Ningbo 宁波


Chinese Name: 宁波

English Name: Ningbo; Ning-po; Nhingpo

Other Name: Yongcheng 甬城; Yongshang甬上; Siming四明; Mingzhou明州

Abbreviation: Yong 甬

Zip Code: 33 02 00

Population: 0.941 million

Ningbo 宁波
Ningbo 宁波

Brief Introduction

Ningbo 宁波 is an important port city on the southeast coast of China and an economic center in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta approved by The State Council. As of 2019, the city has jurisdiction over 6 districts, 2 counties, and 2 county-level cities. The total land area of the city is 9816 square kilometers, of which the urban area is 3730 square kilometers; The total area of the sea is 8,355.8 square kilometers.

Ningbo 宁波
Ningbo 宁波

Ningbo is located in east China, southeast coast, the middle part of the mainland coastline, the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, with Zhoushan Islands as the natural barrier in the east. It is a typical water town and seaport city in the South of The Yangtze River. It is the outlet to the sea at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China and the eastern departure port of the “Maritime Silk Road”.

Famous Attractions in Ningbo

Ningbo has many cultural relics, in addition to the famous Xi Kou town outside the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, four da ming mountain is in the west, the East China Sea in the east, and the unique geographical location gives the Ningbo unique natural scenery, natural scenery, and song Lan, located at Jinfeng mountain, five dragon pool, rival, was filled with hot spring, wild cranes Qiu Shui travel scenic spots, such as the grand canyon of east Zhejiang and Ning Bo famous ecological tourist attractions.

Ningbo 宁波
Fenghua xi Kou 奉化溪口

List of Major tourist attractions in Ningbo

  • Fenghua xi kou
  • Hemudu Site
  • Protect the temple
  • Tianyi pavilion
  • Dongqian lake
  • Moon lake
  • Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park
  • Ningbo Fonte Oriental God painting
  • Hai pi Island, Hangzhou Bay

Famous Universities in Ningbo

By the end of 2018, Ningbo had a total of 2,020 schools at all levels, with a total number of students of 1.339 million. Among them, 15 Ningbo colleges and universities have 156,000 students; There are 84 regular senior high schools with 86,000 students. 38 secondary vocational schools with 66,000 students; 220 junior high schools with 209,000 students; There are 433 primary schools with 490,000 students.

Ningbo 宁波
Ningbo university 宁波大学

List of universities and colleges in Ningbo

  • Marine Police Academy of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force 中国人民武装警察部队海警学院
  • Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering 宁波材料技术与工程研究所
  • Ningbo Branch of China Ordnance Research Institute 中国兵器科学研究院宁波分院
  • Ningbo university 宁波大学
  • The University of Nottingham Ningbo 宁波诺丁汉大学
  • Ningbo Institute of Technology 宁波工程学院
  • Zhejiang Wanli University 浙江万里学院
  • Ningbo Institute of Finance and Economics 宁波财经学院
  • Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University 浙大宁波理工学院
  • School of Science and Technology, Ningbo University 宁波大学科学技术学院
  • School of Software, Zhejiang University 浙江大学软件学院
  • Ningbo Preschool Teachers College宁波幼儿师范高等专科学校
  • Ningbo Vocational and Technical College宁波职业技术学院
  • Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Vocational and Technical College 浙江工商职业技术学院
  • Ningbo Health Vocational and Technical College 宁波卫生职业技术学院
  • Ningbo City Polytechnic 宁波城市职业技术学院

Diet in Ningbo

Ningbo cuisine is famous for seafood both inside and outside, and it is good at steaming, roasting and stewing seafood. It is unique, light on form, heavy on solid taste, both fresh and salty, delicious and delicious. Cooking and making mostly adopt steaming, braising, paying special attention to heat, knife skill, pay great attention to color, fragrance, and taste.

Ningbo 宁波
Rock sugar turtle 冰糖甲鱼

The top ten dishes in Ningbo

  • Rock sugar turtle 冰糖甲鱼
  • Fried river eel in a boneless pot 剔骨锅烧河鳗
  • Roasted mosses in small squares 苔菜小方烤
  • Large yellow croaker with pickled vegetables 雪菜大黄鱼
  • Yellow croaker wrapped in rotten skin 腐皮包黄鱼
  • Foie gras wrapped in mesh oil 网油包鹅肝
  • Steamed pork with lotus leaf 荷叶粉蒸肉
  • Yellow croaker and sea cucumber soup 黄鱼海参羹
  • Whole yellow croaker in color center 彩熘全黄鱼
  • The Fried eel back 炒鳝背

The top ten snacks in Ningbo

  • Lard dumplings 猪油汤团
  • Longfeng gold group 龙凤金团
  • Crystal is wrapped 水晶油包
  • Eight treasure rice with bean paste 豆沙八宝饭
  • Lard pastry cubes 猪油洋酥块
  • Three-wire feast 三丝宴面
  • Fresh meat steamed bun with small steamed bun 鲜肉小笼包子
  • bread 烧卖
  • Fresh meat wonton 鲜肉馄饨
  • Whose Mariko 酒酿圆子

Ning Bo tourism

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