Wuxi 无锡


Chinese Name: 无锡

English Name: Wuxi; Wusih; Wuhsi

Other Name: 梁溪 Liangxi; 金匮Jinkui

Abbreviation: Xi 锡

Zip Code: 21 40 00

Population: 7.462 million

Wuxi 无锡
Wuxi 无锡

Brief Introduction

Wuxi 无锡 is a prefecture-level city of Jiangsu Province, approved by The State Council as one of the central cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, an important scenic tourist city, and an important part of the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou metropolitan area.

Wuxi is located in the East China region, south of Jiangsu province, located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River delta plain, the north shore of Lake Taihu 太湖.

Wuxi 无锡
Wuxi 无锡

By 2020, The city has 5 districts under its jurisdiction and 2 county-level cities under its administration, with a total area of 4,627.47 square kilometers and a built-up area of 552.13 square kilometers. And The permanent population of Wuxi is 7.462 million.

Famous Attractions in Wuxi

Wuxi has been a famous land of fish and rice in China since ancient times. With its beautiful scenery and history of one thousand years, Wuxi is famous for its beautiful landscape and numerous cultural landscapes and is known as the “Pearl of Taihu Lake” 太湖明珠.

Wuxi festival throughout the year, all suitable for tourism, especially from April to October for the golden season of tourism.

Wuxi 无锡
Yuantouzhu 鼋头渚

List of Major tourist attractions in Wuxi

  • Yuantouzhu 鼋头渚
  • Wuxi CTV Film and Television Base 无锡中视影视基地
  • Lingshan Scenic spot 灵山胜境
  • Changguangxi National Wetland Park in Wuxi 无锡长广溪国家湿地公园
  • Hongshan Site Museum 鸿山遗址博物馆
  • Wuxi Meiyuan Hengshan Scenic Spot 无锡梅园横山风景区
  • Wuxi Chong Temple Scenic Spot 无锡崇安寺景区
  • Wuxi South Temple scenic spot 无锡南禅寺景区
  • Yixing Taozu Holy Land Scenic Spot 宜兴陶祖圣境风景区
  • Wuxi Xihui Scenic Spot 无锡锡惠名胜区
  • Liyuan Park, Wuxi city 无锡市蠡园公园
  • Former residence of Xue Fucheng in Wuxi 无锡薛福成故居
  • Wuxi Donglin Academy 无锡东林书院
  • Wuxi Museum 无锡博物院
  • Yixing Bamboo Sea Scenic Area 宜兴竹海风景区
  • Yixing Longbackshan Forest Park 宜兴龙背山森林公园
  • Yixing Ceramic Museum 宜兴陶瓷博物馆

Famous Universities in Wuxi

By the end of 2018, Wu Xi had 12 regular colleges and universities. Regular higher education enrolls 34,000 undergraduate and junior college students, with 106,000 students and 32,000 graduates. The enrollment of graduate students is 2,700, with 7,800 students and 2,300 graduates.

Wuxi 无锡
Jiangnan university 江南大学

List of universities and colleges in Wuxi

  • Jiangnan university 江南大学
  • Wuxi Campus of Southeast University 东南大学无锡校区
  • Wuxi Fishery College, Nanjing Agricultural University 南京农业大学无锡渔业学院
  • Wuxi College 无锡学院
  • The Taihu University of Wuxi 无锡太湖学院
  • Wuxi Vocational and Technical College 无锡职业技术学院
  • Wuxi Nanyang Vocational and Technical College 无锡南洋职业技术学院
  • Jiangyin Vocational and Technical College 江阴职业技术学院
  • Jiangsu College of Information Technology 江苏信息职业技术学院
  • Wuxi Polytechnic of Science and Technology 无锡科技职业学院
  • Wuxi Commercial Vocational and Technical College 无锡商业职业技术学院
  • Wuxi Polytechnic College 无锡工艺职业技术学院
  • Wuxi City Polytechnic 无锡城市职业技术学院
  • Taihu Creative Vocational and Technical College 太湖创意职业技术学院

Special snacks in Wuxi

Wuxi delicacies are rich and colorful, in addition to the four traditional specialties of Wuxi, Wuxi Taihu Lake “Three whites”, and Taihu pearl can not only be worn as an ornament but also used as medicine and oral. Wuxi Huishan “Big Ah Fu” 大阿福, “Huishan clay figurines” 惠山泥人, and so on. Wuxi also has San Feng Qiao sauce spareribs 三凤桥酱排骨, Huishan King Kong navel, Mashan bayberry, Wuxi xiaolongbao, Gongbei Floor Yangchun noodles, Jufengyuan tofu meat聚丰园腐乳肉, and many other local specialties.

Wuxi 无锡
Da fu Yang mei 大浮杨梅

List of some snacks in Wuxi

  • Wuxi ribs 无锡排骨
  • Da fu Yang mei 大浮杨梅
  • Yangshan peach 阳山水蜜桃
  • Water oil gluten 清水油面筋
  • Yixing purple sand pot 宜兴紫砂壶
  • Taihu whitebait 太湖银鱼
  • The Taihu lake whitefish 太湖白鱼
  • Taihu white shrimp 太湖白虾
  • Mashan taro 马山芋头
  • The small steamed buns 小笼馒头
  • Three fresh wonton 三鲜馄饨
  • Cube cake 方糕
  • Shredded turnip cake 萝卜丝饼
  • Brewed cottonseed round 酒酿棉子圆
  • Hang powder tangyuan 挂粉汤圆
  • Sugar taro 糖芋头
  • Yulan cake 玉兰饼
  • Shaomai 烧卖


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