Xuchang 许昌


Chinese Name: 许昌

English Name: Xuchang

Other Name: Liancheng莲城 ; Xudu许都

Abbreviation: Xu 徐

Zip Code: 46 10 00

Population:4.379 million

Xuchang 许昌
Xuchang 许昌

Brief Introduction

Xuchang 许昌 is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Henan Province and approved by Henan Provincial government as a regional central city of Central Plains urban agglomeration, a transportation and logistics hub city of Central Plains Economic Zone, a national important advanced manufacturing base, and a historical and cultural city of Han and Wei dynasties.

Xuchang is located in the middle of Henan Province, adjacent to Zhoukou city in the east, Luohe city in the south, Pingdingshan city in the west, Zhengzhou city in the north, and Kaifeng city in the northeast. Xuchang is located in central China with a long history. It is an important birthplace of Chinese culture and one of the core cities of the central China city group and the central China Economic Zone.

Xuchang ancient culture includes prehistoric culture series, Han culture series, Three Kingdoms culture series, temple building culture series, Jun porcelain culture series, and so on. It is the regional political, economic and cultural center of Central Henan, and occupies an important position in the economic and social development of Henan Province

Xuchang has jurisdiction over 2 districts, 2 cities (county level), and 2 counties, with a total area of 4996 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of Zero o ‘clock on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Xuchang is 4379998 people. In 2021, the total GDP of Xuchang will reach 365.54 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Xuchang

By December 2020, There are 34 A-level scenic spots in Xuchang. Among them, there are 11 4A-level scenic spots and 15 3A-level scenic spots.

Xuchang 许昌
Yanling National Flowers and Trees Expo Park 鄢陵国家花木博览园

Some special scenic spots in Xuchang

  • Yanling National Flowers and Trees Expo Park 鄢陵国家花木博览园
  • Huadu Hot Spring Resort Yanling 鄢陵花都温泉度假区
  • Yuzhou Junguan Kiln site Museum 禹州钧官窑址博物馆
  • Dahongzhai Scenic Spot 大鸿寨景区
  • Jun Porcelain Culture Park of China 中国钧瓷文化园
  • Yanling Jinyu Vanilla Manor tourism area 鄢陵金雨香草庄园旅游区
  • Yanling Colorful earth sightseeing leisure tourism area 鄢陵五彩大地观光休闲旅游区
  • Shenhougu town scenic spot 神垕古镇景区
  • Yanling Construction industry green base 鄢陵建业绿色基地
  • Baling Bridge Scenic Spot 灞陵桥景区
  • Yanling Tangyun Ecological tourism Zone 鄢陵唐韵生态旅游区

Famous Universities in Xuchang

By the end of 2014, Xuchang has 4 colleges and universities, 28 vocational secondary technical schools, 30 ordinary senior high schools, 209 ordinary junior high schools, and 1008 primary schools. 34,000 students in institutions of higher learning; There are 73,000 high school students; 157,000 junior high school students; There are 397,000 primary school students. The enrollment rate of the primary and middle school-age population reached 100%.

Xuchang 许昌
Xuchang college 许昌学院

List of universities and colleges in Xuchang

  • Xuchang college 许昌学院
  • Henan Agricultural University Xuchang Campus 河南农大许昌校区
  • Xuchang Vocational and Technical College 许昌职业技术学院
  • Xuchang Electrical Vocational College 许昌电气职业学院
  • Xuchang Ceramic Vocational College 许昌陶瓷职业学院

Diet of Xuchang

Xuchang snacks are diverse and each one is unique, snacks are characterized by the combination of local snacks and foreign snacks, resulting in a unique local flavor of food so that a lot of people come.

Xuchang 许昌
Yuzhou vermicelli 禹州粉条

Some specialty snacks in Xuchang

  • Yuzhou Traditional Chinese medicine 禹州中药材
  • Yuzhou vermicelli 禹州粉条
  • Xiangcheng sweet potato Xiangcheng tobacco 襄城红薯襄城烟叶
  • YanLing wax plum 鄢陵蜡梅
  • Yanling Pengdian Zhao cherry 鄢陵彭店赵家樱桃
  • Yanling Chenhua Dian mineral water 鄢陵陈化店矿泉水
  • Long kudzu stone elephant tofu 长葛石象豆腐
  • Kudzu artificial diamond 长葛人造金刚石
  • Xu chang he Street bean curd bamboo 许昌河街腐竹
  • Xu Chang Hu spicy soup 许昌胡辣汤
  • Xu Chang fa products 许昌发制品

Xuchang Transportation

Railways: The Zheng-Xu Municipal Railway is the first municipal railway project connecting the two urban core areas in China. It starts from the Xuchang East Station of the Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, passes through Xuchang city, Changge City, and Zhengzhou Aviation Port Area, passes through the core area of the Zhengzhou-Xuchang Industrial belt of the Central China city group, and finally enters the GTC transfer center of Xinzheng International Airport.

Aviation: The industrial Park of Xuchang Aviation passenger and cargo hub port mainly includes four functional areas, namely the core area of the aviation hub port, airport business district, airport business district, and high-grade living area. The project is located in Dongcheng District of Xuchang City, which is the first remote terminal of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport in Henan Province – Xuchang Remote Terminal. Air passengers can handle all check-in procedures in Xuchang, and can take a free bus to the airport for boarding within 3 days.

Xuchang, Henan, China

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