Wonton Noodles 云吞面


Chinese Name: 云吞面

English Name: Wonton noodles

Category: Staple food主食

Main Ingredients: Flour

Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Wonton noodles

Wonton noodles云吞面, also known as fine Rong, and big Rong, are Han-style snacks in Guangdong Province and belong to Cantonese cuisine粤菜. Wonton noodles is a very common food in China. Cooked wonton, eggs, and noodles are served with hot soup.

Wonton noodles are also an integral part of Hong Kong’s food culture. Wonton was originally made of whole pork, so it is called “pure meat Wonton净肉云吞”.

Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Wonton noodles with vegetables

In ancient times, people were very particular about eating wonton. Pork should be fat, thin, and seven times thin, and made into minced meat. The authentic way to make minced meat is to cut it first and then chop it. Nowadays, most of the wonton noodles we usually eat are made of fresh shrimp wonton. The wonton materials include wonton skin, fresh shrimp, and pork.

Wonton noodles are made of Wonton noodles and boiled soup. Wonton tastes smooth, and the mouth of the noodles is elastic, giving people endless aftertaste.

Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Wonton noodles with shrimp and fish roe

The origin of wonton varies, but it is certain that it had become popular in the Tang Dynasty唐朝 and was introduced into Guangdong in the Tang and Song Dynasties宋朝. Gao Yi高怿 of the Song Dynasty wrote in his book “Living in Groups to Relieve Yi群居解颐”: “It’s warm in the south of the Five Ridges… It’s good to eat wonton in winter. It’s usually a little noisy, and you have to use a fan to eat岭南地暖……入冬好食馄饨,往往稍喧,食须用扇”.

The wonton of the Ming明朝 and Qing Dynasties清朝 began to show local characteristics, with more diversified tastes and practices. After a long period of development, Wonton also has its own unique style. Wonton is used as a snack because of its small size, and it is eaten together with bamboo noodles.

Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Simple and delicious wonton noodles

The formal introduction of wonton noodles to Guangzhou dates back to the Tongzhi同治 period of the Qing Dynasty. According to legend, at that time, a Hunan native opened a “Three Chu Noodles Restaurant” in Shuangmendi双门底 (now Beijing Road), Guangzhou, specializing in pasta, including wonton noodles. But the wonton was very rough at that time.

Later, after several improvements, they rolled egg liquid and noodles into thin skins and wrapped fillings made of minced meat, shrimp, and leek, forming a school of their own. As a result, the business of “Sanchu Noodles三楚面馆” was booming, and many people soon followed suit. In the early days, wonton noodles were sold everywhere by peddlers to attract customers with the sound of “Dude Dude独得独得” by knocking on bamboo boards. Soon, it developed into a shop selling wonton noodles.

Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Wonton noodles cartoon

In the 1930s, the most famous wonton noodle shop in the city was Chi Ji, which was located at the head of the Sansheng Bridge in Xiguan. They sell round-eyed wonton圆眼云吞 (as big as longan) and seaweed noodles (as cool and tough as seaweed). The flour is made of superior flour, and the proportion of one-kilogram flour to five eggs is kneaded evenly, and then pressed into fine flour with bamboo poles.

Wonton stuffing is made of pork hind legs, strictly in the proportion of lean eight to fat two, and mixed with fresh shrimps and egg yolks. The wonton skin is as thin as paper. The soup is made of ground fish, shrimp seeds, and rock sugar. Since then, Chi Ji’s wonton noodles have created a reputation for “good color, fragrance, and taste色香味俱佳”.

How to make Wonton noodles?


  • 12 wontons
  • 28g long beard noodles
  • 1 egg
  • 3 g laver
  • Two spoonfuls of light soy sauce
  • A spoonful of oyster sauce
  • Half a teaspoon of sesame oil
  • A spring onion
  • 1 coriander
Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Delicious wonton noodles


  • Step 1, Clean the shallots and coriander, chop them up, and set them aside. Put an egg into a bowl, add a little salt, and beat it evenly with chopsticks.
  • Step 2, Heat up a pan with oil, pour in egg liquid, spread it into a pancake, and fry until it is shaped.
  • Step 3, Shred the egg skin and set it aside. Prepare a bowl and add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame, stock, or noodle soup.
  • Step 4, Add some water into the pot and boil, add wonton, and cook. Add asparagus noodles and laver and cook.
  • Step 5, Remove wonton and noodles and put them into a bowl, then put the egg skin into a bowl, and sprinkle some green onion and coriander.
Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Tempting wonton noodles

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