Weifang 潍坊


Chinese Name: 潍坊

English Name: Weifang

Other Name: Weizhou潍州;Weixian潍县;Yuandu鸢都

Abbreviation: 潍 Wei

Zip Code: 26 10 00

Population: 9.386 million

Weifang 潍坊
Weifang 潍坊

Brief Introduction

Weifang 潍坊, a prefectural city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province, is the regional central city of the Shandong Peninsula City group approved by The State Council.

Weifang is located in the west of the Shandong Peninsula 山东半岛, connected with Qingdao and Yantai in the east, adjacent to Zibo and Dongying in the west, Linyi and Rizhao in the south, and Bohai Laizhou Bay in the north. Weifang city is a north temperate monsoon area, back land surface sea. Weifang is the kite capital of the world and has been successively awarded the national Environmental protection Model City, National health City, National Garden City, national water-saving City, etc

Weifang municipality has jurisdiction over 4 districts, 2 counties, and 6 county-level cities, with a total area of 16,167.23 square kilometers and 4 development zones. As of 0:00 on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Weifang is 9.386 million, and the total GDP of the city is 701.06 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Weifang

There are 102 A-level scenic spots in Weifang, including 2 5A level scenic spots and 23 4A level scenic spots. There are 43-star-rated hotels, including 3 five-star hotels and 16 four-star hotels. Provincial star farm 84, boutique picking garden 26. There are 41 agricultural tourism demonstration sites, including 6 at the national level and 35 at the provincial level.

Weifang 潍坊
Zhenjiang jinshan 镇江金山

Some special scenic spots in Weifang

  • Qingzhou Fan Gongting 青州范公亭
  • FuYanShan 浮烟山
  • Weifang Jinbao Folk Amusement Park 潍坊金宝民俗游乐园
  • Fuhua Amusement Park 富华游乐园
  • Campbell’s paradise 金宝乐园
  • Weifang People’s Park 潍坊人民公园
  • Old Longwan Scenic Spot 老龙湾风景区
  • Yishan Scenic Area 沂山风景区
  • Qingyun Mountain Folk Amusement Park 青云山民俗游乐园
  • Interpretation of the mountain 沂山
  • Qingzhou City Museum 青州市博物馆
  • Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum 诸城恐龙博物馆
  • Longyunjian Scenic Spot 龙云涧风景区
  • Qingzhou city 青州古城
  • Changshan Cultural Museum of Zhucheng 诸城常山文化博物馆
  • Bailang Oasis Wetland Park 白浪绿洲湿地公园

Famous Universities in Weifang

In 2021, there will be 33 secondary vocational schools, 64 regular senior high schools, 311 junior high schools, 687 primary schools, and 2,088 kindergartens in the city.

Weifang 潍坊
Weifang Medical College 潍坊医学院

List of universities and colleges in Weifang

  • Weifang institute 潍坊学院
  • Weifang Medical College 潍坊医学院
  • Gaomi Campus, Qingdao University of Science and Technology 青岛科技大学高密校区
  • Weifang Institute of Science and Technology 潍坊科技学院
  • Weifang Institute of Technology 潍坊理工学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology 山东科技职业学院
  • Shandong College of Information Technology 山东信息职业技术学院

Diet of Weifang

Zhenjiang is a famous land of fish and rice in the South of the Yangtze River. It is rich in fish resources. Both freshwater fish and non-artificial fish are produced in large quantities. Zhenjiang cuisine is good at stewing, braising, burning, and roasting, focusing on the freshness of soup; In the seasoning salt is moderate, in the selection of materials and making, careful selection of materials, and unique cooking.

Weifang 潍坊
Zhenjiang sirloin 镇江肴肉

Some specialty snacks in Weifang

  • Lin Qu scorpion 临朐全蝎
  • Braised sheep head 红扒羊头
  • WeiCheng fire 潍城火烧
  • Oriental pipa duck 东方琵琶鸭
  • WeiCheng baked wheat cake 潍城烧饼
  • Green bean cake 绿豆糕
  • The horse song bread 马宋饼
  • Linqu whole sheep feast 临朐全羊宴
  • Upturned pot 朝天锅
  • Cheese billet of burning flesh 芝畔烧肉
  • Weifang diesel county radish 潍县萝卜
  • Qingzhou peach 青州蜜桃

Weifang Transportation

Aviation: The flight area of Weifang Civil Aviation Airport潍坊民航机场 is the 4D class of civil aviation, with a total construction area of 19,182 square meters. Weifang Airport is one of the four major air mail processing centers in China.

Waterway: Weifang port潍坊港 is located at the bottom of Laizhou Bay, west of the Bailang River estuary白浪河, as the first-class national port. Weifang Port now has 7 berths of 3000-5000 ton class and 2 engineering ship quays. The newly built 3X1 10,000-ton class berths will be completed and put into trial operation at the end of the year, and the construction of 3X2 10,000-ton class berths has begun.

Weifang, Shandong, China.

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