2024 SZU Admission Brochure for the Bachelor Program of International Students

Shenzhen University is a quite young but vibrant university in China. Here is the SZU Admission Brochure for you.

Shenzhen University is a quite young but vibrant university in China. Here is the SZU Admission Brochure for you.

2024 SZU Admission Brochure for the Bachelor Program of International Students

1. 招生专业 SZU Admission Brochure: Programs

For admission programs, please refer to the SZU UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS,2024.

Here are the English taught programs:

工商管理(国际班)International Business Administration

NAME OF MAJORInternational Business Administration
PROGRAM OVERVIEW1.Major Introduction
Based on the urban characteristics of Shenzhen and the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the Business Administration major of Shenzhen University is closely combined with local economic development. It has obvious advantages and characteristics in the fields of innovation and strategic management, business analysis and operation management, big data and financial investment, international business and consulting, and has become a high-level teaching and research as an important base for training high-quality innovative and entrepreneurial talents and Regional Decision-making consulting think tanks, it plays an important role in characteristic research fields and regional economic development, and its domestic influence and international popularity are constantly improving. Based on the principle of “adhering to first-class characteristics and connotation development”, based on the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, focusing on the concept of “characteristic driven, whole person education and building first-class specialty”, the Business Administration specialty adheres to the training mode of “thick foundation, quality, strong practice and innovation”, and strives to reach the leading level of domestic disciplines within three years.
Business Administration is an advantageous specialty of Shenzhen University. It was founded in September 1983 under the leadership of professors Zhou Huixing and Wang Yang of Renmin University of China. It is one of the earliest disciplines established by Shenzhen University. In 2005, it was rated as the “famous brand specialty” of Guangdong Province and the “national characteristic specialty” in 2008. In 2018, it ranked 11th in China and became a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point in 2019.
The Department of Business Administration has strong faculty and rich teaching experience. There are 29 teachers in the Department, including 6 professors, 12 associate professors, 11 lecturers and assistant professors, of which 90% have doctoral degrees and 60% have overseas learning background. Research fields include innovation and strategic management, business analysis and operation management, big data and financial investment, international business and consulting, etc. It has one first-class undergraduate course in Guangdong Province, one innovation and entrepreneurship course of quality engineering projects in Guangdong Province and two excellent resource sharing courses in Guangdong Province. And is participating in the AACSB professional international certification of the College of Management, implementing a multi-dimensional teaching guarantee system to ensure the quality of talent training.The major of Business Administration has a modern management teaching experimental center with excellent laboratory equipment and equipped with advanced and powerful experimental teaching software at home and abroad and international leading business simulation software. In the professional teaching, it actively promotes the project of “teaching by competition, learning by competition and training by competition”, and develops “course teaching + course practice” in combination with enterprises and it combines practical training courses to encourage students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship practice and competition. This major established college- enterprise cooperation with a number of enterprises to expand practical teaching resources. Promote on-site teaching and organize students to visit and study in many well-known enterprises in Shenzhen, such as Tencent, Huawei and Ruoyu technology.2. Training objectivesThis major is characterized by thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and emphasis on practice. It trains students to systematically master modern industrial and commercial enterprise management theory, knowledge and methods, be familiar with international and domestic industrial and commercial management regulations and policies, understand China’s business environment and management characteristics, have modern humanistic quality, international vision and innovative spirit, and have good professional ethics Future entrepreneurs and professional managers with business communication skills and the ability to solve various management problems. In particular, graduates should have a deep understanding of how to conduct data-based analysis of business processes, and be able to deeply grasp the combination of management decision-making and quantitative thinking.
Introduction To Business、Advanced Mathematics C(1) (English Version)、Micro-economics、Probability& Statistics、Advanced Mathematics C(2) (English Version)、Macro-economics、Operations Research、Accounting、Management Information Systems、Operations Management、Organizational Behavior、Business Ethics & Social Responsibility、Marketing、Business Law、Development and Management of Human Resource、Corporate Finance、Business Research Method、Finance、Strategic Management

CAREER PROSPECTSThere is a wide range of employment options, and various enterprises, institutions and government departments have recruitment plans for their majors. Especially in financial investment, real estate, logistics and supply chain, business consulting and other industries, there is a great demand for business administration graduates.Outstanding former graduates have entered China Merchants Bank, Ping An Group, Tencent, Huawei, SF, Ernst & young and Accenture consulting company to engage in strategic management, investment and financing management, operation management and project management.
Consultation Email:              [email protected]        

国际经济与贸易 International Economics and Trade

NAME OF MAJORInternational Economics and Trade
PROGRAM OVERVIEWThe Department of International Economics and Trade (ICE) was established in May 1997, and now offers an undergraduate major in International Economics and Trade. The Department was mandated to set up the academic graduate program in International Trade in 2003, and the Master of International Business (MIB) program in 2010. The Department has 15 full-time teachers, including 3 professors, 7 associate professors and 5 lecturers. There are 13 teachers with doctoral degrees, among which 5 have PhDs from prestigious foreign universities, while quite a few have overseas study, exchange and visiting experience. Our faculty includes 5 talented people that are respectively recognized by or as Shenzhen Peacock Plan, Overseas High-Caliber Personnel in Shenzhen, Backup Talent of Shenzhen, Liyuan Scholar of Shenzhen University, and Liyuan Outstanding Youth of Shenzhen University. Our faculty team has also organized and established China Institute of Quality and Economic Development and Shenzhen Education and Scientific Research Expert Studio, which provide not only cutting-edge theories and practical knowledge to promote teaching in this major, but also a platform to facilitate in-depth development of scientific research activities. Over the past five years, teachers of the Department have published more than 50 papers and over 6 monographs and textbooks, and presided over or participated in more than 25 research projects.The Department of International Economics and Trade aims to cultivate versatile professionals with noble morality, strong humanistic quality and compound knowledge structure. They should have a great sense of social responsibility, strong professional ethics, innovation consciousness, high academic literacy and good adaptability. We are dedicated to help students: 1) clearly understand the basic principles of Marxian economics and the basic theories of Western economics, international economics and international trade; 2) master international trade knowledge and skills; 3) understand the IET operation mechanism and rules, IET rules and practices, and economic and trade policies and regulations across different countries; 4) master the basic content, process and skills for international marketing and cross-border e-commerce; 5) get proficiency in a foreign language and information and communications technology (ICT) required for foreign business activity; 6) be able to engage in real-life business, operation and management, survey and planning, and theoretical research in institutions and government agencies in the fields of foreign trade, finance and securities, etc.
CORE COURSESAdvanced Mathematics, Political Economy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, International Trade, Development Economics, Practice of International Trade, International Economics, Econometrics, and International Business Law
CAREER PROSPECTSInternational trade and economic cooperation, government agencies, finance and securities departments are engaged in actual business, operation and management, research and planning and theoretical research.
Consultation Email: [email protected]             

2. 学习方式和学习年限  Type and Duration of the Programs

2024 SZU Admission Brochure for the Bachelor Program of International Students


Type of the programs: full-time


Duration of the programs: Four years (a maximum of eight years)

3. 申请资格Eligibility


Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passports and shall be 18-30 years old. He / She should be in good health conditions and of good conduct. He / She should also abide by the Chinese laws, regulations and the rules of the university.


Applicants under the age of 18 by August 31th in the current year should click here to check the specific requirements.


Applicants should be graduated from high school or above (Applicants who are still in the last year of high school can provide expected graduation certificate for submitting application while the official graduation certificate must be provided before enrollment).

3.满足相应的语言水平要求(证书须在有效期内) 。

Applicants should meet the corresponding language level requirements (The language proficiency certificate must be within the validity period).

(1)中文授课专业Programs taught in Chinese:


HSK 5 with scores above 180 (Excluding Chinese Language and Literature & Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages )

(2)英文授课专业Programs taught in English:


IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL IBT 80 / Duolingo 100 or above (Excluding English native speaker)

* 母语为汉语或英语者经我校认定可免交相应语言水平证明。

Native speakers of Chinese or English can be exempted from the corresponding language proficiency certificate after being recognized by our university.


Comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Education’s document [2020] No.12.


The No.12 Document of 2020 issued by the Ministry of Education, PRC is administered by the University. Two important items of the Document are to note. First, according to Article 5 of Nationality Law of The People’s Republic of China, a person whose parents are both Chinese citizens and have both settled abroad, or one of whose parents is a Chinese citizen and has settled abroad, and who has acquired foreign nationality at birth shall not have Chinese nationality. Since 2021, those applying to study at universities or junior colleges of China as international students, should satisfy the following additional requirements:

1) Applicants must hold valid foreign passports or other relevant international recognized documents for at least 4 years; meanwhile, in the latest 4 years (by each April 30th of the year of University registration), the applicants must live overseas for more than 2 years (Living overseas for 9 months in a year can be regarded as 1 year, which is subject to the exit-entry stamps on passport.).

2) Applicants who have immigrated to other countries from the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan and apply to study at universities or junior colleges of China as international students are required to satisfy the 1) requirement.

4. 申请时间及流程 Application Time and Method

2024 SZU Admission Brochure for the Bachelor Program of International Students

(一)申请时间 Application Time


From 1st January to 15th May

(二)申请流程 Application Procedure

1.请登陆国际交流学院网站http://lxs.szu.edu.cn/ 在线报名。

Please log on website of CIE: http://lxs.szu.edu.cn to register online.


Log in system and fill in personal information and visa information, upload documents as required and the payment voucher of application fee, then submit application.

5. 申请材料  Application Materials


Please prepare the following materials before applying:


Scanned copy of high school certification and transcript. Recent graduates shall provide pre-graduation certificate which shows your expected graduation time and present the original high school certification, transcripts, and their translations when you register.


 Photo Copy of Passport Info Page


Passport Photo

4.语言水平证明 (证书须在有效期内)

Language Proficiency Certificate (The language proficiency certificate must be within the validity period)

(1)中文授课专业Programs taught in Chinese:


HSK 5 with scores above 180 (Excluding Chinese Language and Literature & Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)

(2)英文授课专业Programs taught in English:


IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL IBT 80 / Duolingo 100 or above (Excluding English native speaker)


Foreigner Physical Examination Form


Resume (from primary school to now)


Applicants for Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship, please download the form, fill it out and upload it.

8.申请荔园奖学金者需提供两封学校或任课老师推荐信(推荐人签字并注明电子邮箱和联系电话)和来华学习计划 (500字左右)

Two Recommendation Letters(email, phone number and signature should be included.) and a Study Plan (around 500 words) should be provided if applying for Liyuan International Scholarship.

* 除上述申请材料外,申请人须根据我校的要求,按时提交其他补充材料。

In addition to the application materials detailed above, applicants should submit other supplementary materials required by SZU in time.

* 以上材料均须中文或英文版本,其他语种须提供翻译件的公证件。

Documents other than Chinese or English are required to be translated and notarized.

* 申请材料不全者不予受理。不论录取与否,以上材料一律不予退还。

Applicants who provide incomplete materials will not be accepted. The materials above won’t be returned whether you are admitted or not.

6. 录取流程Admission Procedure


After the application deadline, professional colleges will organize a panel of experts to review the application documents. During the process, long-distance or face-to-face interviews will be conducted, if necessary.


In June, pre-admission results will be sent to applicants by email and admission results can be checked through the online application system.


In July, after confirmation of the list of admitted applicants, admission packages will be posted to the address provided by the applicants.


Admitted students should apply for the X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy (or Chinese Consulate) in their countries of residence with “Shenzhen University Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)”, and change X1 visa into Residence Permit for foreign students within 30 days after entering China. Students who don’t apply for the relevant visa and Residence Permit will have to drop out. SZU doesn’t accept students with non-student visas for enrollment.


Admitted students must register on-site on the date and at the address stated in “Shenzhen University Admission Notice”. Attempts to register early will not be accepted. 


The original graduation certificate, language proficiency certificate, etc. will be checked again at the time of registration. Those who fail to provide certificate document or fail the certificate verification will be canceled the admission.

7. 费用 Fees



Application Fee: 400 RMB/ 60 USD. Once the application fee is paid, it will be non-refundable. Applications will not be reviewed for those who have not paid the application fee.

Application fee should be paid to the designated account of SZU by wire transfer before submitting the application.

2.学费Tuition Fee


Liberal arts: 26,000 RMB/person/year


Science & Engineering: 30,000RMB/person/year

医学、艺术、体育类: 40000RMB/每人/每学年

Medicine, Arts, Physical: 40,000 RMB/person/year

3.住宿与保险 Accommodation and Insurance

(1)住宿: 校内宿舍设置单人间和双人间可供选择,费用为5400-8000RMB/人/学期。(水电费另外计收)

Accommodation: single rooms and double rooms are available. The fees vary from 5,400 to 8,000 RMB for per student per semester. (Water and electricity charges are not included) 


Insurance: 400RMB/semester. International students should purchase the group all-risk insurance designated by SZU. Students are required to purchase insurance from the College of International Exchange on registration day. Those who do not purchase the insurance as required will not be able to get registered.

8. 可申请的奖学金Available Scholarship

类型Categories奖项说明Scholarship Description
省级奖学金Provincial Scholarship广东省政府来粤留学生奖学金,10000元/年Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship, 10000RMB per year.
市级奖学金Municipal Scholarship深圳大运奖学金,40000元/年Shenzhen Universiade Scholarship,40000 RMB per year.
荔园奖学金Liyuan International Scholarship一等First class honor免学费,并提供 12000 元/年生活补助,按月发放Tuition waiver + living allowance of 1000 CNY/month
二等Second class honor免学费Tuition waiver
三等Third class honor免学费的 50%50% deduction of the tuition
四等Fourth class honor新生奖学金,10000元Freshman scholarship of 10000 CNY for the first year
国际中文教师奖学金International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship登陆国际中文教师奖学金申请系统(cis.chinese.cn),在规定的申请时间内提交申请同时须在我校网申系统(https://lxs.szu.edu.cn)报名,按要求提交材料。Log on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website (http://cis.chinese.cn) and submit application before the designated date. At the same time, you are required to submit application in our online application system (https://lxs.szu.edu.cn).

9. 联系方式 Contact Information



Add: 3rd Floor, Zhaoxi building, Shenzhen University, 3688 Nanhai Ave, Shenzhen, Guangdong  518060


Tel: 0086-755-26558894

邮箱: [email protected] 

E-mail: [email protected]


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