2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

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I. ZUEL Admission Guide: About ZUEL

2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) is an institute of higher education directly administrated by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China with economics, law, and management as its core disciplines and coordinated with other nine disciplines including philosophy, literature, history, science, engineering, and art.

ZUEL is also one of the universities sponsored by “211 project” and “985 Project Innovation Platform”, and has been selected into the list of universities and colleges which will participate in the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and world-class disciplines (‘Double World-Class’ ).

ZUEL is composed of two campuses, one (the Nanhu campus) is located in the bank of picturesque Nanhu Lake, another lies at the foot of historic site-Yellow Crane Tower. ZUEL is a Chinese Government Scholarship receiving institution and also offers University Scholarship to excellent international students. ZUEL welcomes students from all over the world.

2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

1.National key research base of Humanities and Social Sciences: Intellectual Property Research Center

2.National key disciplines: Public Finance, Accounting, Finance, Civil and Commercial Law

3.Postgraduate programs taught in English: Finance, International Law, Legal History, Intellectual Property Law, Chinese Law, Law, International Business, Business Administration, International Trade, Industrial Economics, National Economics, Accounting, World Economy, Environmental Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Mathematical Statistics.

 ★2023 Alumni Association Chinese University Rankings: Chinese Financial University rankings: No.1

 ★2023 ShanghaiRanking’s Academic Ranking of World Universities(ARWU): Chinese Financial University rankings: No.5

 ★The MBA Program is certified by AMBA.

II. Program Introduction

2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

1. Degree Programs

Undergraduate Majors(Chinese-taught)
School of PhilosophyInternational Politics
School of EconomicsEconomics
International Business
Law SchoolLaw
School of Journalism and Culture CommunicationChinese Language and Literature
School of Business AdministrationTourism Management
Business Administration
International Economy and Trade
School of AccountingAccounting
School of Finance and TaxationPublic Finance
Undergraduate Majors(English-taught)
School of Business AdministrationBusiness Management
Master Majors(Chinese-taught)
 School of PhilosophyInternational Relations
School of EconomicsWorld Economy
Public Finance and Taxation SchoolPublic Finance
Law SchoolConstitutional Law and Administrative Law
Civil Law
Economical Law
International Law
Criminal Justice SchoolCriminal Jurisprudence
School of Journalism and Culture CommunicationLinguistics Applied Linguistics
International Chinese Language Education
School of FinanceFinance
School of Statistics and MathematicsApplied Statistics
Wenlan School of BusinessNational Economics
Master Majors (English-taught)
School of FinanceFinance
Law SchoolChinese Law
International Law
Juris Master Education CenterLaw
School of Information  EngineeringEnvironmental Science and Engineering
Computer Science and Technology
Wenlan School of BusinessNational Economics
School of Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property Law
School of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration
International Business
Doctor Majors(Chinese-taught)
Public Finance and Taxation SchoolPublic Finance
Law SchoolCivil Law
International Law
Criminal Justice SchoolCriminal Jurisprudence
School of FinanceFinance
Doctor Majors (English-taught)
School of EconomicsWorld Economy
School of FinanceFinance
Law SchoolInternational Law
Legal History
School of Business AdministrationIndustrial Economics
International Trade
School of AccountingAccounting
School of Statistics and MathematicsMathematical Statistics

2. Non-degree Programs

2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

(1) Scholar Students Programs (Consistent with the majors in the degree programs)

(2)Chinese Language Program:The International Education School organizes language-teaching classes at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be placed in certain classes by taking a proficiency test. One class is usually composed of 15-20 students. The spring semester starts in February, and the fall semester starts in September. There are 18 weeks of language courses per semester with 20 hours per week. Students are able to choose one or two optional courses according to their interests and Chinese language ability. A cultural tour will be arranged every semester.

3.Chinese Language Online Courses: The program is designed for Chinese beginners and mainly focuses on “Experience Chinese”, students can speak Chinese after attending this program which contains 48 class hours in two months. The online teaching platforms will be ClassIn, VooV meeting and so on.

III. Application Period

Application period for Fall semester: from 1st, March to 15th, June.

Application period for Spring semester: from 1st, October to 15th, December. (previous year)

IV. Application Documents

DocumentsCategoryChinese Language ProgramUndergraduate ProgramMaster Degree/ General Scholar ProgramDoctoral Degree/ Senior Scholar Program
Application Form
Registration photo
Copy of Passport
Academic Certificate
Physical Examination Form
Language Certificate
Recommendation Letter
Study Plan
Non-criminal Record Report
Self-introduction video

Requirement of Application Documents

1.The color scanned passport, including the information page and its previous page, should be as clear and complete. The passport must be valid before 1st March, 2025;

2.Registration photo. The applicant should upload a colorful 2-inch (3.5*5.3cm) identification photo with white background and no border, size 100 – 500 KB, format JPG;

3.Applicants under the age of 18 must submit a certificate of entrust signed by guardians in China(http://ies-en.zuel.edu.cn/2022/1205/c14172a319634/page.htm);

4.Notarized highest diploma: Please upload the original diploma after color scanning.Prospective diploma winners must submit official proof of student status by their current school. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

5.Academic transcripts: Copies of academic records from high school (if applying to an undergraduate program), undergraduate (if any), graduate (if any), and doctoral programs (if any) shall be provided. These transcripts shall be issued and sealed by the attending university’s academic affairs office, graduate school, or student management department. They can be in Chinese or English, but must be attached with notarized English translations if they are in foreign languages other than English;

6.A photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English (the original copy shall be kept by the applicant). The form is designed by the Chinese quarantine authority and can be obtained from the dispatching authority. The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please select the appropriate time to take a physical examination as the result is valid for only 6 months(http://ies-en.zuel.edu.cn/2022/1205/c14172a319631/page.htm);

7.Language qualification certificate: HSK Level 4 for undergraduate students and HSK Level 4 or above for master’s and doctoral students applying for Chinese-medium programs. For English-taught programs: Applicants shall submit TOEFL: 80, IELTS: 6.0 or the certificate of previous degree program which is taught in English;

8.Recommendation letters (written in Chinese or English). Applicants for the graduate programs, senior and general scholar programs shall submit two recommendation letters signed by professors.

9.A Study Plan proposal written in Chinese or English: The content shall include basic information of the applicant, personal statement, existing research results, research objectives and specific study plans (more than 1,000 words) and post-graduation plans(http://ies-en.zuel.edu.cn/2022/1205/c14172a319630/page.htm);

10.Non-criminal record report. The applicant shall submit a valid certificate of Non-Criminal Record issued by the local public security authority, usually issued within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application;

11.Self-introduction video. Contents include :(1) Self-introduction; (2) Understanding of China; (3) Study plan in China. Formats: AVI, Move, MP4. The file should be within 50Mb and less than 180 seconds in length according to the teaching language of the applied major;

12.Other additional documents (e.g.certificate of work or internship,award, publications);

13.Fresh graduates currently in China should submit the photocopy of the residence permit page and a proof of school performance from the current school.


1. All uploaded supporting documents must be clear, authentic and valid. Applicants are recommended to use professional device to scan the relevant documents. Applicants will be responsible for any consequences caused by unclear or unidentifiable uploaded materials;

2.ZUEL does Not accept any hard-copy application documents;

3.Admission documents will be sent to the permanent address written on the application form. Please ensure that the contact information is valid and accurate. The mailing address with P.O.Box is NOT accepted;

4.Please bring the originals of all the above-mentioned documents when you register. Those who provide a prospective diploma certificate must bring the original official graduation certificate for verification;

5.Please contact ZUEL directly, ZUEL does Not entrust any individual or agent for enrollment.

6.From 2024, the admission requirements for undergraduate students will be implemented in accordance with the latest national policies.

V. Application Procedure

1.Applying online:An applicant shall log in the International Student Online Service System of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (http://iesmis.zuel.edu.cn/member/login.do) and fill in the application information and upload the application materials.

2.Qualification review:The applicant can log in the system to check the admission status after the registration deadline.

VI. Fees

“Experience Chinese” Chinese Language Online Courses2 months2,500/programUnnecessary

VII. Scholarship

1.Chinese Government Scholarships (Bilateral Program, High Level Postgraduate Program, Silk Road Program, “Belt and Road” Chinese Government Intellectual Property Law English Master Scholarship Program)

2.International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

3.”Study in ZUEL” Freshman Scholarship for International Students

2024 ZUEL Admission Guide for International Students

 ⅧContact Information

Address: International Education School, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law182# Nanhu Avenue, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei Province,P.R.China,430073

Contact person: Ms.Gan and Ms. Zhang

Tel: 0086-27-88387760

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: http://ies-en.zuel.edu.cn/

*This admission guide was written in Chinese and translated into English . In case of any conflict regarding contents Chinese version text of this booklet shall prevail over any translated version.

Source: 2024 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Admission Guide for International Students (zuel.edu.cn)


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