Ganzhou 赣州


Chinese Name: 赣州

English Name: Ganzhou;Kanchow

Other Name: Qiancheng虔城;Qianzhou虔州

Abbreviation: 虔 Qian

Zip Code: 34 10 00

Population:2.906 million

Ganzhou 赣州
Ganzhou 赣州

Brief Introduction

Ganzhou 赣州is a prefecture-level city of Jiangxi Province, a sub-central city of Jiangxi province, the southern gate of Jiangxi Province. Ganzhou is a national type ⅱ big city, an important node city of “One Belt and One Road”一带一路, a national comprehensive transportation hub, a regional modern central city with a thoroughfare of Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, and Hunan provinces赣粤闽湘四省通衢, and has 4 national development zones and 1 comprehensive free trade zone.

Ganzhou is located in the southern margin of the subtropics, a subtropical hilly mountainous humid monsoon climate, terrain to mountains, hills, basins, Zhangjiang river, Gongjiang river confluence in Ganzhou into Ganjiang River. Ganzhou is rich in tungsten and rare earth resources and is the national rare metal industry base and advanced manufacturing base. Ganzhou is an old revolutionary base area, a demonstration area for the revitalization and development of the former Central Soviet Area, and an area for the inheritance and innovation of red culture. Ganzhou metropolitan area is the key cultivated and developed metropolitan area in Jiangxi Province.

Ganzhou city has jurisdiction over 3 districts, 13 counties, and 2 county-level cities. With a total area of 39,379.64 square kilometers, Ganzhou is the largest administrative region in Jiangxi Province. In 2020, the GDP of the whole city is 364.52 billion yuan. According to the seventh census data, the permanent population of Ganzhou is 8.97 million.

Famous Attractions in Ganzhou

Ganzhou was named as “China’s Excellent Tourist City”中国优秀旅游城市 in 2003 and has now formed six tourism brands “red old Capital, Southern Song City, Hakka Cradle, ecological homeland, World Orange Township, And Kanyu Holy Land”红色故都、江南宋城、客家摇篮、生态家园、世界橙乡、堪舆圣地. Ganzhou is the famous “red capital, the cradle of the Republic”, the important birthplace of MAO Zedong thought毛泽东思想, the famous revolutionary base area, and the red tourist destination; Ganzhou, with numerous cultural relics and historic sites, is the foundation of the Theory of the Song and Ming Dynasties and the city of the Southern Song dynasty with a long history.

Ganzhou 赣州
Liugong island 刘公岛

Some special scenic spots in Ganzhou

  • Ruijin Cradle of republic scenic spot 瑞金共和国摇篮景区
  • Ganzhou Ancient City Wall 赣州古城墙
  • Tongtian Rock Grottoes 通天岩石窟
  • The old site of the Red Army’s Long March 中央红军长征出发地旧址
  • The former site of the Central Bureau of the Communist Party of China 中共苏区中央局旧址
  • Fengshan National Forest Park 峰山国家森林公园
  • Jiulianshan National Forest Park 九连山国家森林公园
  • Ganzhou Polar Ocean World 赣州极地海洋世界
  • Mazuyan Cultural Park 马祖岩人文公园
  • Ganzhou Forest Zoo 赣州森林动物园
  • Ganzhou Polar Ocean World 赣州极地海洋世界
  • Ganzhou Science and Technology Museum 赣州科技馆
  • Ganzhou Museum of Natural History 赣州自然博物馆

Famous Universities in Ganzhou

In 2020, the city will enroll 2,360 students in graduate education, including 5,666 graduate students and 1,392 graduates. Regular higher education enrolls 39,500 students (excluding postgraduates), with 119,400 students and 30,000 graduates. Secondary vocational education (including secondary vocational and secondary vocational schools) enrolls 41,800 students, with 102,000 students and 25,800 graduates.

Ganzhou 赣州
Jiangxi University of Science and Technology 江西理工大学

List of universities and colleges in Ganzhou

  • Jiangxi University of Science and Technology 江西理工大学
  • Gannan Normal University 赣南师范大学
  • Gannan Medical College 赣南医学院
  • School of Applied Science, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology 江西理工大学应用科学学院
  • College of Science and Technology, Gannan Normal University 赣南师范大学科技学院
  • Jiangxi Applied Technology Vocational College 江西应用技术职业学院
  • Jiangxi Vocational College of Environmental Engineering 江西环境工程职业学院
  • Ganzhou Teachers College 赣州师范高等专科学校
  • Gannan Health Vocational College 赣南卫生健康职业学院
  • Gannan Vocational and Technical College 赣南职业技术学院

Diet of Ganzhou

Ganzhou is adjacent to Guangdong in the south and Fujian in the east, where ethnic minorities gather and Hakka culture is prevalent. All of these make Ganzhou’s food style very unique, which not only has rich traditional Gan cuisine but also does not lose the integration of various food cultures.

Ganzhou 赣州
Gannan navel orange 赣南脐橙

Some specialty snacks in Ganzhou

  • Gannan navel orange 赣南脐橙
  • Yu Du burns Juanzi 于都烧卷子
  • He Feng pearl powder 禾丰珍珠粉
  • Sandy duck 沙地板鸭
  • Zishan soy sauce 梓山酱油
  • Huichang dried sauce 会昌酱干
  • Longnan chestnuts 龙南板栗
  • Nankang sweet pomelo 南康甜柚
  • Xun Wu tangerine 寻乌蜜桔
  • Xingguo Grey goose 兴国灰鹅
  • Ganzhou candied fruit 赣州蜜饯

Ganzhou Transportation

Port: Ganzhou port 赣州港 located at the source of the Ganjiang River is one of the six ports in Jiangxi. Ganzhou port wharves are distributed in Gongjiang, Zhangjiang, and Ganjiang river sections after confluence. The basin area of the port area is 500,000 square meters, and the water area is 4.67 million square meters.

Aviation: Ganzhou Golden Airport 赣州黄金机场, the second largest airport in Jiangxi Province, is located in Emei Village, Fenggang Town, Ganzhou Economic Development Zone, 16 kilometers away from the downtown Ganzhou, covering an area of 2668 mu. According to the planning of the 4D civil airport, it can meet the requirements of Boeing 757, Airbus A320, and other types of take-off and landing.

Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China.

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