Wenzhou 温州


Chinese Name: 温州

English Name: Wenzhou;Wenchow;Yujeu;Iu Tsiu

Other Name: Dongou东瓯;Lucheng鹿城

Abbreviation: 温 Wen

Zip Code: 33 03 00

Population: 9.573 million

Wenzhou 温州
Wenzhou 温州

Brief Introduction

Wenzhou 温州 is a prefecture-level city of Zhejiang province, approved by The State Council as an important trading city and regional center city in southeast coastal areas.

Wenzhou is located in the East China region, southeast of Zhejiang province, the southern bank of the Ou Jiang downstream and east faces the east China sea, south Fujian province which connected to Lishui, north, west and northwest and the northeast border with Taizhou, is one of the Yangtze River delta center 27 cities, the cradle of Chinese mathematicians, Chinese dynasties’ hometown, the hometown of Chinese seafood egg, China shoes, Wenzhou people are called Oriental Jews东方犹太人.

Wenzhou is a national historical and cultural city, known as the “southeast landscape best in the world” reputation. The city has jurisdiction over 4 municipal districts and 5 counties and administrates 2 county-level cities.

Famous Attractions in Wenzhou

Wenzhou scenic area of mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, islands, springs, natural landscapes, and cultural landscapes each other reflect. Wenzhou has a two world geological park, 3 China excellent tourist cities, a national 5 a-class tourist scenic spots, five national 4 a level scenic spots, 3 6 national key scenic areas, 8 provincial-level scenic spots, 1 national red tourism classic scenic area, six national industrial tourism demonstration enterprises, a strong tourist economy area.

Wenzhou 温州
Changchun World Sculpture Park 长春世界雕塑园

Some special scenic spots in Wenzhou

  • Yandang mountain 雁荡山
  • Nanxi River 楠溪江
  • Nanji Island 南麂岛
  • Ouhai Sanyang wetlands 瓯海三垟湿地
  • Yuhai Tower 玉海楼
  • Puzhuang city 蒲壮所城
  • Stone shed tomb group in southern Zhejiang 浙南石棚墓群
  • Jiangxin island 江心屿
  • Impression of Nan Tang 印象南塘

Famous Universities in Wenzhou

There are 2,723 schools of all kinds in Wenzhou, including 7 colleges and universities, 123 senior high schools, 354 junior high schools, 615 primary schools, 8 special education schools, and 1,554 kindergartens.

Wenzhou 温州
Wenzhou university 温州大学

List of universities and colleges in Wenzhou

  • Wenzhou university 温州大学
  • Wenzhou Medical University 温州医科大学
  • Wenzhou Institute of Technology 温州理工学院
  • Wenzhou Business School 温州商学院
  • Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University 温州医科大学仁济学院
  • Wenzhou Kean University 温州肯恩大学
  • Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College 温州职业技术学院
  • Wenzhou Science and Technology Vocational College 温州科技职业学院
  • Zhejiang Polytechnic of Industry and Trade 浙江工贸职业技术学院
  • Zhejiang East Vocational and Technical College 浙江东方职业技术学院

Diet of Wenzhou

Wenzhou residents liked seafood since ancient times. Raw seafood is an important feature of the Wenzhou people’s diet. Wenzhou cuisine 温州菜taste clear fresh, light but not thin, cooking attention to “two light one heavy”, namely light oil, light thicken, heavy knife, cooking exquisite.

Wenzhou 温州
Dried fried powder 炒粉干

Some specialty snacks in Wenzhou

  • Dried fried powder 炒粉干
  • Lamps cake 灯盏糕
  • Lard cake 猪油糕
  • Double cook a cake 双炊糕
  • Chang Ren wonton 长人馄饨
  • Dwarf muffin cake 矮人松糕
  • Nanxi River wheat cake 楠溪江麦饼
  • Fish balls 鱼丸
  • Beef offal 牛杂
  • Qingming cake 清明饼

Transportation in Wenzhou

Aviation: Wenzhou Longwan International Airport 温州龙湾国际机场is located in the Ou Jiang river, southeast of Wenzhou, only 21 kilometers away from the city center, through the Ouhai avenue, only 20 minutes from the airport. It only takes 1.5 hours for passengers from Taizhou, Ningde, and Lishui to arrive at Wenzhou Airport.

Shipping: Wenzhou port 温州港 is one of the largest coastal container terminals in China. Wenzhou port, located on the southeast coast of China, is the central hub of maritime and ocean-going transportation in the southern and southern coastal areas of Zhejiang province. It is also one of the 25 major ports in China’s coastal areas and occupies an important position in the national comprehensive transportation network.

Subway: M1 Wenzhou rail Transit line温州轨道交通M1线 in the southwest to northeast skeleton line, constructing a fast connection channel between the central city, Ouhai central district, Yueqing auxiliary city, and serving Wenzhou South Railway Station. M2 Wenzhou rail transit line 温州轨道交通M2线is the northwest to southeast skeleton line. A new station will be added along with the vision reconstruction and expansion of Wenzhou Airport to build a fast connection channel between the central city and Longwan District (and Binhai New Area).

All about Wenzhou

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