Weihai 威海


Chinese Name: 威海

English Name: Weihai

Other Name: 威海卫 Weihaiwei

Abbreviation: Wei 威

Zip Code: 264200

Population:2.906 million

Weihai 威海
Weihai 威海

Brief Introduction

Weihai 威海 is a prefectural city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province and approved by The State Council as a regional central city, an important Marine industrial base, and a coastal tourism city on the Shandong Peninsula山东半岛.

Weihai is located in east China and at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula. It borders the Yellow Sea on the north, east, and south, and echoes the Liaodong Peninsula on the north, facing the Korean Peninsula on the east and Yantai on the west. Weihai is the birthplace of the Beiyang Navy北洋海军, China’s first navy in modern times, and the site of the Sino-Japanese War甲午海战. After the Sino-Japanese War, Weihai was occupied by foreign powers and returned to the motherland. Weihai was one of the first open coastal cities in China.

Weihai has 2 districts and 2 county-level cities under its jurisdiction, with a total area of 5,799.84 square kilometers. According to the seventh census data, as of midnight on November 1, 2020, the permanent population of Weihai city is 2906548 people, and the GDP of Weihai city is 346.393 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Weihai

Weihai is a beautiful coastal city, rich in tourism resources, island coast, city gardens, historical sites, folk customs, and more than ten types. With more than 80 scenic spots (points). There are 50 national A-level scenic spots in The city, including 2 national 5A level scenic spots, 12 national 4A level scenic spots, and 32 national 2A level scenic spots.

Weihai 威海
Liugong island 刘公岛

Some special scenic spots in Weihai

  • Liugong island 刘公岛
  • Hailu island 海驴岛
  • Huaxia City 华夏城
  • KunYu mountain 昆嵛山
  • Shidao red mountain 石岛赤山
  • Round sea road 环海路
  • Weihai Dingyuan Warship 威海定远舰
  • The Exhibition Hall of the Sino-Japanese War 甲午战争陈列馆
  • Bible Mountain 圣经山
  • Weihai Park 威海公园
  • CCTV Weihai Film and Television Culture City 中央电视台威海影视文化城
  • Tianmu Hot Spring Resort 天沐温泉度假村
  • China fishing tackle capital · Expo City 中国钓具之都·博览城

Famous Universities in Weihai

By the end of 2021, there were 11 institutions of higher learning with 126038 students. 11 regular secondary vocational schools with 17,897 students; There are 7 vocational high schools with 3446 students. 18 regular senior high schools with 32,702 students; There are 94 junior middle schools with 95895 students. 98 primary schools, 130,757 students; The enrollment of special education is 44, with 501 students in school; There are 349 kindergartens with 79,835 children in them.

Weihai 威海
Hubei Institute of Engineering 湖北工程学院

List of universities and colleges in Weihai

  • Shandong university 山东大学
  • Harbin Institute of Technology 哈尔滨工业大学
  • Rongcheng Campus, Harbin University of Science and Technology 哈尔滨理工大学荣成校区
  • Weihai Vocational College 威海职业学院
  • Weihai Marine Vocational College 威海海洋职业学院
  • Shandong Foreign Affairs Vocational University 山东外事职业大学
  • Shandong Vocational College of Medicine and Food 山东药品食品职业学院
  • Shandong Vocational College of Aluminum Industry 山东铝业职业学院

Diet of Weihai

Weihai, one of the birthplaces of Shandong cuisine 鲁菜, has a long history and is famous for cooking seafood, especially seafood, and the production of small seafood is more distinctive. Weihai cuisine pays special attention to knife skills, patterns, heat, and taste, and is known for its freshness, crispness, and original taste.

Weihai 威海
Braised sea cucumber 红烧海参

Some specialty snacks in Weihai

  • Weihai clear soup 威海清汤
  • Weihai rice cake 威海起糕
  • Sashimi slice 生鱼片
  • The oysters in the pot 锅煽海蛎子
  • Braised sea cucumber 红烧海参
  • Chinese mackerel dumplings 鲅鱼饺子
  • Dry Fried small yellow croaker 干炸小黄鱼
  • Rushan happy cake 乳山喜饼
  • Blow off throw 炸甩
  • Flower bobo 花饽饽

Weihai Transportation

Port: Weihai Port 威海港, east of Japan, Korea, Korea, is the Shandong Peninsula to Korea, Korea, Japan and other East Asian countries convenient access to the sea; North looks northeast old industrial base, is in the sea road enters the Bohai sea important thrust, is to enter the Bohai sea and northeast each port must pass through the land.

Aviation: Weihai International Airport (Weihai Dashuipo International Airport) 威海国际机场(威海大水泊国际机场)is located in Dashuipo Town, Wendeng District, 40 kilometers away from the urban area, has open to Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou, Taiyuan, and other countries and overseas Seoul, Busan many routes.

Weihai, Shandong China

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