Chinese Sausage 腊肠


Chinese Name: 腊肠

English Name: Chinese sausage; Sausage

Category: Snack小吃

Main Ingredients: Pork

Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Chinese sausage

Chinese sausage腊肠 refers to meat products with Chinese characteristics, which are made of meat as raw materials, cut and ground into dice, supplemented with auxiliary materials, poured into animal casings, fermented, and matured. It is one of the largest categories of meat products in China. It is mainly produced in Guangdong广东, Guangxi广西, Sichuan四川, Hunan湖南, and Shanghai上海. Except for slightly different materials, the preparation methods of all kinds of sausage are roughly the same.

Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Well placed Chinese sausage

Chinese sausage can be divided into three categories: soy sauce sausage生抽肠, also known as “white oil sausage白油肠”; Soy sauce sausage老抽肠, and duck or pig liver sausage (collectively referred to as Runchang润肠). Dachshund is a common food in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and other southern regions. It is made by placing pork into casings made of pig small intestines, and then compressing, dehydrating, and drying them.

Guangdong sausage is its representative. Guangdong sausage is a kind of raw and dried sausage product made of pork as raw material, chopped or ground into small pieces, salted with salt, nitrate (antiseptic), sugar, koji wine, soy sauce, and other fearsome materials, filled with natural casings, and then dried in the air, dried or baked. If stored in a refrigerator, sausage can be kept fresh for about 3 months.

Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Dachshund at close range

Chinese sausage can also be divided into Sichuan-style sausage and Cantonese-style sausage. The main difference is that Cantonese sausage is sweet, Sichuan sausage is hot, and Hunan sausage is salty.

In Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, the production of sausage is a major project to prepare New Year’s goods. On the winter solstice, Tujia people kill their native pigs and make bacon and sausages so that they can eat sausages, blood sausages hot pot, and drink rice wine to chat with the family on New Year’s Eve.

Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Braised rice with sausage

Dachshund is a very ancient food production and meat preservation technology, which refers to a long cylindrical tubular food made by crushing animal meat into the mud and pouring it into casings.

Chinese sausages have a long history. Chinese sausages were created before the Northern and Southern Dynasties南北朝. The “enema method灌肠法” was first seen in the Northern Wei Dynasty’s “Qi Min Yao Shu齐民要术”, and its method was handed down. Chinese sausage does not add starch and can be stored for a long time. It can be eaten after being cooked. It is delicious, full-bodied, and has a long aftertaste. The more you chew, the more fragrant it is. It is far better than other countries sausage products. It is one of the traditional Chinese food characteristics and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Bologna in order

The longest sausage in the world was on December 27, 2008. In Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the chef made a 392m long sausage with 70kg of meat, garlic, and other ingredients, thus breaking the world record for the longest sausage.

How to make Chinese sausage?


  • 90 kg lean pork
  • 5 kilos of white granulated sugar
  • 10 kilograms of fat pork
  • 3 kg salt
  • 200g MSG
  • 750g liquor
  • 150g fresh ginger powder (or garlic puree)
Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Clay pot rice with sausage


  • Step 1, Cut the lean meat into slices along the silk, then into strips, and finally into 0.5 cm diced cubes.
  • Step 2, Soak the diced lean pork in 1% salt water, stir regularly to accelerate the dissolution of blood water, reduce the oxidation of the finished product and darken the color. After 2 hours, remove the dirty salt water, soak it in salt water for 6-8 hours, and finally rinse it and filter it dry. After scalding with boiling water, the diced fat meat should be washed and dried with cold water immediately.
  • Step 3, Mix the cleaned fat and lean diced pork, add seasoning in proportion and mix well, and marinate for about 8 hours. Turn it up and down every 2 hours to make the seasoning uniform, and prevent high temperature, sunlight, flies, and dust pollution during pickling.
  • Step 4, Soak the salt and dry casings in warm water for about 15 minutes, then rinse them inside and outside after softening and then soak them in clean water for standby. The water temperature shall not be too high during foaming to avoid affecting the casing strength. Then put the casing on the funnel mouth (or the tube mouth of the sausage skin machine) from one end. When the casing is put on the end, let out the air, and then pour the diced meat into it after the casing is tied tightly. Then, while filling the diced meat, release the casing from the mouth. After filling the whole casing, tie the port. Finally, tie it with a length of about 15cm and divide it into small segments.
  • Step 5, Pour and tie the sausage and hang it in a ventilated place to dry it for about half a month. Pinch it with your fingers to avoid obvious deformation (do not expose it to the sun, otherwise the fat meat will taste bad and the lean meat will become darker).
  • Step 6, Keep the sausage clean and free from dust, and cover it with a food bag. Do not tie the bag’s mouth and hang it upside down, which is both dustproof and breathable and will not grow mildew. When eating, steam and cool before slicing. It tastes delicious.
Chinese Sausage 腊肠
Delicious sausage


  • Soak the raw sausage in hot water, and then rinse it with warm water.
  • The sausage itself contains more salt, so you should add less salt according to your taste when cooking.

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