Shen Zhen 深圳

Shenzhen 深圳


Chinese Name: 深圳

English Name: Shen Zhen

Other Name: Pengcheng 鹏城

Abbreviation: Shen 深

Zip Code: 44 03 00

Population: 17.56 million

Shen Zhen 深圳
Shen Zhen 深圳

Brief Introduction

Shen Zhen 深圳 is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province, a city separately listed in the State plan, a megacity, a special economic zone of China, a national economic center, an international city, a scientific and technological innovation center, a regional financial center, and a trade and logistics center approved by The State Council 国务院.

Shen Zhen was founded in 1979 and became China’s first special economic zone in 1980. It was a window of China’s reform and opening up and a new immigrant city. It created the “Shenzhen Speed” that attracted the attention of the world and was known as “China’s Silicon Valley” 中国硅谷.

Shen Zhen 深圳
Night View of Shen Zhen 深圳夜景

Pengcheng is a coastal city in southern China, adjacent to Hong Kong, and is located in the south of Guangdong Province, on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary 珠江口, with Daya Bay 大亚湾 and Dapeng Bay 大鹏湾 in the east, Pearl River Estuary and Lingdingyang in the west, Shen Zhen River and Hong Kong in the south. It borders Dongguan 东莞 and Huizhou 惠州 in the north. The city covers an area of 1997.47 square kilometers.

Famous Attractions in Shen Zhen

Shen Zhen is one of the top 10 tourist destination cities in the world. The main tourist attractions include Window of the World 世界之窗, Happy Valley, Shenzhen Mangrove, OCT East 东部华侨城, Lianhua Mountain, Bijia Mountain, Wutong Mountain, Yang Tai Mountain, Phoenix Mountain, Big and Small Plum Sand, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Dongmen Old Street, Dapeng Bay, Zhongying Street, Joyful Coast, Dapeng City and so on.

Shen Zhen 深圳
Shen Zhen Window of the World 深圳世界之窗

Diet of Shen Zhen

Shen Zhen is rich in seafood, fruits, poultry, and other local specialties. The famous ones are Shajing Fresh Oyster, Nanshan lychee, Xili Mango, Peng Yunwu Tea, Gongming roasted goose, Xixiang Jiwei shrimp, Shiyan Pear, Nanao abalone, Nanao sea urchin, Pingshan golden turtle orange, Fuyong Monkfish, Songgang cured duck, Longgang Sanhuang Chicken, Bright squab, Nanshan sweet peach and so on.

Shen Zhen 深圳
Nanshan Litchi 深圳南山荔枝

Famous Universities in Shen Zhen

In 2021, there are 2642 schools at all levels in Shen Zhen, including 13 ordinary institutions of higher learning. Throughout the year, the city enrolled 30 million college students, including 92,200 students and 21,300 graduates. Adult undergraduate and junior college enrollment of 15,000, 33,700 students, and 60,900 graduates; Regular institutions of higher learning enrolled 10,100 students in graduate education, 21,000 postgraduates, and 4,700 graduates.

Shen Zhen 深圳
Shen Zhen University 深圳大学

List of universities and colleges in Shen Zhen

Religious culture in Shen Zhen

Shen Zhen is given priority to Buddhism, also Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, and other religions in Pengcheng have distribution. Shen Zhen has 33 places for religious activities, 139 clerical staff, and more than 230,000 believers, accounting for about 15% of the total in Guangdong province.

There are Christian churches, Mosques, or Catholic churches in all administrative districts of Pengcheng, such as Xiameilin Mosque, Christian Church, Xiangmihu Catholic Church in Futian District, Christian Church in Nanshan District, and Christian Church in Bao An District, etc. Buddhism and Taoism are dominated by Hongfa Temple and Phoenix Temple. In Chi Wan, west of Pengcheng, there is a Temple dedicated to Mazu by aborigines. It has a long history and has great influence among aborigines.

Shen Zhen 深圳
Chiwan Tian Hou Palace 深圳赤湾天后宫

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