Claypot Rice 煲仔饭


Chinese Name: 煲仔饭

English Name: Steamed Rice in Clay Pot; Little Pan Rice

Category: Cantonese cuisine粤菜

Main Ingredients: Cantonese Sausage; Rice

Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Claypot rice

Claypot rice煲仔饭, also known as tile casserole rice瓦煲饭, is a famous dish in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It belongs to the Guangdong cuisine department. The main types of dishes include preserved meat casserole rice, mushroom sliced chicken casserole rice, Douchi spare ribs casserole rice, pig liver, roast duck, white cut chicken casserole rice, etc.

Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Tempting casserole rice

When making pot rice, you usually brush lard in the pot first, then put the washed rice into the pot, measure the water, then add the cover, cook the rice until it is seven mature, add ingredients, and then cook it slowly.

Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Attractive casserole rice

The “pot” made of tile is more flexible in terms of fire control. The rice cooked is also more delicious, with fragrance between the teeth and endless aftertaste. When eating boiled rice, you must remember to taste the burnt taste of the rice, which is fragrant and crisp. It’s also delicious to pour the hot rice into the soup and soak it for a while.

Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Casserole rice that can stimulate appetite

Casserole rice originated from Guangzhou, Guangdong. It uses casserole as a vessel to cook rice. The historical origin of casserole rice can be traced back to the central plains more than 2000 years ago. According to the notes in the book of rites and other books, yellow rice was used as raw material at that time. According to Wei Juyuan韦巨源’s recipe, it was also called “Royal Queen Mother’s rice御黄王母饭” in the Tang Dynasty唐代.

How to make Claypot rice?

Delicious casserole rice has two characteristics that can not be ignored: the first is the sauce. When the lid is lifted and the sauce is poured on the rice, there is a sound of whining. This is the finishing touch of the dragon. It all depends on the skill of the sauce master; The other is the glittering and translucent silk rice which is burned by a smooth bottom of a layer of golden rice crust. Unlike the ordinary rice crust, the crispy rice crust is crisp and tastes long, and it is the cream of the whole dish.

Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Delicious casserole rice

The materials used for cooking rice are flexible and diverse, which can vary from time to time and from place to place. To make cooking rice well, we should pay attention to the heat, because the origin of rice is different, the degree of old and new is different, and the amount of water absorption is also different. All kinds of meat are heated and preheated differently. To boil these materials in the same pot, cooked but not raw and scorched, and to maximize the preservation of nutrients and original flavor, it is necessary to identify the texture of various materials, strictly control the heat, and ensure that the heat is just right.


  • An appropriate amount of Cantonese sausage
  • An appropriate amount of rice
  • An egg
  • An appropriate amount of small rape
  • A proper amount of cold boiled water
  • An appropriate amount of sesame oil
  • An appropriate amount of raw smoke
  • An appropriate amount of oyster sauce
  • A proper amount of sugar
Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Brightly colored casserole rice


  • Step 1, Take a casserole and apply a thin layer of oil to the bottom of the casserole.
  • Step 2, Wash the rice, put it into the pot, pour in water, the ratio of rice to water is 1:1.5, and soak it for one hour.
  • Step 3, Soak the rice, add half a tablespoon of salad oil and mix well.
  • Step 4, Move the pot to the fire, turn the fire down immediately after the fire boils, cover the lid and stew. Cook the rice until 8 ripe.
  • Step 5, Slice the sausage and cut some shredded ginger.
  • Step 6, When the water in the pot is fast drying, spread sausage and shredded ginger on the surface of the rice, and then beat an egg into it. Cover and simmer over low heat for five minutes. Then turn off the heat. Do not open the cover. And continue to simmer under the cover for 15 minutes.
  • Step 7, Wash the small rape, boil the water in the pot, put some salt, drop a few drops of oil, and scald the small rape. Then remove and drain the water.
  • Step 8, Stir one tablespoon of oyster sauce and two tablespoons of sugar, and stir evenly.
  • Step 9, Open the stewed rice, put in the rape, pour the sauce, mix well and serve.
Claypot Rice 煲仔饭
Exquisite casserole rice

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