zemin 江泽民总书记personally wrote “Yangzhou port” port name. There are Gaoyou Port, Yizheng Port, Jiangdu Port, and Baoying port in Yangzhou Port.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

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