Changsha 长沙


Chinese Name: 长沙

English Name: Changsha

Other Name: Xingcheng 星城;Tanzhou潭州

Abbreviation: Chang 长

Zip Code: 41 00 00

Population: 10.239 million

Changsha 长沙
Changsha 长沙

Brief Introduction

Changsha 长沙 is a prefecture-level city, the provincial capital, and megacity of Hunan Province. Approved by The State Council as an important central city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River 长江中游, the central city of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city group 长株潭城市群.

Changsha 长沙
Changsha 长沙

By the end of 2021, The city has jurisdiction over 6 municipal districts, 1 county, and 2 county-level cities, with a total area of 11,819 square kilometers, including 567.32 square kilometers of built-up area, and a permanent population of 10.239 million. In 2021, Changsha’s GDP reached 1.327.07 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Changsha

Changsha has 2 national 5A-level tourist attractions and 7 national 4A-level tourist attractions; National Key Scenic Spot (Yuelu Mountain Scenic Spot 岳麓山); 3 national forest parks (Heimphong National Forest Park, Tianji Ridge National Forest Park and Dawei Mountain National Forest Park); There are also two national water conservancy scenic areas: Changsha Xiangjiang Water Conservancy Scenic Area (Xiangjiang Scenic Area), Changsha Qianlong Lake Ecological Resort and a national intangible cultural heritage protection and research base (Hunan Xiangxiu City 湖南湘绣城).

Changsha 长沙
Yuelu Mountain 岳麓山

List of Major tourist attractions in Changsha

  • The Windows of the world
  • Yuelu academy
  • Tianxin Pavilion
  • Kaifu temple
  • Hunan Provincial Museum
  • Xian jian waterfall
  • Du Fujiang pavilion
  • mawangdui
  • The jing port town
  • Former residence of Liu Shaoqi

Famous Universities in Changsha

By the end of 2021, there are 52 regular colleges and universities, 106 regular senior high schools, 259 junior high schools, and 923 regular primary schools in The City. Changsha has been identified by the Ministry of Education as the second batch of pilot units in the construction of air-assisted teacher teams.

Changsha 长沙
Hunan university 湖南大学

List of universities and colleges in Changsha

  • The National University of Defense Technology 中国人民解放军国防科技大学
  • Hunan university 湖南大学
  • Central south university 中南大学
  • Changsha University of Science and Technology 长沙理工大学
  • Hunan Agricultural University 湖南农业大学
  • Central South University of Forestry and Technology 中南林业科技大学
  • Hunan University of Chinese Medicine 湖南中医药大学
  • Hunan Normal University 湖南师范大学
  • Hunan Gongshang University 湖南工商大学
  • Changsha college 长沙学院
  • Hunan Institute of Finance and Economics 湖南财政经济学院
  • Hunan Police College 湖南警察学院
  • Hunan Women’s University 湖南女子学院
  • Hunan First Normal University 湖南第一师范学院
  • Changsha Normal University 长沙师范学院
  • Changsha Medical College 长沙医学院
  • Hunan Institute of Foreign Economics 湖南涉外经济学院
  • Hunan Institute of Information 湖南信息学院

Diet in Changsha

Hunan cuisine 湘菜 is the main food in Changsha. Hunan cuisine has a long history. During the Warring States Period 战国时期, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan 屈原 recorded many Hunan dishes in his famous poem “The Conjuring” 《招魂》.

Changsha 长沙
Changsha stinky tofu 长沙臭豆腐

List of delicacies snacks in Changsha

  • Changsha stinky tofu 长沙臭豆腐
  • Taste shrimp 口味虾
  • Sugar oil BaBa 糖油粑粑
  • Onion oil BaBa 葱油粑粑
  • Capsicum Fried meat 辣椒炒肉
  • Changsha rice noodles 长沙米粉
  • Chilli fish head 剁椒鱼头
  • Fried duck with sesame seed 麻仁香酥鸭
  • Lard mix 猪油拌粉
  • Tara is the steamed stuffed bun 德园包子
  • Spicy chicken 麻辣子鸡
  • Changsha noodles in soup 长沙汤面
  • Crepe wonton 绉纱馄饨
  • Scraping the bean jelly 刮凉粉
  • Rock candy XiangLian 冰糖湘莲

Changsha local Opera

Changsha Hunan opera 湘剧 is one of the major local operas in Hunan. Its tune was initially formed by combining the Yiyang tune of Jiangxi with the folk religious music of Changsha and other places. It was previously called “Ren Opera” or “Da Opera”. It is composed of high tone, low tone, Kun tone, and tan tone, and is sung in the Changsha dialect. Its style or rough, bold and unrestrained, or euphemistic.

Changsha Huagu Opera 花鼓戏 is one of the most widely spread operas in Changsha. The famous hua gu opera “Liu Hai Chopping The Firewood” 刘海砍樵, which is popular at home and abroad, is deeply loved by people all over the country for its popular “Bi Gu Tone” verse.

Changsha 长沙
Liu Hai Chopping The Firewood Picture 刘海砍樵剧照

Changsha Cultural Heritage

Changsha has 8 national representative intangible cultural heritage projects 非物质文化遗产, 8 provincial representative intangible cultural heritage projects, and 37 municipal intangible cultural heritage projects. There are 7 inheritors of national, 11 inheritors of provincial, and 32 inheritors of municipal intangible cultural heritage projects, 14 intangible cultural heritage inheritance, and development bases, and 7 special museums of intangible cultural heritage.

List of intangible cultural heritage in Changsha

  • Xiang embroidery 湘绣
  • Liuyang fireworks production technology
  • Hunan opera
  • Changsha tanci
  • Temple Fair (Fire Palace Temple Fair)
  • Stone carving (Chrysanthemum stone carving) 石雕
  • Changsha kiln tong guan ceramics firing technology
  • Liuyang Temple offering hole music

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