Xi’an 西安


Chinese Name: 西安

English Name: Xi’an;Sian;Hsi-an

Other Name: Chang’an长安;Haojing镐京;Daxing大兴;Xijing西京

Abbreviation: Hao 镐

Zip Code: 71 00 00

Population: 13.163 million

Xi'an 西安
Xi’an 西安

Brief Introduction

Xi’an 西安 is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanxi Province. It is the provincial capital, sub-provincial city, and megacity of Shanxi Province, the core city of guan Zhong Plain urban agglomeration, an important central city in western China approved by The State Council, and an important national scientific research, education, and industrial base.

Xi'an 西安
Xi’an 西安

By the end of 2021, The city has jurisdiction over 11 districts and 2 counties, covering a total area of 10,752 square kilometers (including Xi Xian New Area) and a built-up area of 700.69 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 13.163 million (including Xi Xian General Administration Area). In 2021, Xi An achieved a GDP of 1.068828 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Xi’an

Xi’an 西安 is one of the first batches of China’s excellent tourist cities, and the cultural heritage has the characteristics of high resource density, good preservation, and high level. Among the 155 basic types of China’s tourism resources census, Xi ‘an’s tourism resources occupy 89.

There are 72 imperial tombs around Xi ‘an, including the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin, the ruins of the four capitals of Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang dynasties, 11 tombs of the Western Han dynasty, and 18 tombs of the Tang Dynasty, and more than 700 ancient buildings such as wild goose towers, bell and drum towers, and ancient city walls.

Xi'an 西安
Qin Shi Huang’s Buried Sculpture Legion 秦始皇兵马俑

In Xi’an, there are six heritages listed on the World Heritage List, namely: Qin Shi Huang’s Buried Sculpture Legion 秦始皇兵马俑, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda 大雁塔, the Small wild goose Pagoda 小雁塔, the ruins of Daming Palace in Chang An city of Tang Dynasty 唐长安城大明宫遗址, the ruins of Weiyang Palace in Chang ‘an City of Han Dynasty 汉长安城未央宫遗址, and the Xingjiao Temple pagoda 兴教寺塔.

List of Major tourist attractions in Xi’an

  • Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang
  • Wild goose pagoda
  • The small wild goose pagoda
  • Xingjian temple tower
  • Weiyang palace
  • Emperor qinshihuang
  • Huaqing pool
  • Datang Lotus Garden
  • Shaanxi History Museum
  • Xi An Ming City Wall
  • Xi ‘an Forest of Stele Museum
  • Xi An Museum
  • Mount li
  • Qinling Wildlife Park
  • Guanzhong Folk Art Museum
  • Banpo Museum
  • Xi ‘an Expo Park
  • Datang west city
  • Seoul lake
  • Floor Guang Tai
  • Taiping National Forest Park
  • The clock tower
  • The drum tower
  • shoryuji
  • Zhao hui tower

Famous Universities in Xi’an

By 2021, there were 63 institutions of higher learning (undergraduate and junior colleges) in The city, with 814,400 students and 188,900 graduates. There are 43 graduate training institutions with 164,400 students and 36,100 graduates. There are 501 regular middle schools with 482,100 students and 140,000,000 graduates. There are 1,170 primary schools with 890,900 students and 109,600 graduates.

Xi'an 西安
Xi ‘an Jiaotong University 西安交通大学

List of universities and colleges in Xi’an

  • PLA Army Border and Coastal Defense Academy 中国人民解放军陆军边海防学院
  • PLA Air Force Engineering University 中国人民解放军空军工程大学
  • PLA Air Force Military Medical University 中国人民解放军空军军医大学
  • Xi’an Flight Academy of PLA Air Force 中国人民解放军空军西安飞行学院
  • PLA Rocket Force Engineering University 中国人民解放军火箭军工程大学
  • Engineering University of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force 中国人民武装警察部队工程大学
  • Xi ‘an Jiaotong University 西安交通大学
  • Northwestern Polytechnical University 西北工业大学
  • Xidian University 西安电子科技大学
  • Chang An university 长安大学
  • Shaanxi Normal University 陕西师范大学
  • Northwestern university 西北大学
  • The Xi’an University of Technology 西安理工大学
  • Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology 西安建筑科技大学
  • Shaanxi University of Science and Technology 陕西科技大学
  • Xi’an University of Science and Technology 西安科技大学
  • Xi’an International Studies University 西安外国语大学
  • Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts 西安美术学院
  • The Northwest University of Political Science and Law 西北政法大学
  • The Xi’an University of Technology 西安工业大学
  • Xi’an Polytechnic University 西安工程大学
  • Xi’an Shiyou University 西安石油大学
  • Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications 西安邮电大学
  • Xi’an University of Finance and Economics 西安财经大学
  • Xi’an Conservatory of Music 西安音乐学院
  • Xi’an Institute of Physical Education 西安体育学院
  • Xi’an University 西安文理学院
  • Xi’an Aeronautical Institute 西安航空学院
  • Xi’an Medical College 西安医学院

Diet culture in Xi’an

Xi’an is the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. The development and prosperity of the city, the increase in population, and the enlargement of the city scale also brought prosperity to food culture. Xi ‘an’s food culture started in The Zhou and Qin dynasties and flourished in the Tang Dynasty.

Xi’an has created a number of Chinese food cultures, such as the earliest banquet in China – “Zhou Bazhen”. In addition, the biggest difference between xi ‘an’s diet and that of other places is its diversity, richness, and complexity. In Xi ‘an, there are many kinds of dishes, snacks, and cakes.

Xi'an 西安
Biangbiang noodles Biangbiang面
  • Biangbiang noodles
  • Dumpling feast
  • Qin town Liang pi
  • Steamed bread soaked in beef and mutton
  • Mutton with Lao tong family wax
  • GuoKui
  • Meat clip buns
  • Preserved meat juice
  • The gourd head
  • Jujube retort cake
  • Stones beneath

Xi’an Aerial Drone View

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