Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉


Chinese Name: 咕咾肉

English Name: Sweet and Sour Pork; Coo-Lao Meat

Category: Cantonese cuisine粤菜

Main Ingredients: Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
Appetizing food

Sweet and Sour Pork咕咾肉, also known as Gulu meat咕噜肉, is a characteristic traditional dish in Guangdong. It belongs to Guangdong cuisine and is cooked with sweet and sour juice and pork. As one of the most familiar Chinese dishes in Europe and America, Sweet and sour pork is common in restaurants in Chinatown outside China.

Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork is the most original and authentic method. According to a Guangdong master, the ingredient is a Guangdong pickle. When making sweet and sour pork, put a bowl of Guangdong pickles together with the fried meat.

Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
Delicious sweet and sour pork

There are two legends about the name of sweet and sour pork. The first legend refers to that this dish is cooked with sweet and sour juice, and the aroma overflows when served. People can’t help swallowing, so it’s named. The second legend refers to that this dish has a long history, so it is called “ancient meat” and later transformed into “Sweet and Sour Pork”.

Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
Sweet and sour pork in pineapple shell

The dish began in the Qing Dynasty清代. At that time, many foreigners in Guangzhou liked Chinese food very much, especially sweet and sour ribs, but they were not used to spitting out bones. Guangdong chefs stir the boneless refined meat with seasoning and starch to make large meatballs, fry them in an oil pan until crisp, and then stick sugar and vinegar marinade. Their taste is sour, sweet and delicious, which is welcomed by Chinese and foreign guests.

Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
Exquisite sweet and sour pork

How to make Sweet and Sour Pork?


  • 300g streaky pork
  • Half a pineapple
  • Half green pepper
  • Half red pepper
  • A spoonful of salt
  • Half a spoonful of chicken essence
  • A spoonful of Luzhou flavor Erguotou
  • An egg
  • An appropriate amount of cornmeal
  • Six tablespoons of tomato sauce
  • Three tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Three tablespoons sugar
  • A spoonful of raw soy sauce
Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉


  • Step 1, When the material is ready, peel and cut the pineapple, soak it in a light brine for 10 minutes to remove the astringency.
  • Step 2, Cut the green and red peppers into pieces, pick up the pineapple, drain and set aside.
  • Step 3, Mix tomato sauce, white vinegar, granulated sugar and raw materials into sweet and sour juice, and prepare water lake powder.
  • Step 4, Peel the streaky pork and cut it into thick slices (about 1cm thick). Add a spoonful of salt, half a spoonful of chicken essence, an egg, a spoonful of Luzhou flavor Erguotou and two spoonfuls of cornmeal.
  • Step 5, Stir well and marinate for 10 minutes (don’t take too long, otherwise it will be too salty).
  • Step 6, Pour the cornmeal into a large bowl, put the sliced pork on the cornmeal in turn, wrap the cornmeal evenly with the help of chopsticks, and then pat off the excess flour (the ideal paste state is that the slurry is all stuck on the meat without excess egg liquid). And the oil, leaving only 1 tablespoon of oil, cook wine with medium-hot fragrant ginger slices and mushrooms; Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, add meatballs to color, then add chicken soup and mushroom water; After boiling, cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Take out the meatballs and put them on the plate.
  • Step 7, Add an appropriate amount of oil into the pot. When it is 60% hot, put the meat piece by piece, fry it over medium heat until it is set, and then fry it over low heat.
  • Step 8, Take out the fried meat slices. After frying, open the fire and continue to heat the oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is 89% hot, pour in the meat slices and fry until slightly golden.
  • Step 9, Put the fried meat slices aside.
  • Step 10, In addition, put oil in a pot, add green and red pepper and stir fry until it breaks, then pour in pineapple slices, turn them over and set aside.
  • Step 11, Pour in the sugar and vinegar juice prepared in advance, cook it over low heat until it is slightly opened, slowly pour in a spoonful of water starch, and then thicken the sugar and vinegar juice.
  • Step 12, Pour in pineapple slices and green and red pepper, turn off the fire after mixing evenly, and then pour in the fried meat slices, turn them evenly quickly so that each meat slice is wrapped with sweet and sour juice, and the delicious Gulu meat can be out of the pot.
Sweet and Sour Pork 咕咾肉
Sweet and sour pork with nice shape


  • Erguotou Erguotou should be added to pickle pork, and the highest flavor Baijiu liquor is pure flavor liquor. It will be used to pickle fried meat, make the meat taste more fragrant and taste the meat.
  • Add eggs to make them tender and smooth. At the same time, it is also convenient to wrap the pulp, which will be more uniform.
  • The curing time of tenderloin is not too long. It should be controlled within half an hour. If it is too long, it will be too salty.
  • The ratio of tomato sauce, sugar and white vinegar in sweet and sour juice is 2:1:1.

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