Suzhou 苏州


Chinese Name: 苏州

English Name: Suzhou; Soochow; Sou-tseu

Other Name: Gusun 姑苏; Wuzhong 吴中; Pingjiang平江

Abbreviation: Su 苏

Zip Code: 21 50 00

Population: 12.7483 million

Suzhou 苏州
Suzhou 苏州

Brief Introduction

Suzhou 苏州 is a prefecture-level city of Jiangsu province and one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta, a national high-tech industrial base, and a scenic tourist city approved by The State Council. Suzhou is located in east China, southeast of Jiangsu province, and in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. It is an important part of the Yangtze River Urban agglomeration 长江城市群, with Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang in the south, Taihu Lake 太湖 in the west, and Yangtze River in the north.

Suzhou 苏州
Suzhou 苏州

By 2021, Suzhou has five districts under its jurisdiction and four county-level cities under its administration, with a total area of 8,657.32 square kilometers, including 477.63 square kilometers of built-up area. The permanent resident population is 12.7483 million, and the regional GDP is 2.27183 billion yuan.

Famous Attractions in Suzhou

Suzhou has 2 national famous historical and cultural cities 国家历史文化名城(suzhou, changshu), 12 Chinese historical and cultural towns (kunshan zhouzhuang 昆山周庄, wujiang tongli 吴江同里, wu jiang ze, wu jiang li, wu Lu straight, Wu Zhongmu blaspheme shaxi, kunshan, taicang, thousands of lights, kunshan jinxi, changshu shajiabang, wuzhong dongshan, zhangjiagang phoenix), save the good town (such as wu jiang li, Sheng Ze, Ping Wang, Liuhe Taicang, et al.); Famous Chinese historical and cultural villages (Wuzhong Luxiang Ancient Village 吴中陆巷古村, Mingyue Bay 明月湾), Pingjiang Road and Shantang Street, two of the first ten famous Historical and cultural streets in China.

Suzhou 苏州
Suzhou humble administrator’s garden 苏州拙政园

List of Major tourist attractions in Suzhou

Famous Universities in Suzhou

In 2021, Suzhou has 26 regular institutions of higher learning;There are 1,758,400 students in the city, and there are 966 primary, secondary and kindergartens. The University of Chinese Medical Sciences and the Suzhou Research Institute of Hohai University have signed contracts and settled down. The suzhou campus of Nanjing University has been accelerated. Suzhou City College has been officially established, and the first phase of the future campus of Soochow University has been put into use.

Suzhou 苏州
Suzhou university 苏州大学

List of universities and colleges in Suzhou

  • Soochow University 苏州大学
  • Suzhou University of Science and Technology 苏州科技大学
  • University of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences 中国中医科学院大学
  • Renmin University of China suzhou Campus 中国人民大学苏州校区
  • Nanjing University suzhou Campus 南京大学苏州校区
  • Southeast University Suzhou Campus 东南大学苏州校区
  • Northwestern Polytechnical University Taicang Campus 西北工业大学太仓校区
  • Zhangjiagang Campus of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology 江苏科技大学张家港校区
  • College of Applied Technology, Soochow University 苏州大学应用技术学院
  • Suzhou City College 苏州城市学院
  • Changshu Institute of Technology 常熟理工学院
  • Xi ‘an Jiaotong-Liverpool University 西交利物浦大学
  • Duke Kunshan University 昆山杜克大学

Religious culture in Suzhou

Suzhou has five major religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Christianity. The main religious sites are: Buddhism has Xiyuan Temple, Hanshan Temple, North Tower Repaid grace Temple, Wenshan Temple, Xiangshan Temple, Shuangxing Temple, and other temples; Taoist temple has a metaphysical view, jade Palace, City God temple, the true view of the dome on the mountain; Other religions include St. John’s Church, Apostolic Church, Yangjiaqiao Catholic Church, Shilu Taiping Fang Mosque, etc.

Suzhou 苏州
Xiyuan Temple 苏州西园寺

Suzhou Drama

Suzhou is the hometown of Kun opera 昆剧 and Su Opera 苏剧. Kunju opera is China’s first-world intangible cultural heritage. It originated in Kunshan and Taicang of Suzhou in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasties. Among them, Kunqu’s opera “The Peony Pavilion” 牡丹亭 and “Snow in Midsummer” 窦娥冤, And Su’s opera “Drunken Return” and “Dou Gong Sends off his son” are all famous in China.

Suzhou 苏州
Snow in Midsummer 窦娥冤剧照

Diet of Suzhou

Suzhou is one of the eastern food culture centers in China, is one of the three food culture (Beijing style, Suzhou style, Guangzhou style) — the Development of Soviet food culture.

Suzhou snacks are one of the four major snacks in China (Nanjing Confucius Temple snacks, Shanghai Chenghuang Temple snacks, Suzhou Xuanmiaoguan snacks, and Changsha Hunan Fire Palace snacks are called the four major snacks in China)

Suzhou 苏州
Hairy crab from Yangcheng Lake 阳澄湖大闸蟹

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